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Read the text. Give your reasons that the architect must possess the knowledge in different sciences.

2. Choose the right word.

1. The placement and form of buildings in relation to their ... is one of the fundamental elements in the aesthetics of architecture.

a) square b) comfort c) sites

2. The arrangement of the ... of buildings and their parts controls the effects of sun, wind, and rainfall.

a) rooms b) axes c) spaces

3. The characteristics of the immediate ... also influence orientation,

a) environment b) territory c) building

4. Bodies of water produce ... and reflect the sun.

a) shade b) moisture c) wind

5. Colour has a practical planning ... and expressive quality.

a) choice b) feature c) function

6. Planning for use is concerned with convenience of ... and rest,

a) movement b) parts c) requirements

7. Major expenses in building are for ..., materials, and labour.

a) habits b) land c) phase



3. Circle a), b) or c) to complete the sentence.

1. The architect usually begins to work when ...

a) a project of a building has been made

b) the site type and cost of a building have been determined

c) the choice of materials has been made

2. The effects of sun, wind and rainfall are controlled by ...

a) the height of a building

b) aesthetical usage of spaces

c) the arrangements of the axes of buildings and their parts

3. The choice of materials and pigments is ...

a) an effective tool of environmental control

b) a device for distribution of spaces

c) not connected with the function of a building

4. Extremes of heat and cold, light and sounds...

a) are regulated by fundamental elements of the aesthetics of architecture

b) penetrate into the interior

c) are of less importance for interior control

5. The number of functions depends not only upon the type of building but also upon...

a) the site type

b) the amount of sun it receives

c) the requirements of the culture and the habits and activities of the individual patrons


4. Choose the right adjective.

1. To make buildings ... and comfortable, the architect must control the effects of natural environment.

a) habitual b) habitable c) hospitable

2. Colour has a ... planning function as well as an expressive quality.

a) practical b) great c) structural

3. Light colours reflect heat and ... colours absorb it.

a) pale b) blue c) dark

4. The architect should balance the weather resistance of glass and ... metals against their high thermal conductivity.

a) bright b) light c) solar

5. A... house has separate areas for cooking, eating, sleeping, storage, and recreation.

a) ancient b) primitive c) modern

Match the beginnings of the sentences to their ends using the information from the text.

1. To make buildings habitable and comfortable the architect... a) the environment by the design of architectural forms
2. Trees, land formations, and other buildings create ... b) is an effective tool of environmental control
3. Planning may control ... c) room with a heat area
4. Extremes of heat and cold... d) must control the effects of the natural environment
5. The choice of materials and pigments ... e) light and sound penetrate into the interior
6. A primitive house has a single f) a nave, aisles, choir, apse, chapels, crypt, sacristy, and ambulatory
7. A Roman Catholic cathedral may require ... g) shade and reduce or intensify wind


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