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Exercise 1. Translate the sentences into Russian, pay attention to the tense form in Passive.

1. It is believed that in many instances the explanations have been clarified.
2. Physicists were compelled to conclude that the discharge from the cathode must consist of a stream of particles of some sort electrically charged. 3. None of the data on plastic state have been presented at the conference. 4. The experimental facts can be explained by this supposition. 5. A discussion of X-ray spectra has been omitted, as it can be found in almost any advanced text on physics. 6. The process of separating or concentrating small amounts of the radioelements may, in general, be very conveniently followed by measurement of the activity. 7. The importance of water to living things is so evident, that it need not be insisted on here. 8. The invention of the nitrogen-filled lamp has been followed by the argon and neon lamps for special purposes. 9. The behaviour of gas stream during expansion is influenced by a variety of circumstances. 10. Many compounds can be decomposed, when they are heated or when they are acted upon by other forms of energy, into simpler compounds or into their constituent elements. 11. The properties of metals are often strongly influenced by even small admixtures of other metals or nonmetals. 12. The presence of slight traces of hydrogen peroxide in the atmosphere is accounted for by the action of ultraviolet light upon the moist oxygen. 13. From their very nature, charged particles are influenced by electric fields. 14. Many methods for detection of uranium have been proposed for use under various conditions and only a few can be referred to here. 15. Neutron capture by a nitrogen nucleus is sometimes followed by the immediate emission of a proton. 16. The method described above is the most accurate and should be followed. 17. The electrons were pictured as very small charged bodies, which generated the field in free space and conversely were acted upon by forces due to the field. 18. The recognition that isotopes could exist was first forced upon chemists from the study of the radioactive elements. 19. Mention has already been made that gold is slowly attacked by fused hydrates and alkali metal hydroxides, forming aurates. 20. When allowance is made for differences of mass and size some gas-mixtures give disproportionately small values. 21. Care must be taken in handling radioactive materials as painful and even dangerous burning may result from prolonged exposure to the rays. 22. Solutions of sulphurous acid always contain sulphates unless care is exercised to exclude air. 23. Care should be taken in the laboratory not to inhale hydrogen sulphide. 24. Steps are taken to increase the production of our plants. 25. There is no doubt that in the course of further development of all sciences extensive use will be made of modern computing machines. 26. Chemical methods of purifying water are given much attention to at present. 27. For practical reasons atomic weights have been referred, not to hydrogen equal to 1, but to oxygen equal to 16. 28. The rate at which radioactive elements decompose is unaffected by change in t or by the presence of other elements in combination with the radioactive element. 29. Many of these elements are present in such infinitesimal amounts that they can hardly be thought of even as traces. 30. This motion is always present; it is the same for various particles of appropriate size but of different nature, and it is not influenced by outside vibrations of currents in the fluid.

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