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Social support and care service


Concordia is a French national non-governmental and non-profit making organization, founded in 1950 by English, German and French youngsters. Their aim was to enhance the values of tolerance and peace after the 2nd world war by organizing international workcamps of young volunteers.



The main objectives of Concordia are the following:


Education in helping young people to grow up by acquisition of collective life.


Culture in favoring the youth exchanges on an international level, always emphasizing the values of peace, friendship and mutual respect.


Social in taking part in concrete actions of solidarity, as well as supporting a civic attitude


Social economy in contributing to realization of local development, in favor of the environment, patrimony, tourism and socio-educational animation.



Project environment


The EVS project takes place in the region of Aquitaine, south-east of France in a little city called Cadillac, 30 kilometres far from Bordeaux. This region is well known for the diversity of landscape, ocean (1h30), mountains (3h) and touristic places such as Saint Emilion, la dune du Pillat, le bassin


d’Arcachon... Moreover, the area is rich in its cultural and environme a very important activity of the region. During this project the volunteer will work with a local


association in Cadillac called Entre Acte. This association is working during day time with people with disabilities (mental illness).


As we believe that doing an EVS is also to be involved in the activities of the association, we ask the volunteers to take part to the local events and activities that Concordia and the area organise (Organisation of the Christmas market, support to the local fair trade grocery shop, opening days of Concordia, special associative days or weekend organised by others volunteers, helping in the garden of the association…).


Moreover, we encourage volunteers to develop a personal project besides their initial missions.


In July and August the volunteer will participate to the workcamps with Concordia as a co-animator or animator.


Tasks and activities


The main task of the volunteer is to work with mentally disabled people who live on their own in order to break their cycle of loneliness, restoring/ maintaining social links and helping them to regain their self-confidence.


In particular the volunteer:


ü Help out the social worker

ü Organize activities with the patients about the country or the passion of the volunteer (cooking,


relaxation, helping them to write the newsletter of the association Entrac


ü Participate in outdoor activities with them

ü Participate to the weekly meeting with the team





ü Being involved in the life of the association


The detailed activities will be proposed by the volunteer according to his/her skills and interests and with the support of the pedagogical team. The project will also allow the volunteer to know and develop new pedagogical techniques in term of work with mentally disabled people.


During the summer, the volunteer will lead or co-lead 2 international volunteers’ workcamp Concordia and will have training for that.




Ø Good knowledge in French

Ø Motivation to work with disabled people. Experiences in the field will be a plus

Ø Cultural, artistic or sport skills are more than welcome

Ø Be flexible, autonomous and open to meet/live with new people, to think outside of the box

Ø Be willing to develop a personal project

Ø Motivation to discover the associative world and all its activities

Ø Driving license is a plus

Ø Availability to start in October 2016


Practical conditions


Ø Working Hours:The volunteer will work approx. 30 hours per week.

Ø Living conditions:Accommodation will be provided. The volunteer will be accommodated inthe house of Concordia, next to the offices of the association, with 4 or 5 other volunteers. The volunteers will have to adopt a collective life which means cook and eat together, propose activities in group and participate to the associative events that we organise once a month in

the house of the volunteers. The volunteer will get pocket money for food (7,50ˆ per day). Internet is available in the house bu laptop.

Ø Transports:There is few public transport in this area, it is possible to find bicycles and thevolunteer will have access to the car of the association to go to work and to do some shopping

for the house. The volunteer can’t use the car further than 50 k the waste of petrol for environment and expenses. Concordia contributes a bit for the petrol

but it’s not enough in general to contribute to the personal



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