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to access at short notice
to evaluate - to dedicate -
to appreciate - shelving system

Part 2. Listen again. This time try to complete the missing information in the sentences below.

Presentation 1

1. __________, let me thank you all for being here today.

2. Let me __________ myself. My name is

3. Im here today to __________ our new semi-automatic shelving system.

4. My talk is __________ relevant to those of you who __________ for the different parts we supply.

Presentation 2

5. Im happy that so many of you could __________ today at such short __________.

6. As you can see on the __________, our __________ today is project documentation.

7. This is extremely __________ for all of us who are directly __________ in international project management, right?

Presentation 3

8. Im __________ that you all have very tight __________, so I appreciate you taking time to come here today.

9. As you __________ know, my name is . Im the new __________ manager here at Weston. Ltd.

10. Todays topic will be very important for you as __________ since __________ your help to evaluate and select candidates for training.

Exercise 4

Part 1. Identify the right category for the sentences from exercise 3, part 2.


a) saying what the topic is: __________

b) welcoming the audience: __________

c) saying who you are: __________

d) saying why the topic is relevant for the audience: __________


Part 2. Identify the right order of the headings from exercise 4.

1. _____

2. _____

3. _____

4. _____

1.2. The audience and ways to get the audiences attention

Exercise 5

Listen to a group of management trainees talking about the preparation of presentations. They mentioned eight key areas, each represented by one of the pictures below. Number the pictures in the order in which they are mentioned.

Exercise 6

Read the comments from the audience who are listening to a presentation at an international conference. What caused the problem in each case?

a) What on earth is he talking about? Ive no idea!

b) Hey, Sarah! Wake up! Hes finished!

c) Read that! I cant read that! Id need a pair of binoculars!

d) Speak up! I cant hear a thing!

e) Summarise four main points? I only noticed one! Have I been asleep?


Exercise 7

Look at the following situations.

1. A medical congress in Tokyo with papers on new techniques in open heart surgery.

2. The Purchasing and Product Managers of a Taiwanese company interested in buying some production equipment from your company.

3. An internal meeting of administrative staff to discuss a new accounting procedure.

4. A staff meeting to discuss a charity event for earthquake victims.


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