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1. It ... since early morning.

A. snows

D. has been snowing

C. snow

D. have been snowing

2. The war broke out in 1914. The European ruling class ... for it for 20 years.

A. had been preparing

B. had preparing

C. prepared

D. were preparing

3. Sir Walter will be executed unless he ... to the tyrant lord.

A. will submit

B. not submit

C. submits

D. will not submit

4. B July, 15 we ... all the credits.

A. pass

B. will pass

C. will be going to pass

D. will have passed

5. When I came home my parents ... TV and my elder brother had gone to the cinema.

A. have been watched

B. had been watching

C. used to watch

D. were watching

6. As your leader I'll tell you about our future excursions. We ... by tram at 9 in the morning and coming back at about 7.

A. shall have been leaving

B. shall leave

C. will have been leaving

D. shall be leaving

7. It is conceivable, that the water supply in the city of Mexico ... by 2020.

A. will be going to get exhausted

B. will have been exhausted

C. shall be exhausting

D. will be exhausting

8. The European experts ... long ... that the arms race would lead to war.

A. - ... warned

B. were ... warning

C. had ... been warning

D. had ... been being warned

9. By the 16 - th century a new economic system ... feudalism.

A. replaced

B. was replacing

C. has replaced

D. had replaced

10. John came to Britain from the US nearly 3 years ago. Next Monday he ... there exactly 3 years.

A. will be

B. has been

C. will have been

D. will have been being

11. We ... the tickets by 5 o' clock.

A. will buy

B. shall be buying

C. shall have bought

D. shall buy

12. By 7 clock I ... this article.

A. was read

B. had read

C. read

D. was reading

13. It was raining when I ... through the newspapers.

A. have watched

B. were looking

C. was looking

D. have been watching

14. My brother ... music lessons for 3 years now.

A. took

B. have taken

C. has been taking

D. is taking

15. It was pointed out that the patient ... treatment for heart problems for a year.

A. had

B. was having

C. had had having

D. had been having

16. When Jim ran out of petrol he . . . what to do.

A. has been wondering

B. was wondering

C. is wondering

D. has wondered

17. Julia ... a flu for the last few days.

A. has

B. has been having

. has had

D. have had

18. Now I ... how the industry began to expand.

A. shall be illustrating

B. shall have illustrated

C. will have illustrated

D. will be illustrating

19. I ... to go to Japan since I was a child.

A. have wanted

B. want

C. have been wanting

D. wanted

20. Scientists fear that more and more holes in the ozone layer ... by the year 2000.

A. will appear

B. shall be appearing

C. will be appearing

D. will have appeared

21. No wonder she was so fat. She ... these last few weeks.

A. overate

B. had been overeating

C. has been overeating

D. used to overeat

22. I ... a letter while be was reading a book.

A. am writing

. was writing

C. had been writing

D. have written

23. They ... a movie today from 3 till 5.

A. watches

B. will have been watching

C. will be watching

D. will have watched

24. When he ... my translation, hell go to the theatre to watch "The Swan Lake".

A. will finish

B. has finished

C. will finished

D. will have been finishing

25. ... they ... in the mountains for a month by July?

A. Will ... be going to travel

B. Will ... be travelling

C. Will ... have been travelling

D. Will ... travel

26. I will speak to your parents, when ... an opportunity.

A. I will have had

B. I have

C. I shall have

D. I will have

27. The passenger was nervous during the flight because he ... in a plane before.

A. did not fly

B. not flew

C. had not flown.

D. was not flying

28. Don't take any steps to change the situation until I ... you to.

A. will have asked

B. ask

C. will ask

D. will be asking

29. What are his plans for this coming month? He ... his entrance exams to the university.

A. took

B. will have taken

C. will be taking

D. takes

30. The Treaty of Paris was signed in September 1783. The colonies were now free but they ... yet ... a united nation.

A. had not ... formed

B. did not ... formed

C. did not ... form

D. were not ... formed

31. In 2020 the agreement ... in force for 50 years.

A. was

B. will be

C. will have been

D. has been

32. While James was telling jokes, Tim ... a cigar quietly.

A. has been smoking

B. was smoking

C. had been smoking

D. will be smoking

33. It ... for 2 hours.

A. has been raining

B. rains

C. were raining

D. is raining

34. What ... he ... at 4: 30 tomorrow?

A. has ... done

B. will ... doing

C. will ... be doing

D . were ... doing

35. By 2 o' clock the students will ... the test for 2 hours.

A. use to do

B. do

C. be doing

D. have been doing

36. My friend ... on the ship for 15 years by next year.

A. will have been going serving

B. have served

C. was serving

D. will have been serving

37. Meanwhile in the settlement most men ... to go away and take their families along.

A. were preparing

B. was going to prepare

C. was preparing

D. used to

38. At this time yesterday I ... a diploma - paper in the library.

A. had been writing

B. have been writing

C. used to write

D. was writing

39. Before the murder took place, I ... and ... home.

A. left ... had driven

B. had left ... driven

C. have left ... have driven

D. left ... drove

40. You are a good footballer. How long ...?

A. you have been playing

B. has you been playing

C. did you play

D. have you been playing

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