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The Teachers Training Institute and Students’ Life

1. a first-year student

2. the Teachers Training Institute

3. a faculty

4. a full-time student

5. a psychologist

6. a social worker

7. preschool

8. to attend (a lecture, a seminar, a practical study)

9. to work hard

10. to look through

11. reference books

12. an examination period

13. successfully

14. a hostel

15. a laboratory

16. a workshop

17. to combine


1. My name is __________________________________________________.

2. I was born on the _______________________ in ________________.

3. I am a first-year student of the Teachers Training Institute.

4. It was opened in 1954 and in 1990 it was named after Pyotr Pavlovitch Ershov.

5. In 2014 the institute became a structural part of Tyumen State University.

6. It has 3 faculties: the faculty of Social Studies and Humanities, The faculty of Mathematics, Computer Studies and Natural Sciences and the Pedagogical faculty.

7. I am a full-time student of the Pedagogical faculty, which is quite large and popular.

8. It trains preschool and primary school teachers as well as psychologists and social workers.

9. It is my wish to become a highly-qualified (preschool teacher).

10. My working day starts at half past eight, and I usually have 2 or 3 classes a day.

11. I attend lectures, seminars and practical studies in special, social and pedagogical subjects.

12. Every day I work hard looking through a lot of books, notes and reference books.

13. Twice a year I have an examination period and do my best to pass exams successfully.

14. Many students of the Institute study by correspondence.

15. The Institute has 5 buildings and a comfortable hostel, situated quite near them.

16. Well-equipped laboratories, workshops, studies, a large library and an Internet library, a reading-room, a museum, a gym and a dining-room are at the students’ disposal.

17. The students have all the opportunities for their studies.

18. They work as leaders in summer camps, do observation and teaching practice at school.

19. Such practical experience develops their professional abilities and creative skills.

20. The social, scientific and sports life of the Institute is also quite interesting.

21. The students take part in clubs, discussions and competitions.

22. Every year they present their research work at the conference “Ershov’s Readings”.

23. Active social life helps them combine work and pleasure.

24. More than 20.000 alumni of the Institute work in secondary schools and colleges of our region.

25. They often come to the Institute to meet their teachers and discuss professional affairs.




2 A ___ study is a class at which practical skills in a subject are developed.

5 If you don't understand something, look it up in the ___ books.

7 A talk given to a group of people to teach them about a particular subject

8 A ___ worker helps people overcome the stresses and problems of life.

11 The standard time for working or studying.

12 To work ___ means to put a lot of effort and energy in the job.

14 Simply look ___ the text to get the main idea.

16 A scientist who studies the mind and behaviour.

17 A room or building with special equipment for doing scientific experiments and tests.



1 A place where things are made or repaired.

2 A school for very young children.

3 To be present at a class.

4 A class offered to a small group of students at a college or university.

6 If your work has the expected result, it has been done ___.

9 Students have an ___ period twice a year.

10 A ___ student is someone who just entered college.

11 A branch (subdivision) of a college.

13 To mix or use together.

15 A place for students to live.

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