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Exercise 8. Answer the questions concerning the driving and pedestrian crossings in the UK.

1. What lane do the British people drive on: the right hand or the left hand? 2. What do you know about the history of the left hand traffic in the UK? 3. What does breaking the speed limit usually incur? 4. Why is passing on the left at speed is very hazardous? 5. What sequence do the traffic lights run in the UK? What does each light mean? 6. What kinds of pedestrian crossings in the UK do you know? 7. Who introduced Belisha beacons in the UK? 8. At what crossings can pedestrians cross at any time? 9. What is the difference between Pelican and Puffing crossings? 10. What is the difference between the rules for the drivers and pedestrians in the UK and in our country?

Exercise 9. Read and translate the dialogues. Try to compile your own dialogues using patterns of everyday phrases. It will help you to communicate in certain contexts while on business trip.

A) at the customs

- May I look at your passport and customs declaration form, sir? - Do you have anything to declare? - What do you have in this suitcase? - OK, do you have anything else? - How much money do you have?   - That´s fine, thank you. You can proceed. Have a nice stay in London. - Certainly. Here you are.   - No, I donít. - Personal belongings and a bottle of wine. - No, I donít. - I have five thousand US dollars and nine hundred Euro. - Thank you.

B) in the hotel

- Good evening, sir! How can I help you? - Have you made a reservation with us in advance? - Just a moment, sir. Can I have your full name, please? - Yes, here it is. Are you planning to pay by a credit card or by cash? - All right. Can you sign here, please? - Thank you. Here is your key, sir. Your room number is 525. It's on the 5th floor. Enjoy your stay, Mr Shiel. - I'd like to check in. - Yes, I have. I've booked a single room for 5 nights. - Stanley Shiel.   - I'm going to pay by cash.   -Yes, sure. - Thank you.

C) in the cafe

-Excuse me, is this table free? - Thank you. We will sit there. - Iíll have only a cup of coffee and pancakes.     - Ok, Iíll have them. - Could you bring the bill, please? - Yes, sir. Itís not reserved. - What would you like? - Oh, thatís a good choice. The pancakes are really delicious. Try the ones with strawberry and bananas. - Ok, Iíll bring your order in about 10 minutes. - One moment, please. Here you are.

D) in the street

- Would you be so kind as to help me? - I'm trying to find the way to the nearest metro.     - Thank you ever so much! - You are welcome. - If you follow this street till the end and then turn left, you'll need to walk two blocks down and then turn left again, and here you are. You'll see the metro station.


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