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Part 1. Listen to a project manager of a construction company who makes a presentation for his colleagues. Identify the right order of the sentences below.

  A This morning Id like to update you on the current status of work at the construction site. The information I give you today should help you with planning your next steps.
  B For those of you who dont know me, my name is Gordon Selfridge. Let me just write that down for you. OK. Im the project manager in charge of Bak Tower building project in Dubai.
  C Ive divided my presentation into three parts.
D Hello, everyone.
  E Then Ill move on to the problems were facing with our local suppliers.
  F First of all, let me thank you for coming here today. Im aware that youre all busy preparing for the annual meeting this week, so I appreciate you taking time to be here.
  G Ill start off by showing you some photos of the building site and discussing the progress weve made since January.
  H My talk will take about 30 minutes. Please feel free to interrupt me at any time with questions.
  I Ill end with some ideas for reducing labour costs that weve been looking into.
  J Oh, and dont worry about taking notes. Ill be handling out copies of the PowerPoint slides at the end of my talk.

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current status
to face - -
progress -
supplier -


Part 2. Number the items presented below in the order Gordon mentions them.

A. reducing labour costs D. update on current status G. problems with local suppliers
B. welcoming & introduction E. handout after presentation H. questions during presentation OK
C. 30 minutes for presentation F. progress made since January I. three main parts


Exercise 13

The Good and the Bad. In the exercise below, there are four good and six bad beginnings. Put a tick (Ö), if you think the beginning is good, or a cross (´), if you think it is bad. Explain why

    Ö ´
Id like to begin my presentation with quite a lot of statistics, so please pay attention as it is quite a complex subject as well.    
I heard a great joke on the radio this morning. There was an Englishman, a Frenchman and a German, or was it an Italian? Anyway    
If you have any questions, or you dont follow anything I say, please feel free to interrupt me at any time.    
Ladies and gentlemen, it is an enormous pleasure and an immense honour for me to be here with you today. I am overwhelmed by the occasion and I know I speak not only for myself, but for my whole department when I say those simple words which express our gratitude thank you so very much.    
I dont know whether youve heard about the reorganisation, or how much you may know, so Ill start at the beginning. In 1965    
My presentation will last for about an hour and I hope well have time for questions at the end.    
Good morning, everyone. I am here today to explain how the reorganisation of the company will affect you.    
First of all, Id like to apologise as I havent had a lot of time to prepare this presentation.    
Can you raise your hands if you can hear me at the back? Thank you, and as I have a quiet voice, please raise your hands during my presentation if my voice drops too much.    
Im not a native speaker of English so if you dont understand anything I say, please feel free to interrupt me at any time.    

Practice 1

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