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Complete the sentences with the name of the people from the country on the right.



I come fromArgentina, so Iím Argentinianand my first languageis Spanish.

The capitalis Buenos Aires, which has a populationof more than 10 million people.

For transcription see == http://lingorado.com/transcription/


Parts of the world

The continentsin the world are Europe /ˈjʊərəp /, Africa /ˈæfrɪkə /, Asia /ˈeɪʒə /,

North America / əˈmɛrɪkə/ , South America,Australia / ɒˈstreɪliːə / [ and New Zealand],

Arctic/ ˈɑːktɪk / and Antarctica /ˌænˈtɑːktɪkə/.


We also use these terms for different parts of the world:

the Middle East(e.g. United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia),

the Far East(e.g. Thailand, Japan),

the Mediterranean(e.g. Italy, Spain)

the Caribbean(e.g. Jamaica, Barbados),

Scandinavia(Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland).


People and races

People belong to ethnic groups such as Asians, or Orientals, or Latin Americans, etc.

and regional groups:

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Central America
  • Eastern Europe
  • European Union
  • Middle East
  • North America
  • Oceania
  • South America
  • The Caribbean

For each country see == http://www.internetworldstats.com/list1.htm#geo


When we are talking about people from a particular country, we add Ďsí to nationalities ending in Ď-ií or Ď-(i)aní= Brazilians/Russians are Ö but we need the definite article (the) for most others.

The British / The French are Ö

With both groups we can also use the word Ďpeopleí, e.g. Brazilian people, British people, etc.


Some nationalities have nouns for referring to people, e.g. a Finn, a Spaniard, a Dane, a Briton, an Arab. For most nationalities we can use the adjective as a noun, e.g. a German, a Greek. Some need man/woman/person added to them (you canít say a Dutch) , so if in doubt, use them, e.g. a French man.


People speak dialectsas well as languages. Everyone has a native language, or mother tongue, or first language; many have second and third languages. Some people are perfect in more than one language and are bilingual, or multilingual.



Answer the questions.

1What nationality are people from Poland?

2What nationality are people from Thailand?

3What language is spoken in Spain?

4Where do people speak Hebrew?

5Where do people speak Mandarin?

6What language is spoken in Brazil?

7What language is spoken in Egypt?

8What nationality are people from Germany?

9Write down three countries whose first language is English.

10Write down three languages spoken in Switzerland.

5.2 What parts of the world are these countries in?

Write the continent, e.g. Europe, or the area, e.g. the Far East. Then make your own list.

1Germany _______________________ 4Italy ___________________________________

2Japan _________________________ 5Jamaica ________________________________

3Saudi Arabia ____________________ 6Argentina _______________________________

7 Cyprus ________________________ 8 Fiji ____________________________________

9 Ghana _________________________ 10 Jordan________________________________


Write the answers.

1Bangkok is the capital of_________________________

4Moscow is the capital of _________________________

2Ankara is the capital of__________________________

5Buenos Aires is the capital of_____________________

3Seoul is the capital of ___________________________

6Athens is the capital of__________________________

7 Brussels is the capital of _________________________

8 Edinburgh is the capital of _______________________

9 Cairo is the capital of ___________________________

10 Beijing is the capital of _________________________

Complete the sentences with the name of the people from the country on the right.

1Iíve worked a lot with ________________________. FRANCE

2I know lots of ______________________________ GERMANY

3We do a lot of business with __________________. JAPAN

4I used to know a lot of _______________________ HOLLAND

5I have always found __________________ very friendly. BRAZIL

6People often say that______________ are very reserved. BRITAIN

7____________________are very organised. SWITZERLAND

8I met a lot of _________________ on my trip to Moscow. RUSSIA

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