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The plenary session of the conference, as well as the work of sections will all take place in Kazan Federal (Volga Region) University.

Institute of International Relations, History and Oriental Studies

Of Kazan Federal (Volga Region) University

Department of Sinology and the Asia-Pacific region

Confucius Institute

Of Kazan Federal (Volga Region) University

Research and Education Center “Sinology”

Of Kazan Federal (Volga Region) University



IX International Research Conference


October 68, 2016, Kazan


The conference is devoted to current issues of development and cooperation between Russia and China in socioeconomics, politics, science, education and culture, as well as in contemporary international relations.

The main goal of the conference is to further promote scientific research dedicated to the issues of cooperation and development of the countries, as well as strengthening the scientific ties.

The International Research Conference “Russia – China: History and Culture” was first organized in October of 2008 after the Confucius Institute was founded in Kazan Federal University. Since that time the conference has become an important scientific event where researches from different countries – representatives of academic and university science of Russian Federation, People’s Republic of China and other countries – can exchange views on the key problems of development and cooperation of Russia and China. The conference unites humanities researchers from Russia, China and neighboring countries.

Every year, Russian and foreign leading sinology experts participate in the conference as special guests.


The main sections of the conference:


· Actual issues of philology and methods of teaching Chinese;

· Russian-Chinese relations, foreign relations of People’s Republic of China;

· History of China;

· Chinese philosophy and culture;

· Young Sinologists’ section.

The plenary session of the conference, as well as the work of sections will all take place in Kazan Federal (Volga Region) University.

Open lectures and round tables on issues of development and cooperation of Russia and China are also scheduled for the conference. Those lectures and round tables can be attended by participants of the conference, invited guests, as well as everyone else willing to.

We invite students, undergraduates, graduates, teachers, researchers, and everyone else interested to take part in the conference.

For students willing to participate a scientific supervisor is necessary (the article and participant registration form must be signed by the student and their scientific supervisor).

The working languages of the conference are Russian, Chinese and English.

Before the opening of the conference peer reviewed conference proceedings will be published as a journal with ISBN.

For the conference proceedings journal to be published and prepared in time the participants must submit the following informationbefore May 15, 2016:

· Article, composed meeting formatting requirements;

· Information about the author (-s).

Latter years’ baccalaureate students, undergraduates and graduates are invited to participate in Young Sinologists’ Section. With the article they must submit the information about author (-s) and their scientific supervisor, and the review written by the scientific supervisor. The best works of the section will be rewarded with diplomas.

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