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Please describe your special interest and ability in academic areas during your years at secondary school(s).

At the beginning of my learning at high school, I did not have particular interests in any academic areas. However, that changed as soon as I progressed to eleventh grade, where there was an involvement in a new subject “Global Perspectives” in my curriculum. That subject interested me because we discussed actual global issues considering their influence on the world and consequences during the lessons. Arguments were our strongest weapons, which we used to prove our opinions and claims. During these two years, two course works about issues that are well-known for people were written by me. First my project was about “One-child policy” applied in China, where I investigated an impact of this strategy on female gender. Second my global project concerned situation in Kazakhstan, specifically the extent of Americanization in Kazakhstan. I chose Americanization, which is the one of the most powerful processes nowadays because of its influence on Kazakh culture and behaviors of teenagers. During this work, I determined causes of following this movement by young generation and its influence on them.



Please explain any of your extracurricular activities or work experience.

I am quite sportive person, so I have always wanted to participate in many extracurricular activities, and to get involved in many things that could my future. I believe I am one of those rare students from my school who participate in almost every field of the extra-curricular activities and also to consistently maintain class performances. During my various extra-curricular activities like music, sports and volunteer works, I have greatly improved my interaction, interpersonal, analytical, leadership and teamwork skills; I gained much knowledge and have developed my understanding about many things. I have been involved in school’s volleyball team for 3 years. I participated in various competitions. On holidays we gather together at my home to play volleyball.  

Please explain your purpose in studying at UNIST and your plans for study. Be as specific as you can, regarding your academic interests and the curriculum you expect to follow in achieving your goals.

  Ever since I was a child, I have always had a great love for drawing houses. My curiosity always led me to discovering new sketches of houses. The beautiful works of architectures created always fascinated me. In the second grade I began spending my free time at researching about the architecture. Soon enough, drawing became more than just a hobby to me. I came to the conclusion that if I want to be truly happy in life, I must pursue my passion and share my knowledge with others. Even though certain people always attempted to stop me, but I always found my way back to what I am truly passionate about. Once accepted into UNIST, I am intending to concentrate on professional goals using short-term goals to support and work toward fulfilling my long-term goals. I believe that UNIST’s rigorous curriculum will give me the proper education I need to fulfill my dreams. After receiving my Bachelor’s degree, I plan on continuing my education and receiving my Doctorate’s degree.


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