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Read about the holiday plans of three people traveling to Turkey and answer the questions.

Holidays in Turkey


Were going for a winter holiday to Istanbul. We prefer not to go on holiday in the summer because of the crowds and Id like to visit family I have there. Well probably go skiing for a few days. Not many people know this, but you can go skiing in the Uludag National Park which is about sixty miles south of Istanbul. We might also do some shopping in some of Istanbuls markets and buy a kilim, you know, a Turkish carpet.


Kas is my dream. Ive visited once before and Im going again this summer with friends. The town is set between the mountains and the sea. there are no beaches to speak of but most of the hotels have platforms where you can go into the sea. Were going camping at Kas because it has a swimming platform and a café and we can sunbathe at the campsite. The town comes alive at night. The harbour is lit up and the bars play music. There are great views of the Greek Island of Meis and there are lots of boat trips from Kas. I think Ill take one to Limonaza, its a beautiful island and its just twenty minutes away.


I used to teach ancient history at school so my wife and I are going on a archaeological tour around Turkey. After a few days in Istanbul, were going to visit the ancient city of Troy which is famous for the Trojan Horse. It was discovered by archaeologists in the nineteenth century but, unfortunately, not much of the city survives today. Im sure well visit the defense wall, the palaces and Roman theatre as part of the tour. We wont, of course, be able to see the legendary wooden horse, but theres a modern replica.


1. What will Selim do in the Uludag National Park?

A go shopping B go skiing C visit family D fly


2. What is Selim going to buy at the market?

A a typical plate B a Turkish carpet C Turkish sweets D fabrics


3 . Where is Greta going to sunbathe in Kas?

A on a boat B on an island C at the campsite D on the beach


4 . Where will Greta take a boat to?

A the cafés and bars B the island of Meis

C the island of Limonaza D Kas


5 . Which of the following will Ben and his wife not see?

A ancient city of Troy B palaces and the Roman theatre

C ancient walls D original Trojan horse


2. What do you think each person is going to buy? There is one extra gift.

Turkish slippers Turkish delight blue and white plate carpet leather belt jewellery box pipe

1. Selim is going to buy a for his new flat and a for his father because he enjoys smoking.

2. Greta is going to buy a for herself because she loves earrings and for her friend because she likes sweets.

3. Ben is going to buy a for his wife because she loves ceramics and a for himself the one he has is quite old.

3. Complete the text below with the full infinitive, the bare infinitive or the ing form of the verbs in brackets.

Glastonbury Festival

If you want 1) ......... (experience) a unique music and performing arts festival, you should definitely consider 2) ......... (go) to Glastonbury this summer. The Glastonbury festival takes place in England and is held over one weekend in the Vale of Avalon, a beautiful place with green fields and lush woodlands. It is said that King Arthur was buried there. At the festival, you will have the chance 3) ......... (meet) people of different nationalities, ages, backgrounds and musical tastes who gather in the fields, set up camp and enjoy all the entertainment the festival has 4) ......... (offer). There is a huge variety of performances including pop, jazz, rock, hip-hop and folk music, theatre, circus, cinema and poetry. If you are a budding artist, you can 5) ......... (take) part in the talent competition. For those of you interested in 6) ......... (try) something different to ease your aches and pains, there are specialists who provide demonstration of complementary and alternative medicine. In addition, there is a market where visitors are able 7) ......... (try) organic food and buy handmade jewellery and clothes. If you plan 8) ......... (bring) children to the festival, there is Kids field where artists provide entertainment and organise lots of fun activities that children enjoy 9) ......... (participate) in. Glastonbury Festival is an amazing experience and everyone should 10) ......... (go) at least once in their lifetime and see what all the fuss is about. We guarantee that it is one decision you will not regret 11) ......... (make) and that you will look forward to 12 ) ......... (go) again and again.


1. Read the text and match the questions (1 3) with the answers (a c).

Travel Tips

a Cities like London, Paris, and Venice are very popular places for sightseeing. The pyramids in Egypt and the Great Wall in China are important tourist attractions. They receive thousands of visitors each year. However, tourists today are always looking for new destinations. It is now possible to visit Antarctica, to take holidays under the sea, and even go on holiday in space.


bLots of companies offer organized tours with tour leaders. These are often to places famous for their art and history, like Italy or Egypt. Or what about an adventure holiday trekking or scuba-diving? Wildlife holidays, with activities from bird watching to whale-watching, are popular but can be expensive. Or you could choose independent travel. A lot of young people go backpacking around the world after they finish their education.


cYou need to decide which part of travel industry you want to work in. if you like people, you could work for an airline, looking after passengers in the air or on the ground. Or you could work in a hotel, where you would meet and talk to guests every day. If you like the business side more, think about working for a tour operator (the people who organize holidays) or a travel agent (the people who sell them to customers). If you want to travel, you can become a tour leader.


1Id like to work in the travel industry when I leave school. What advice can you give me?

2Im doing research on popular tourist destinations. Do you have any information?

3My friends are going on a package holiday to Greece, but I dont want to spend two weeks sunbathing on the beach. Im eighteen, and I want a different kind of holiday. Please help!


Complete the definitions (4 9) with the highlighted words in the text.

4 buy products or services.

5 stay in hotels.

6 travel in planes, trains, buses, or boats.

7 take groups of people on organized holidays.

8 visit particular places or buildings.

9 travel to places on holiday.

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