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Volunteers’ role and tasks

Volunteers will be supporting Prom’s employees in the carrying out the project:

Proposed activities:

“You are not alone club” (adults with mental disorders):

- participation and help in the activities for adults with mental disorders;

- opportunity to create and develop leisure activities (art workshops, gymnastics, field trips, relaxation, theatre, table games);

- cultural exchange through story telling/ presentations;

- organization of meetings with other similar centres promoting communication and exchange between the beneficiaries;

- help in extra activities that might take part (e.g. Easter/Christmas fairs);

- Helping by food distribution to the poorest families from our beneficiaries.



Children's centres:

- participation and help in the activities for children;

- helping by trials and shows of Children’s Dancing Romani Group “Terne Romani Bacht”;

- participation in educational projects organised by the foundation;

- helping in organization of important events exe. Christmas Eve with Prom Foundation;

- preparation of volunteers own activities under the supervision of Prom’s educational workers;

- organisation of meetings with the representatives of other community centres and non-governmental organisations from Wroclaw promoting volunteering within the Roma Association - Romani Bacht;

- meetings promoting volunteers cultural background;

- helping by organisation and participation in trips (one day or one week long);

- promotion of the European Voluntarism within the young people from other community centres contributing to the increase of knowledge about different countries and their cultural tradition.



Occasionally in the office:

- by on going projects within Governmental Programme for the Roma community in Poland

- helping by organisation of international meetings and conferences, exhibition if there are any within Governmental Programme for the Roma community in Poland.


Volunteers will have a chance to observe different specialist at work: teachers, psychologists, dance teachers, language teachers and art therapist.


Important events organised in the foundation during the year and assisted by volunteers: Christmas Eve, long term trips for children (may be winter or summer holidays).


Typical volunteer’s day will be structured as follows:

10:00 -13:00 work in the Nie Jestes Sam club (You Are Not Alone club) for people with mental problems and their families – three times a week

11:00- 13:00 Polish language course twice a week. (4 hours). During all project.

13:30 lunch

15:00 – 18:30 work in the community centres for children: “Zakątek Krasnoludka” (Dwarf’s Corner) – community centre integrating Polish and Roma children, “Promyki” (Rays) community centre. Sometimes working in the Foundation office helping with on going projects.

Volunteers will have 2 days off during a week, mainly at the weekend. If their assistance is required at the weekend (during trips with the children from community centres) then they get those two days back during the week. Volunteers will work about 35 hours per week. They are entitled to 20 days of holidays, in the time suitable for the Foundation and volunteers.


Linguistic support: Volunteers will have four hours of Polish lessons in a week with a teacher.


Accommodation: Volunteers will be living in student apartments or with other EVS volunteers.

Alimentation: Volunteers will be provided with money to buy food. While working in the community centres for children and Nie Jestes Sam club (You Are Not Alone club) volunteers will be served coffee, tea, biscuits or other snacks.

Pocket money: Volunteer will be provided with pocket money every month.


Local transport: Volunteers will be provided with monthly pass for local transport: regular bus, night link, fast bus and trams.


Volunteers profile:

We would like to invite all the people to take part in the project who are:

- interested in psychology, educational science studies,social work in a big city,

- interested in Roma culture, history and current problems of Roma community,

- creative,

- optimistic, outgoing and honest,

- flexible, patient, friendly and helpful,

- independent, with ability to show initiative (very important in working with people with mental problems) !!!

- responsible and trustworthy,

- interested and experienced in work with children, youth, people with mental problems and minorities,

- interested and experienced in working in NGO’s office, helping with international projects,

- motivated to complete this project.


Volunteers are not required to have qualifications necessary to work with children, young people or people with mental problems, but some experience in working with this group is essential !!!
It will be great when they speak little polish or have interesting skills and hobby: dancing, painting, drawing, hand crafts, circus skills, playing instruments or singing, expirience of theater – very popular with our beneficiaries.
Good computer skills will help in work by the projects in the Foundation office.

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