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Travelling by plane (making a reservation, checking in for the flight, consulting timetables)

When I go on vacation, I usually travel by plane. In the past, I used to book a flight with a travel agency, but now, I tend to search online for good deals on plane tickets. Finding the best price on plane tickets is probably the most important consideration, but the departure time, the number of layovers, and the length of flight are also important factors. Making plane reservations online is pretty easy to do, but don't forget that you still have to pay certain fees and taxes that go along with the price of the ticket. Finally, keep in mind that you might have to pay a cancellation fee if you decide to change your flight plans or cancel your flight.
Checking-in for passengers and luggage for internal flights shall commence at the airport 2 hours and finish 40 minutes(for international flights— 2 hours and 40 minutes) prior to take-off. This period is subject to change from time to time as agreed upon with the airlines.

Some airlines allow for flight registration at Belorussky Railway Station where check-in commences 15 hours and finishes 3 hours prior to departure of the estimated time of departure of your flight.

Sometimes people forget the time and the number of the flight. They can always ask for that at the airport's information bureau and also get information about next flights and their timetables.

10. Giving directions to a ‘tourist’ with a city or metro map

Describe directions from MGIIT to The Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow:

Go out of the Institute and go to the stop of bus 65 or 72 . Get to the Vodny Stadion station.

Enter the subway. You will be on the green line. Go as far as the Teatralnaya station. Then go out of the subway and turn left. The Bolshoi Theatre is opposite you.


11. Making up a tour diary for a ‘client’ according to the ‘client’s’ demands.

12. Discussing one’s resume.

Nastya Karp


5 Sunny Street

Moscow, 127576

home: +7-495-477-77-89

cell: +7-916-876-35-35

Objective: Air Hostess


A Intern with a little experience in the tourism industry. Have a strong desire to grow in this area. There is a desire to start a career in airlines.

Personal Details:

• Date of birth – 2 June 1995

• Age - 20

• Marital status - single

• Nationality - Russia

Career history:

September 2015 - now Aeroflot Russian Airlines

My limited experience office administration as a good helper for senjor executives. Well-honed office management skills and event planning. Computer proficiency, including a solid foundation in MS Office.


• 2015 - to present, The Moscow State Institute of the tourism industry, Russia.

• 2011 - 2015, College at The Moscow State Institute of the tourism industry, Russia.

• 2002 - 2011, School ¹ 1449, Moscow, Russia.

Additional information:


English - Intermediate;

Spanish - Pre-Intermediate;

Other skills & occupations:

Experience of computing: MS Office (Word, Excel), Power Point, Internet Explorer.

Hobbies and Interests:

Sport and traveling.

References: Available upon request.

Differences between email, paper letter and fax business messages.

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Travelling by plane (classes of travel, types of flights, types of air fares). | Exercise 1. Translate the sentences into Russian, pay attention to the tense form in Passive.
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