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What Are the Differences Between Travel Agent and Tour Operator?

For some people a travel agent and a tour operator is the same thing. They may sound the same, however, there is a big difference between the two. Travel agents and tour operators are two separate service providers with a common mission: to provide you a good journey, they handle different parts of your journey.

For a consumer or a customer, a tour operator is someone who provides more detailed services.

Planning holiday

Many people take their main holiday in summer, and although some people choose a last-minute break, others plan their holiday months in advance.


The beginning of the year is a good time for people to start looking at holiday brochures. Tour operators as well as travel agents give lots of information about holiday destinations and types of holiday. Apart from the traditional two-week beach holiday, you can choose from a range of holidays: a cruise (holiday on a ship), an activity holiday (a holiday that involves walking, cycling, climbing or other sports), a city break (a weekend or a few days in a different city) and so on. A lot of people choose a package holiday, where flights and accommodation are included in the price. But many people prefer an independent holiday, where they make their own travel arrangements.

If you travel independently, you will need to book your flights or train tickets. You will need to make a reservation at a hotel, or another place to stay.

For all types of foreign holidays, it is essential that you check you have all your travel documents. Make sure your passport has not expired, and that you have a visa if necessary. If you are travelling to some countries, you also need to make sure that all your vaccinations (protection against illness) are up to date.


Following the tips below should help you plan your holiday and ensure that you make the best decision:


1. The first question to ask is what do you want from a holiday destination - is it a beach, peace and quiet, culture, action-packed entertainment and so on?


2. The next question is how far do you want to travel - are you comfortable being in an aircraft for over 3 hours - is long-haul something for you?


3. Don't relying just on a holiday brochure - many such descriptions are short and don't have details. Research the country before you book!


4. Does your chosen country suffer with extreme weather, such as hurricanes? Do not rely on the brochure; check out weather information sites before you book your holiday.


5. Does the country you want to take a holiday in have political problems? Does the country have a poor record on human rights or how they treat those who live and work in tourist areas? Check out information sites and local newspapers online!


6. Is the hotel what you want - check out other holidaymakers reviews.


7. Are you happy with the airline they are suggesting you should fly on?


8. Above anything else, always travel with full travel insurance. you must know about any pre-existing medical conditions - if you are travelling in Europe, always carry your European Health Insurance Card!





Exhibition is an event to collectively display different art, product or skills. Both individuals and businesses partake in this event to reach specific goals.


There are commercial and non-commercial exhibitions. Commercial exhibitions are intended to attract buyers and sell the displayed items. And non-commercial exhibitions are arranged to show of talents and skills. Exhibitions can be categorized: into museums, art exhibitions, trade exhibitions and consumer exhibitions.


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Art exhibitions can include paintings, figurines, drawings and photos..


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