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CHECKLIST for UNIST admission

(Fall 2016)


name :

nationality :

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Form1: Checklist  
Form2: Application form  
Form3: Personal statement and study plan  
Form4: Letter of recommendation from your teacher(s)  
Official High school transcripts  
High school diploma  
Copy of the applicant's passport  
Copy of both parent's passport or other official documents indicating parents' nationality  
Family relation certificate  
Form5: Financial certification  
Form6: Agreement for verification of academic record  
A copy of the applicant's photo  
Certificate of entry&exit(only for Koreans)  
Option: English proficiency exam  
Option: Records of tests and various awards  


Application Form 2



Application form

(Fall 2016)



· Check the appropriate box.

a Engineering cBusiness Administration


Personal Information

English Name: Tastanbek Diana Seytzhankyzy

Family / Last name First name Middle (if any)

Gender: c Male a Female

Passport Number: 5396389

Nationality: Kazakh

Place of Birth: Kazakhstan

Date of Birth: 1998-11-17

Marital Status: a Single c Married

Mailing Address: tastanbekovad01@gmail.com

ZIP Code: 160000

E-mail: tastanbekovad01@gmail.com

Telephone: 77252495023

Cell Phone: 77755130000

Academic Information

※ In chronological order, list the names and complete addresses (including zip code) of all the schools and institutions that you’ve attended. Indicate the expected date of graduation for the current school.

Dates Attended (DD/MM/YY) Name of School Complete Address of School, including Country (English only) Date of Graduation (DD/MM/YY) Telephone, E-mail Address
Primary (Elementary) Schools From 01/09/2005 To 25/05/2006 ¹1gymnasium named after Mukhtar Auezov Kazakhstan, South Kazakhstan region, Saryagash town Ismayilov street / /    
From 01/09/2007 To 25/02/2010 Kanysh Satpayev Kazakhstan, South Kazakhstan region, Saryagash town, Namazbaeva, 13 / /    
From / / To / /     / /    
Secondary (Middle & High) Schools From 01/09/2011 To 17/02/2013 ¹9 lyceum named after O.Zholdasbekov Kazakhstan, Shymkent,Kazybek-bi street / /    
From 18/02/2013 To 25/05/2016 NIS PMD in Shymkent Kazakhstan Shymkent, Akzhaiyk, Elite town, building 6. 25/05/2016 8 (7252) 29-44-88 http://fmsh.nis.edu.kz
From / / To / /     / /    
Post-Secondary Studies From / / To / / (Major: )   / /    

I declare that the information contained in this application is complete, accurate and true. I understand that any untrue, misleading or omitted information may result in my disqualification from further consideration for admission and will be cause for the rescinding of any offer of admission if discovered at a later date.

_________________________________________ ___________________________________

Applicant’s Signature Date (DD/MM/YYYY)

Application Form 3


Personal Statement & Study Plan

(Fall 2016)

Date: 2016-04-22; view: 1156

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