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What Expertrans Global Translate Does Best

What Should I look for when Choosing a Khmer Translation Service?

Choosing the right Khmer translation service is often a tricky task, especially if you care about quality and price. There are many language service providers to choose from and sometimes it can turn into a confusing task in choosing the right translation service.

Which Translation Company?

There are plenty of translation companies providing Khmer translation and itís difficult to know which translation agency will meet your needs best. You would obviously like to tick all the boxes: translation quality, turnaround time, and of course, competitive pricing. We would safely place translation quality on top of our list, whether itís for Khmer translation or any other language, because regardless of how cheap a translation may be, itís worthless if itís going to cause you to lose your reputation. And believe us it does happen. This is particularly true in Cambodia, where you probably wonít have the luxury of undoing a bad translation once itís been received by your Khmer business associate or partner, especially if you canít speak Khmer in the first place Ė it would be doubtful youíd know what type of message has been conveyed.

Khmer Translation Service Offerings

Translation services shouldnít be judged solely on price but against reputable competition. Itís always advisable to look at the market rates as well as the Khmer translation services package when making your final decision in buying a translation service. Here are a few important questions you may wish to ask: does the service include quality control checks? Does the translation company follow any quality guidelines? Will the Khmer translation be independently proofread and edited by a third party translator? Is a translation guarantee in place should something go wrong?


Khmer translation is one service area where there is now an abundance of translation companies and independent translators offering translation services. Korea continues to grow at a fast pace and the demand for Khmer translation services is growing year on year. However, speaking fluent English is just one of the prerequisites for a high quality Khmer translator, industry experience and qualifications are the other essential factors.

What Expertrans Global Translate Does Best

Expertrans Global Translate is a specialist Expertrans Globaln language provider and itís why weíre more likely to offer you a comprehensive Expertrans Globaln language service than most of our generic competitors. We offer a competitive package and represent great all round value, but itís unlikely that we are the cheapest. Firstly, we specialise only in Expertrans Globaln languages Ė which means that we have daily access to our translators, unlike generic companies, and we continue to develop and build very strong relationships with our Expertrans Global translators. It means that we can ask for special requests; such as meeting very tight deadline or minor DTP work without additional charges. Weíre also able to immediately identify which translator will be most suitable for your project, whether itís for document translation services, legal translation services, website localization services, medical translation services, marketing and pr translation services, financial services or any other translation services.

Native Translators

We only use native (mother tongue) translators Ė itís critical to the success of any translation. If you are translating a file from Khmer to English then weíll use a native English translator from the Asia Language. If you need document translation services from English to Khmer, then we'll simply use a translator based in Cambodia itself.

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