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Woman is reduced functional

Mother Nature or another greater deity increased the sense for the unborn child in the pregnant mother. The ability to think logical may decrease through this. The body starts to show signs of your pregnancy early. This may differ from woman to woman. Without some help from other persons, most woman from such a race will become food for carnivore or even starve, at least at the later stages of pregnancy. A woman will experience several effects during the pregnancy, such as nausea, backache, great hair etc. but depending on the woman, not every effect will hit all women and often quite differently.

Pregnant women will be something special, but the treatment may vary widely. From total care to total carelessness, everything is possible. Because a woman will not be able to give birth alone most of the time , there will be some institutions, crafts or professions, who will help her. The pregnancy will be noticeable either right from the beginning or at very least after half of the pregnancy. Birth will play a part in religion, pregnancy may not, apart from restrictions on sex and the live of the women.


Woman is defunct

A pregnat women will not be able to walk, work, and in some cases even think. This may be due to hormones flooding the body, a breakdown in mental capabilities or a rearangement of the organs or even the whole body. It is thinkable, that the woman will not be able to nurish herself and has to be nurished by someone else or that she has to get into an eating frency, that will stop, when she got enough for both, herself and her child to nurish over the whole pregnancy. Pregnant women do experience pregnancy effects, although these may not be the same as women with a ddp of 3. The social implications are manyfold and a whole cultural system has evolved to care for a pregnant woman. There will be professions, maybe whole sects and relgious institutions, deities and priesthoods, cults and possibly subraces or slaves to care for the women.




Human: Elira is a young human woman (ddp 3), living in a large, medieval city. The magistrate takes care to keep the streets clean, the local tempal got a small hospital and the water is clean. She works with her husband as a smith and must help him to make the ends meet.

One fine day, she notices, that her menstruation is more than a month overdue (she did not care earlier, because she and her husband got a lot to do and her menstruations were sometimes very late) and goes to the local herb-woman, who doubles as a midwife (she does not go to the temple, although they could divine her pregnancy by magic. She would not go, even if she could pay the price, because most of the priests are men and she distrusts them.) The midwife, her name is Assa, the crone, looks at her and does not need to touch her, to know, that Elira is pregnant. She sees it in her eyes, on her cheeks and in her hair.

Elira is very happy and knows, that her husband will be, too, although she will not be able to help him anyomre in a few month, especially when she got to care for the child.


D'deepiens: Kachkach is a young D'deepien (ddp 3) woman. She is strong and for the first time in her fertile stage. She becomes pregnant quickly. Everyone, except the boy who she had the night with, are vere angry. Her parents know, that they will have to care for her, pay for an official pregnancy slave and help her raise the child. For the boy, it means, that he is from now on considered to be a man.

Kachkach knows exactly, that she is pregnant right from the start, because her wrists have become thicker and redder. That is because of the way, the D'deepiens live. They have to climb very often in the high trees and use only their arms to hold themselves up. She would have to carry herself and the baby in a few month and would eventually be unable to climb at all. The wise woman of the tribe explained to all girls of the tribe, that the swelling of the wrists was a gift by the tree-spirits, that a woman would be able to know when she got to lay down and wait for the birth of the child. The tree-spirits become very angry at women, who do not care for this gift and will not stop climbing around.

Kachkach will live the next seven month in a small tree-house, together with some other women in different stages of pregnancy.


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