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Task 1 Which word in each group does not belong?

Example: cat; dog; tree; mouse.

1. Doctor; teacher; sheep; farmer.

2. Brother; father; mother; housewife.

3. Professor; vet; student; teacher.

4. Plant; fish; insect; bird.

5. Village; town; city; backyard.

6. Forest; valley; greenland; yard.

7. Sea; river; mountain; lake.

Task 2. Complete the sentences with one of the words from Ex. 1.

1. My grandfather has got twenty hens, a horse and three pigs on his farm. He is a... .

2. My uncle loves animals very much. He always help them when they are ill. He is a...

3. There is a ... not far from our country house. There are big trees in it. In summer we like to go there.

4. Where are the children? — They are in the ... with their teacher.

5. London is the capital of Great Britain. It is a very beauti­ful ... .

6. London stands on the ... Thames.

Task 3. Complete the sentences with a suitable word.

a. They've got a lot of pets: two dogs, four cats, and a....

b. On their farm they have cows, sheep, and ....

c. The children love to see the "big cats" at the zoo such as lions, tigers and ....

d. I hate most insects, but particularly mosquitoes and ....

e. There are some really large animals at the safari park: elephants, giraffes and ....

f. I love the countryside with its rivers, lakes and ....

Task 4 Label the parts of the animals:

head, eye, hand, leg, arm, ear, tail, foot, teeth, claws,

beak, wing, neck, trunk, tusk, paw, whiskers.


Task 5 Match A with  to complete the pair.

Example: tom-cat — pussy-cat


deer duck

drake cow

cock hen

bull mare

stallion sow

ram ewe

hog doe

Task 6 Complete the sentences with the names of animals' babies given in the box.

Example: Bears, wolves and lions have cubs.

1. Pigs have ...

2. Cows have ...

kittens puppies foals ducklings piglets lambs calves

3. Ducks have ...

4. Cats have ...

5. Horses have ..

6. Sheep have ...

7. Dogs have ...


Task 7. How many names of animals can you find in this word puzzle

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