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British American Translation
1. to fail    
2. to rise    
3. chemist    
4. to post    
5. caretaker    
6. nappies    
7. railway timetable    
8. playing truant    
9. holidays    
10. bill    
11. pavement    
12. tap    
13. trousers    
14. saloon car    
15. postman    
16. uniformed policeman    
17. windscreen    
18. underground    
19. university    
20. rubbish    
21. ground floor    
22. petrol    
23. jam    
24. garden    
25. lift    
26. specialize    
27. note    
28. autumn    
29. petrol station    
30. secondary school    
31. maths    
32. cinema    
33. shop    
34. queue    
35. sweets    
36. film    
37. biscuit    
38. waistcoat    
39. tram    
40. flat    
41. motorway    


To relieve

1. After about 20 hours, they were relieved by another crew.2. Can anyone relieve Tammy? She's been on duty for ten hours without a break. 3. Harry attempted a couple of jokes to relieve the tension of the occasion. 4. He was sent to Cairo to relieve Captain Roberts for a few days. 5. Just take some Tylenol to relieve the pain. 6. Magnetic board games can help relieve the boredom of long car journeys for kids. 7. Peppermint has long been regarded as a plant that can relieve indigestion. 8. Regular exercise can relieve depression and anxiety. 9. Estrogen replacement relieves such symptoms of menopause as hot flashes and night sweats, reduces bone loss. 10. It clearly relieved and heartened them. 11. Massage is good for general relaxation and to relieve stress buildup in the muscle tissue.12. Near the end Joey Beauchamp relieved the pain with his second goal of the season. 13. What can you do to relieve those of your colleagues or staff?


Relief (noun)

1. A white envelope lay on the mat. Holmes felt considerable relief. 2. Edwards commented that the convictions give him a feeling of relief that he hopes the victim shares. 3. It was a great relief to know that the children were safe. 4. It was such a relief to see Liz looking healthy again. 5. She breathed a sign of relief when he finally answered the phone. 6. Tears of joy and relief ran down Nina's cheeks. 7. The decision, announced on Thursday, came as a huge relief to the factory's 300 workers. 8. What a relief! We were so worried about you. 9. When the plane finally landed, we all felt a tremendous sense of relief. 10. You could hear the students breathing a collective sigh of relief when the final bell rang. 11. Yet the medical profession, seeing no upturn in the incidence of cancer, breathed a sigh of relief. 12. For the first time the Soviet Government allowed foreign disaster relief organisations to enter its territory on a massive scale. 13. Give drugs regularly and let the doctor know if you think more pain relief would be helpful. 14. So, next time these problems come along, you can be sure of fast, effective pain relief with Calpol. 15. Such forecasts are like aspirins: they have no long term effect but do bring immediate pain relief.


Art (noun)

1. Art critics were not impressed by the collection. 2. Ben was always good at art. 3. I studied art at school. 4. Is a pile of bricks in a museum really art? 5. Many people find it difficult to understand abstract art. 6. Phil has turned sandwich-making into an art. 7. The statue is a fine example of early Christian art. 8. There was an exhibition of Adams' paintings at the Museum of Modern Art. 9. Creative collaboration occurs in other arts as well. 10. Hamilton, who was a great student of folk art, was driving us in the school van.11. He gave art an openly political meaning and did not appreciate the artist as an individual dissenting voice. 12. Nelson was hired this school year to help infuse art into the school's curriculum.13. Angela had brought him to the opening at the Museum of Modern Art. 14. Chapter 4 considers why the female nude played so prominent a part in the making of modern art practice. 15. From whatever standpoint or philosophy, works of art can never be judged as essential to basic living. 16. The main function of scholarship surely lies in keeping alive the wonderful minds, works of art and thought of earlier generations. 17. This amount has to pay the salaries of 160 employees, leaving little for the purchase of works of art. 18. When I was at college in the late I950s, works of art were considered things of beauty.


Artist (noun)

1. At that time Picasso was a struggling artist, little known outside Paris. 2. I bought some post cards of prints by Japanese artists. 3. Leonardo was the greatest artist of his time. 4. She's an artist in the kitchen. 5. The band are not just successful recording artists - they are constantly touring and playing live to sell-out crowds. 6. The obituary described Nureyev as 'a great dancer and a true artist'. 7. This exhibit of paintings and sculptures traces the artist's work during five decades. 8. We asked a local artist to come and show her work to the students. 9. A bold artist and rugged individualist, Jones loves to lift the lid on the id. 10. Richter is not a conventional painter: he is an artist who happens to use paint as a medium.11. Royalties on record sales govern how much an artist earns from his or her recording career.



1. Chef Stroehl is known for the artistic presentation of his dishes. 2. Creators of artistic works have a legal right to copyright.3. I love your Christmas decorations they're very artistic.4. She's creative, artistic, and temperamental. 5. That's a lovely picture - I never realized you were so artistic. 6. The director feared that business decisions would affect the film's artistic quality. 7. His technical command of artistic processes never obscured his sense of humour. 8. The artistic photographer should represent what he sees and no more, he insisted. 9. What makes them different is their talent and their skills, without which our civilization would lose a priceless artistic heritage.



1. artificial Christmas trees 2. artificial sweeteners for coffee 3. Carter was saying all the right things, but his smile was artificial, and I knew I couldn't trust him. 4. Glen wears an artificial leg. 5. High import taxes give their goods an artificial advantage in the market. 6. I usually use artificial sweetener in my coffee instead of sugar.7. It took Frank a while to learn to walk with the artificial leg. 8. On the surface she seems quite a pleasant woman, but there's something very artificial about her. 9. On the table was a vase filled with artificial flowers.10. Our ice cream contains no artificial colors or flavors. 11. The juice contains no artificial coloring or flavors. 12. The plants can grow just as well in artificial light. 13. We have one of those electric heaters with artificial logs. 14. A three course meal costs just £1.75 and is completely free from any artificial colours and flavours.

To draw

1. "Did you win?'' "No, we drew.'' 2. Amy loves to draw cartoons. 3. Brooks can speak for several minutes without drawing a breath. 4. He wound in the line, steadily drawing the fish towards the bank. 5. I'm good at drawing animals, but I can't draw people. 6. It was an unparalleled gathering of black artists from around the world, drawing delegates from fifty countries. 7. It was getting dark so I drew the curtains and switched on the light. 8. Mike was sitting outside, drawing a picture of the trees at the bottom of the garden. 9. Paula drew back the sheet and looked at the sleeping child. 10. Real Madrid drew with Barcelona in the last game of the season. 11. She reached in her purse and drew out a silver cigarette case. 12. Such was the reputation of the school that it drew boys from all over the south of England. 13. The Australian rugby team drew the first game of their European tour, sixteen-all against France at Lyon. 14. The carriage was drawn by six white horses. 15. The football game is expected to draw a crowd of around 50,000. 16. Another speaker said that our presence would only draw attention and suspicion to their villages. 17. As a structural engineer, he draws conclusions about overly high chimneys, mortar quality, and roofing tiles. 18. I believe that one should not draw conclusions in the absence of evidence.

Draw (noun)

1. "What was the result of the Barcelona v Real Madrid game?" "It was a draw." 2. If the final ends in a draw, the game will be decided on penalties. 3. Neither side has scored. It looks as if it's going to be another draw. 4. New York is always a big draw for tourists. 5. The jackpot for Saturday's draw is over $5 million. 6. The third game in the chess tournament ended in a draw. 7. This ended in a draw after 116 moves.


1. Degas did a series of drawings of dancers at the ballet school in Paris. 2. Leonardo Da Vinci's drawings show an immensely inventive and inquiring mind. 3. On the wall was a drawing of a woman's head by Matisse. 4. The classroom was bright and cheerful, with childrens' drawings on the walls. 5. She also claimed on television that 152 old drawings had disappeared. 6. The Library, which contains also the world famous Old Master drawings collection, was untouched. 7. The show features original architectural drawings, photos, scale models and videos. 8. This was also necessary in order to obscure all traces of the original pencil drawing. 9. Working from the original drawings a high quality coach true to the original, but complying with modern regulations will result.


Picture (noun)

1. By the 1930s, Garbo was reportedly earning $250,000 a picture. 2. Daisy did a lovely picture of a cat at school today. 3. I didn't know the word in Japanese so I drew a little picture. 4. The house belonged to the Duke of Wellington, and his picture hangs in the hall. 5. There was a picture of a windmill on the bedroom wall. 6. To get a better picture of how the company is doing, look at sales. 7. Van Gogh's "Sunflowers' is one of the most famous pictures in the world. 8. Lee must win best foreign-language picture Oscar this spring-or indeed best picture. 9. Charlotte used water-colours, and often spent hours painting small pictures. 10. However, we were able to obtain the results for 1989 through 1991, and they do not paint a pretty picture. 11. This permits them to build up a picture of how the weather is changing virtually anywhere on Earth. 12. We're trying to build up a picture of what happened before the event. 13. Many other themes came to mind when I started thinking about holiday pictures. 14. With Oliver Ingraham out of the picture, things would be as they should have been.

To picture

1. Can you picture it? Lying in the sun, sipping cocktails it would be paradise! 2. I can still picture her lovely brown eyes. 3. I had never met Graham but I pictured him as a pale, thin young man wearing glasses. 4. Miguel could still picture the children laughing and joking, and chasing each other around the garden. 5. Both pictured a glamorous brunette, at least a dozen years older than herself. 6. He wrote that it was not as he had pictured it as the weather was bitterly cold and wet with some snow. 7. I pictured her trying to eke out her money - for I was sure there was not much. 8. I pictured myself picking at least three hundred pounds a day and took the job. 9. It is frighteningly easy to picture our children bald-gummed, big-headed as the babies they sprang out of. 10. They have been pictured as the ultimate wealth of the community. 11. When a child learns to picture and verbalize his feelings, he has the opportunity to reason and make intelligent choices. 12. Whichever, it seems that Arsenio isn't quite the sort of cultural diplomat I had optimistically pictured.

To depict

1. They carried huge canvas paintings depicting scenes from the Bible and classical times. 2. The altar bears a painting by J. Schlemüller depicting the murder of St Wenceslas by his brother. 3. In old Mayan paintings musicians are depicted striking a tortoiseshell with a forked stick. 4. This is not to say that all history paintings depict nudes. 5. The museum does depict Stalin unsympathetically. 6. Shiver as you walk through this animated museum depicting scenes from Stoker's spine-chiller. 7. Minerva, like Athene, was usually depicted wearing a helmet and armour and carrying a lance and shield. 8. Caring is usually depicted as a one-way relationship. 9. Dionysius was usually depicted with the flanks of a goat or bull to symbolise his fertility aspect. 10. Hercules is often depicted holding a club and draped with a lion's hide. 11. We know that New York is sometimes depicted as a cold and heartless city.

To represent

1. The article represents the millionaire as a simple family man. 2. He had represented himself as an employee in order to gain access to the files. 3. Paintings representing religious themes were common in medieval times. 4. The poll represented college students as mainly uninterested in politics.

To portray

1. Fink is not the only writer portrayed in the film. 2. In the movie, Burg portrays a real-life Holocaust survivor. 3. Their music portrays a lifestyle that no longer exists. 4. All along, the Owens River had been portrayed as a matter of life or death to the city of Los Angeles. 5. Instead, she portrayed herself as a philanthropist, eager to help old friends down on their luck. 6. Leonard Baskin has been chosen to portray F.D.R.'s first inauguration and, in the final room, his funeral cortège. 7. The recommendation was a surprise because census officials previously have portrayed adjustment as a solution to chronic undercounts. 8. This again portrays Cassius as a hero, and Caesar as a feeble old man in comparison. 9. This is the only example portraying a Roman Emperor which has survived intact from such an early age. 10. Two portray large dramatic faces that do not look particularly human. 11. We are all given T-shirts that portray Erap as a crocodile, gobbling money. 12. Liberals are portrayed by the group as sensitive and caring. 13. Many fairy tales portray women as victims.


1. He rents a small house in the picturesque old quarter of town. 2. Conwy Town is a picturesque and richly historic touring centre. 3. It is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque and idyllically situated working sites in the county, if not the country. 4. There is also a very pretty walk here, along the old railway line to another picturesque village, Little Melford. 5. In those days it was a picturesque village a couple of miles from the pleasant and compact town. 6. It was mid-autumn, and the bulk of the tourists who thronged through the picturesque villages in the summer had gone.

Paint (noun)

1. I'm not very good at painting. 2. There was an old iron bed, with rust showing through the white paint. 3. But she could find no paint. 4. Curious faces turned in her direction, faces some plain some pretty but all innocent of paint and powder. 5. In recent years, lead levels have fallen as regulations have curbed lead in paint, gas and other products.6. Manufacturers of the device said it would add about 25 cents to the cost of a can of spray paint. 7. The kit is sold complete apart from paint, with the machining work carried out by Rotorway. 8. The state Air Resources Board can not ban spray paint. 9. The use of Colour Index Generic Names, enables us to know which pigments are being used in each paint. 10. A lot of people think diversity is affirmative action with a different coat of paint. 11. After the war they were concealed by a coat of paint, but not destroyed. 12. Graham smiled and crossed the road to the sorting office, smelling its new coat of paint. 13. He put another coat of paint on the secondhand crib while Marina was in the hospital. 14. Since that time the shop at the works receiving another coat of paint and final decoration. 15. The problem is, most governments have acquired several dozen coats of paint and layer upon layer of barnacles. 16. The sculpture received a fresh coat of paint in 1975 and will be repainted if it is scratched or damaged. 17. Then the first coats of paint were applied, either by the dipping method, or by brush.

To paint

1. All the children had painted their faces. 2. Anna usually paints in the afternoons. 3. Don't wear that shirt when you're painting. 4. Geraint was sitting on the beach, painting the seagulls and the fishing boats. 5. Her lips and fingernails were painted bright red. 6. I'm going to paint a picture of the church. 7. I'm going to paint the bathroom tomorrow. 8. My neighbor painted that picture. 9. Sarah painted the table blue. 10. The exhibition focuses on the urban pictures painted by Camille Pissarro in the last decade of his career. 11. The pictures in Paul Gunn's exhibition were all landscapes, most beautifully painted in oils. 12. The walls were painted tomato red, with matching red drapes. 13. We really need to paint the bedroom. 14. What colour did you paint the doors? 15. Background painted with 3030 B70G, Collector, matt emulsion from the Definitions range by Dulux, £15.49/2.5 litres. 16. He is going to paint my portrait.


1. Adolf Hitler worked as a house painter in Austria before becoming involved in politics. 2. Turner was probably the greatest landscape painter that England has ever produced. 3. Modigliani arrived quite sober for the occasion but when the two painters came to discuss their work the conversation became dangerously frigid. 4. Yet Lowry was a popular hero who, when he died in 1977, was the most famous painter in Britain. 5. The most famous painters, musicians and writers chose to live and work in Venice above all other cities. 6. Indeed, he was both an amateur painter and a musician in a rock band that met at weekends. 7. Jill Duffy, an ex-shop assistant married to a painter and decorator, is one of these women. 8. Robert, a painter and decorator, married Sandra at Christmas after their partners died of cancer, it was revealed.



1. Dali did several paintings of his wife. 2. Gaugin is famous for his paintings of native women on the Pacific island of Tahiti. 3. He's taking a class in drawing and painting. 4. The museum has an impressive collection of early 20th century American paintings. 5. The only faces that greeted them belonged to sundry dead abbots glaring down from dusky oil paintings. 6. Side by side were two well-executed oil paintings of the same man. 7. Mrs Ruben, a Washington area resident since 1962, displayed and sold paintings at local galleries. 8. Then he went on to complain that even business was bad, as he had sold only two small paintings. 9. November 28 also sees the close of Michael Biberstein's exhibition of recent landscape paintings at the Montenay. 10. I wonder what future generations will see in our contemporary landscape paintings.11. By the end of the century landscape painting for its own sake was established. 12. Watercolours are easy - they dry; but oil paintings need time. 13. But what held his attention was a large oil painting propped on a chair and fronting the door. 14. Still life inspired by oil paintings of the Old Masters.

Colour (noun)

1. I like nice bright colours like yellow and pink 2. Look carefully at the rear door. It's not quite the same colour as the rest of the car. 3. The chameleon is able to change colour to protect itself. 4. What's your favourite colour? 5. What colour is his hair? 6. You can't judge people by the colour of their skin. 7. Also its high resolution colour display means that the reader can use computer graphics to enhance articles or illustrations within the publication. 8. I was thinking of the colour of her hair: Daniel, you may remember, alluded to her as a redhead. 9. One of the most popular has been carnelian, which owes its reddish colour to the presence of iron oxide. 10. Print quality was very good, with crisp, sharp text and well balanced colour graphics. 11. River Island's creative combinations of design, rich colour and new fabrics build a versatile wardrobe for autumn/winter. 12. The yellow tomatoes have a standard tomato flavour and provide an excellent colour contrast in salads. 13. Too many evergreens can look boring, so plant just a few choice ones to add colour to dull areas. 14. Bruce went to the doctor, feeling a little off colour, and was told that he had anaemia. 15. I'm fine, thank you, but Elinor's a bit off colour at the moment.

To colour

1. How can he make fair and impartial decisions when political loyalties colour his judgement? 2. Last time I tried to colour my hair it turned red! 3. Marigold petals were once used for colouring butter and cheese. 4. Both are easy to colour and mould into decorations. 5. It was a beautiful afternoon and Nature was colouring the Moor with breathtaking tints. 6. The dyes will colour the flower.


1. The cages were full of brightly- coloured tropical birds. 2. The front door was painted blue and had a coloured glass panel in it.



1. Everything was grey, wet and colourless as we stood by the rail watching the luggage being unloaded into the custom sheds. 2. I dimly remembered having watched the sun set, copper orange over a colourless world. 3. Standing at the right angle, we are dazzled by the colours of the rainbow in colourless ice. 4. Tait stroked his beard again with long, elegant fingers, appraising her with colourless eyes. 5. The glare of the nauseous streetlights which made the world faceless and colourless. 6. They were slim, pale and elegant, and she wore colourless or pearl nail varnish. 7. Until you looked into his strangely colourless eyes. 8. Woolley's training programme was grindingly hard, tent-life cold, wet and colourless, and the news from the front depressing.

Doubt (noun)

1. I hope to convince any doubters in the audience that our policies will work. 2. There are still some doubts about her suitability for the job. 3. There seems to be some doubt as to what warnings were given. 4. Especially in the early thirties, the ideas in the central tradition acted powerfully to breed such doubts. 5. He worked to dispel his doubts about his friend as though to pass another test, like his ordeal in the park. 6. However, some critics have expressed doubts over whether future governments can be locked into the promises. 7. If in doubt, try the front door. 8. It casts more doubt on Wallace's conviction in 1981 of the killing of his friend, antique dealer Jonathan Lewis. 9. Little doubt what the weight of opinion was there.10. Then he thought of Benedicta and felt a twinge of doubt. 11. There seems no doubt ever in your minds that the Emperor is more powerful than you are, or Hari Seldon wiser.

To doubt

1. At the time we seriously doubted that the doctor had got the diagnosis right. 2. He doubted that the car was hers because everyone knew she had no money.3. He may be able to do a good job, but I doubt it.4. He wondered how he could ever have doubted her. 5. I doubt whether I'll be able to find a decent car for the price I can afford.6. I very much doubt whether we'll get someone for the job by September.7. In all the years I knew him I never once doubted his story.8. It was possible that Maggie had been delayed, but he doubted it. 9. She says she'll leave him, but I doubt very much that she will. 10. Some people doubted that the attacks on the American ships had actually taken place.11. The Navy never seriously doubted the inquiry's findings.12. They seriously doubted whether the letter had ever existed.13. We'd better go to the party, but I doubt if it'll be very exciting. 14. Her sincerity made me doubt my own version of events.15. I doubted that I would find one in time. 16. No-one can doubt its power to evoke the imagination of millions upon millions of people through the ages and today. 17. Still, I could not doubt that my vision had occurred, even though I had no way to verify it.18. They doubt that Caravaggio was even homosexual, as is widely believed.19. Who could doubt that at this late date?



1. "Is Maddy coming tonight?" "It's looking doubtful - she was really sick." 2. Doblado accepted the doubtful honor of organizing the fund-raiser. 3. I could see that Holmes still looked doubtful. 4. It's doubtful that we'll finish this tonight. 5. The general expressed his concern about the number of citizens with doubtful loyalties. 6. And, of course, it was doubtful whether the girl would back him up.7. But the result confirmed that building society provisions will rocket this year to cover bad and doubtful home loans.8. He saw they were doubtful now that this had been a serious meeting.9. It is doubtful whether the diners actually find these offerings delicious.10. It means more doubtful inward investment.

11. Though it was doubtful that Fen's company was any less disturbing.

To select

1. Ernst had been selected to play in the game against Belgium.2. I selected four postcards.

3. It's very important that parents select the right school for a child with learning difficulties. 4. Our wines have been carefully selected from vineyards throughout Europe.5. The college selects only twelve students a year from the thousands who apply. 6. The team's name was selected from more than 1,700 suggestions. 7. To create parallel columns, press Alt-F7 and select option 4. 8. We selected four applicants for interview. 9. Avoid the temptation to select too much.10. Beginning salaries were slightly higher in selected areas where the prevailing local pay level was higher.11. Most begin with a simple picture that will help you select and set up the demonstration. 12. The fund manager can, therefore, select the mix of bonds which offers the most attractive yield and capital growth.

Selection (noun)

1. a selection of songs from 'West Side Story' 2. A wonderful selection of cakes and pastries was displayed in the window.3. Customers are invited to view the selection at any time. 4. She showed me a selection of her drawings. 5. The selection of a politician as ambassador was highly controversial. 6. The library also has a selection of foreign language videos on the third floor. 7. The restaurant offers a wide selection of local dishes. 8. The shop offers a wide selection of glasses frames to choose from. 9. But we have now taught ourselves to see benefits to the organism as incidental, as far as natural selection is concerned.10. Check all functions are operating correctly by pressing each selection button in sequence then close the cabinet and wipe the exterior.11. However, selection for opportunities outside affects what happens at school.12. Nine of those will be chosen in a state-wide primary election on March 12, the traditional date for delegate selection.13. The most important thing is your firm knowledge that the selection is within your present range.


Size (noun)

1. Cover the dough and allow it to rise until it has doubled in size. 2. Fire has destroyed an area of forest the size of Luxembourg. 3. He was incredibly aggressive it was only his size that stopped me from hitting him. 4. I hadn't realized the size of the problem until now. 5. Jensens' house is about the same size as ours. 6. Look at the size of that house! 7. The American states vary enormously in size, from very large to very small. 8. The black spots on her skin seemed to be slowly increasing in size. 9. The price will depend on the size and quality of the carpet.10. The seeds are very small, about half the size of a grain of salt.11. The sheer size of the building was amazing. 12. There are restrictions on the size and weight of packages we can ship.13. There were several pieces of wood of different sizes. 14. They shouldn't keep a dog of that size in such a small apartment.15. What size is that shirt? 16. What size shoes does Kelly wear? 17. Your desk is exactly the same size as mine. 18. He smoothed the bills out, lined the coins up on top of his thigh, in size order.19. However, it is possible to produce lexicons of comparable size that relate words to a much smaller number of roots. 20. The bureaucratic style can be very efficient in a stable environment and when the organisation is of a large size.


To size

1. Shrimp are sized for canning into large, medium and small. 2. For watercolourists, it is critical to find a paper that is perfectly sized, so washes simply shimmer on the surface. 3. He had sized me up, he later explained, and had decided to take me under his wing.



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