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Hope for your scientific initiative!

E-mail: info@eapps.info



“The Unity of Science”

Journal proceedings are to be accepted before

February 10, 2016


Dear colleagues!

Briefly about the innovations of the journal:

  1. The editorial board has increased
  2. Topic "Current research" has been introduced for each sectional direction
  3. Topic "Actual Discussion" has been introduced. Details on eapps.info
  4. The magazine will be placed in the base of RISQ for 3 weeks after the official release of the journal


The possibilities and objectives of the project:

· The promotion of your name in scientific community of Europe and CIS;

· The possibility to exposure the experience of the other scientists;

· To find like-minded potential partners;

· The work with the peripheral and multi scientific directions of the science;

· The increasing of the level of your own knowledge;

· The possibility to keep abreast of all the latest trends and prospects;

· Teamwork on a promising project.

Editorial board:

Alexander Pacsr

Astakhov Vladimir

Batsyleva Olga

Buriak Alexander

Emma Kahl

George Berins

Georgieva Sonia

Gipters Zinaida

Hans Jensen

Helen Zag

Homyuk Victor

Ilyina Ekaterina

Ivanova Svetlana

Ivanova Zoya

Jakob Haberzettl

Kaydalova Lydia

Kovtun Elena

Logvina Svetlana

Lokhvitskaya Lyubov

Lucius Calle

Lukas Adlerflycht

Lyakisheva Anna

Marek Szymański

Mariusz Bashinsky

Matra Lentz

Matthias Haenlein

Mukanova Sulesh

Patrick Schuppe

Petkova Ekaterina

Petruk Vera

Prokofieva Olesya

Rymarenko Nataliya

Sergienko Konstantin

Shadrin Nicholas

Sophia Lai

Stanisław Krauchensky

Stetsenko Iryna


Vaskes Abanto Hesus Estuardo

Yakobchuk Elena



We invite you to participate in the project and look forward to its practical and theoretical value for each of the participants!

We would like to enlist with your support in raising awareness of the project among your colleagues and collaborators. Dear colleagues, the science stands on our shoulders!


Hope for your scientific initiative!


Fill in the application (click)

Sections of the journal:

Direction 1: «Pedagogic sciences»

Direction 2: «Psychology sciences»

Direction 3: "Medical sciences"

Topic: "Actual research"

Topic: "Actual discussion"

Topic: "Monograph"

Topic: "Personalities"

Download the example of the article and the requirements of registration (click here)

To participate:

1. Fill the registration form (pay attention,that co-authors mustfill one form).

2.Send digital texts (DOC, RTF) and scanned copy of the registration fee payment receipt to e-mail: info@eapps.info (JPG, PDF).File names must be like: YourName_Materials, YourName_Payment.

Attention please (!)

1. Secretary must confirm receiving of your materials.

2. If you didn’t receive the confirmation please contact the Secretary.

Participation fee

When submitting journal proceedings Registration fee The publishing of one page of journal proceedings
For participants from the EU and the CIS 8 USD 4 USD

Details for making payment are sent to participants after the approval of the work.

Members of the Association are exempted from payment of the registration fee. Members pay only a publication fee.

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