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TASK 1. Translate the sentences into Ukrainian.

1. The meeting is arranged by the secretary.

2. Vegetables were peeled a minute ago by the chef.

3. New books will not be bought for the library.

4. Are the dishes being washed ?

5. A new film was being shown on TV when I came home.

6. Has the jubilee been celebrated?

7. It was the 30thof December but the New Year party had not been prepared.

8. Will the factory have been built by the beginning of next year?

TASK 2. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct passive tense.

1. The pan…always… before cooking. (to oil)

2. Ann’s hair…by the hairdresser ten minutes ago.(to dye)

3. Our homework… next Monday. (to do)

4. The article…at the moment.(write)

5. When I entered the poems… . (cite)

6. The academy…this year.(found)

7. He was glad that all his things already… . (pack)

8. The house… by the end of the summer. (paint)

TASK 3. Choose the correct form.

1. The mail… (is delivered, was delivered, will be delivered) next morning.

2. We…(are asked, were asked, will be) at our English lessons.

3. Potatoes…(are mashed, were mashed, will be mashed) a minute ago.

4. The sweater…(was being knitted, has been knitted, was knitted) by Lis when I noticed her.

5. The lamp…just…on.(was switched, had been switched, has been switched)

6. The film…by the end of September. (will be shot, will have been shot, is shot)

7. The villa…before they moved here.(was bought, had been bought, has been bought)

8. The documents…at the moment.(are signed, will be signed, are being signed)

TASK 4. Rewrite the following sentences beginning with the word provided.

Model: I shall have finished this work by the end of the day. This work will have been finished by the end of the day.

1. We will have mixed the ingredients by the moment you come. The ingredients…

2. Carol had inherited money before she got married.


3. Mr. Warden didn’t teach this class.

This class…

4. The lawyer was consulting the client when the telephone rang.

The client…

5. The president of the company often cancels the meetings.

The meetings…

6. I am practicing Japanese at the moment.


7. They will rent the flat next week.

The flat…

8. Mother has just mashed the turnip.

The turnip…

TASK 5. The words and phrases in bold in each sentence are wrong. Write the correct word or phrase.

1. Every year, several prizes are givingto the best students.

2. When the pizza was delivering, it was cold.

3. You will be tellingwhen you can come in.

4. That song doesn’t played on the radio very often, is it?

5. Your money was stealing out of your bag?

6. We haven’t allowed to use a dictionary in the exam yesterday.

7. That film won’t haveshown in our local cinema for a long time.

8. I will be picked up from the station on Saturday?

TASK 6. Answer the questions using your own ideas.

1. What were you given for your birthday last year?

2. Who are Oscars usually awarded to?

3. Where will the next Olympic Games be held?

4. What seminar will have been conducted by the end of the week?

5. What problems had been discussed at the seminar before it was over?

6. What is being repaired by the City Council now?

7. What books have been published at our university this year?

8. What was being built when you moved to this district?



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