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Week Grade 7 A 19/02/2016. English/ upbeat
The theme of the lesson Climate change
Taking programme Methodical programme
The aims of the lesson * Educational: To introduce students with new material about linking phrases To enrich student`s vocabulary concerning the theme “climate change”. * Development: To develop understanding, logical thinking & students abilities in speech. To control the student’s speaking without mistakes, help them to make conclusions. · Upbringing: To teach friendly and to work with group and to help each other, to learn give advice to each other in the different situation and try to remember yours life .
The result of the lesson for the teacher v Pupils can learn their meaning without any mistakes ; v To work with group and to listen each other; v They can discuss their opinion themselves.
The main idea of the lesson They can find the main idea of the lesson.
1-action Warming-up (1 minute) Game “Teacher says”. Rule: If teacher says act with phrase “Teacher says …”, then pupils should do these act. If teacher says without this phrase, they should do this action. So, if they do this act, they will sit in their seats. Who is stand up at least, those will be winner.   2-action . Asking home task. Vocabulary, learn by heart new words. 3-action. Quiz for checking new words. 4-action. Evaluation card (1 minute) Teacher gives balloons the students, whose answer the questions. 5-action.Geography: Global warming. Read. Text “Why is Global warming a problem?” Ex.2 p.69. How do you say these expressions in your language? 6-action . Work with cards. Teacher gives picture of climate changing and pupils should find, call all of these. 7-action. Comprehension. Ex.3 p.69 Complete the missing words. 1. When there isn’t enough rain, there is a drought. 2. When there’s too much water, there’s a flood. 3. All round earth there are greenhouse gases, which keep it warm. 4. When we burn fossil fuels, carbon dioxide is produced. 5. Planes and cars use a lot of energy(fuel). 6. When things are recycled, the material is used again.   8- action. Listening task. Ex. 4 p. 67 Listen to the radio interview about hurricane and choose the correct options. 1. Jackie and her family were expecting a storm. 2. When the hurricane arrived, they were at the sports home. 3. Jackie’s father was injured. 4. They lost most a few things. 5. Tonight they are going to sleep in the sports hall. 9-action. Role play game. Pupils work in pair. They have the diologue of Interviwer and Teen girl, then they play roleof these people. 10-action.Evaluation card and put their marks Giving the home task is Ex.5,7 p.69 (pupil’s book) Ex. 1-2 p.58 (workbook) I should define how they prepare to the lesson. To integrate them to the English lesson. Ask questions about Non-defining relative clauses. Check their homework. Pupils should write translation of given words.   What do you know about global warming? Global warming Climate Carbon dioxide Greenhouse gases Fossil fuels Carbon footprint Air miles They should do these exercises in their copybook and check each other
Visual aids: Pictures, computers, stickers paper A4


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