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Task 5. Listen and complete a conversation.


Employee Manual

Concepts for Clients

At Concepts for Clients, our goal is innovation. That’s why we have been a leader in the fields of research and development (R&D) and marketing for over a decade. You’ve joined our team because you are an innovator and we value your creativity.


Our clients are also leaders, when it comes to entrepreneurship and business sense. Our promise to them is to create the right marketing plan for their target audience. Concepts for Clients has built a solid reputation by consistently fulfilling this promise.


Your design need to reflectour company’s style and the wishes of the client. It can be a difficult balance to maintain. Remember, our message is always optimistic. Promote our client in a positive way. Steer clear of negative statements about the competition. Think about this question: What is the incentive for choosing our client over another company that provides a similar service?


Always show your work to a focus group before presenting it to the client. Make sure to keep our client’s name anonymous. Members of the public are more likely to give an honest opinion that way.


Task 1. Choose the correct answers. How should employees in Concepts for Clients approach their customers?


1. What does Concepts for Clients value in its employees?

a. confidence

b. entrepreneurship

c. imagination

d. ambition

2. Employees are advised to

a. present work to a clients first

b. create design based on the client’s style

c. limit interactions with focus groups

d. think about who the client’s target audience is

3. Which is NOT good information to share with a focus group?

a. the client’s name

b. the price of a product

c. the product’s name

d. the target audience


Task 2. Read the sentence pairs. Choose where the words best fit in the blanks.


1. research and development/focus group

The _______________ team thinks the ad will be a success.

The marketing firm asked people to be in a ______________ .

2. innovation/target audience

The _______________ for the product is new homeowners.

Encouraging ____________ results in great new products.

3. design/entrepreneurship

New business owners must learn about _______________ .

The focus group disliked the _____________ of the ad campaign.


Task 3. Fill in the blanks with the correct words.

anonymous creativity innovator optimistic incentive


1. Don’t mention the company name. ____________ products get honest opinions.

2. It takes a lot of ____________ to design a successful ad campaign.

3. Ms. Barrett is a(n) ___________ with fresh ideas.

4. Provide people with a(n) ____________ to be loyal.

5. Mr. Ito is ____________ that the ad will reach his target audience.


Task 4. Listen to a conversation between a R&D manager and a market researcher. Mark the following statements as true or false.

1. The target audience is adults under forty years old.

2. Some focus group participants had negative opinions.

3. The research and development manager wants a new ad.


Task 5. Listen and complete a conversation.

Manager: Hi,Grace. How did the _____________ ____________ for the new Shelbourne ad go?

Researcher: It went well, John.

Manager: Great!

Researcher: But there were some things the __________ didn’t like about it.

Manager: Oh…I thought it was really like _________ . What didn’t they like?

Researcher: Well, the ___________ _________ for the product is adults over forty, right?

Manager: Yes, that’s right. Most young people wouldn’t be interested in that type of __________ .

Researcher: Okay, well, some of them thought the ___________ ___________ was too edgy…



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