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The Story about one Bench


I was walking along the street, typical tourist street of the city called London, which situated in Britain, if you donít know, where is it; donít mind because half of the world is like you. So the weather was unusually pretty, however a little bit stuffy, but it is not a big problem for the people, who buys bottles of cold cool water in cafeterias, such as Starbucks. I was listening to the songs by John Maus and just flying in dreams.
However I saw a strange and weird building, not really a building, it was something, people use as a seat. I asked people in the street what it was. Theyanswered in a typical British way: < itís a bench, ah, tourists >. Buy it was a special one, I hadnít seen it beforeI made a photo to show my granddad because I wanted to safe the relationship with him, by the way he was well-educated person. I went to his flat the day after and showed the picture. He asked me: < Do you want to here a story about this bench? >. I was so excited, nevertheless I just said: < Why not >.
And he beganÖ

A lot of millions years ago, when human beings, dinosaurs and monkeys didnít exist, there was the world of bears, who had been living in peace with unicorns, until a black, like a raven, unicorn came to destroy this kind world, heput a curse on it and everyone became moody, busy and depressed. The same was our hero Michael Bear.
By the way, everything had happened inNew Bear York City, State New Bear, the United States of Bears and Unicorns.

Michael was 14 years, the age, when teen bears become even more vulnerable. He had been thinking about his time really all the time of his unhappy grey life. He didnít know, why he was unhappy, he had everything, he needed, even though he felt emptiness in his bearís heart.

One day his mother Lillian asked him to go to the narrowest grocery near the railway station to buy some bottles of milk, which Lillian liked so much. So Michael went to the entrance of the supermarket called <Bearsí Grocery>. But before he went through the door he had paid attention to the queer bear, sitting on the bench. That bear was sitting, smiling and eating the sandwich with marmalade. It was bizarre because it was difficult to find a cheerful bear in New York Bear City. Michael asked him: < why do you sit here? >

-- I am eating :)

-- Yeah, but do you have work to do?

-- Yes I have, today is my day off
-- And donít you need to do something more important than just hanging out with marmalade?

-- Not really

Michael was shocked he didnít understand it. Then one day he took a book to read it outdoors, ate sandwich. He felt happy first time in his bearís life. That was the wayto change black magic into white: not no be so busy, pay attention to otherís feelings, find some time just to relax and < eat a sandwich withmarmalade >.


-- Oh, itís interesting; I have never heard this story before!
-- I tried to tell this story in the best way I could

-- However itís just a legend
-- Yes, nonetheless there are some lessons for even us Ė human beings
-- I want to ask when it was made
-- Here in that street, the original one is in New York City, may be it was made after the Second World War, but I am not quite sure
-- Thanks, granddad, for a nice story!
-- You are welcome!
So, I went home, but the whole evening I was thinking about Michael BearÖ


Denis Porfiryev

Date: 2015-01-11; view: 938

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