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Read the text and put the verbs in brackets into the present simple or the present continuous.

Michael McBrown 1) is(be) a very busy man.

Every morning, he 2).....(leave) home at 8 oíclock, and 3).....(go) to his office. He 4).....(usually / have) meetings until lunchtime, and in the afternoon, he 5).....(often / visit) the people of Madewell. He really 6).....(enjoy) talking to people.

At the moment, he and his team7).....(organise) his election campaign. There are elections in June and he 8).....(hope) to persuade lots of people to vote for him.

Next month, he 9).....(go) to London to meet the Prime Minister. They 10).....(have) a meeting to discuss future plans for Madewell.


Put the verbs in brackets into the present simple or the present continuous.


1 Dave 1).....(live) in Glasgow and 2).....(work) for an advertising company. He 3).....(have) a good job and 4).....(earn) a lot of money. He 5).....(meet) many people every day and 6).....(lead) a busy life. The company 7).....(expand) rapidly and today he 8).....(see) a new client.

2John and Anna 1).....(fly) to Paris on Monday for a holiday. Their flight 2).....(take off) at 7.10 in the morning and 3).....(arrive) in Paris at 8.15. Annaís cousin 4).....(own) a house there, so they 5).....(stay) with him.

3 My neighbour 1).....(bang) on the walls of his flat when he 2)..... (do) repairs. This week he 3).....(install) a new bath, and the noise 4).....(drive) me crazy. He 5).....(not / seem) to care about the way he 6).....(bother) other people.

4 Ben is an athlete. Every morning he 1).....(swim) ten laps in the pool and 2).....(lift) weights for an hour. This year he 3).....(train) harder because he 4).....(want) to compete in the next Olympic Games.


Underline the correct tense, Present Simple or Present Continuous, in the following sentences.

1m sleeping /sleep on Nikoís sofa until I find a place of my own.

2monly working / only work there for a couple of months because

Iím going abroad in the summer.

3If you arenít listening / donít listen to the radio, why donít you switch it off?

4His only bad habit is that he talks / is talking too loudly.

5So in the first scene we see / are seeing him getting up and then he goes out /is going out and meets / is meeting a strange woman.

6You make / are making goulash using meat, vegetables and paprika.

7I never do anything I feel /am feeling is against my principles.

8He appears / is appearing to be very friendly but I donít know him very well.

9Thereís nobody at the door; you just hear / are just hearingthings.

10Iím thinking of doing a postgraduate degree Ė what do you think / are you thinking ? Is it a good idea?



6. Complete these sentences using the present simple or the present continuous. Use the verbs given in brackets. Add never or always if this is also given.

1I (use; never) my mobile phone if I (drive).

2 I (like; always) to get post but I (seem; never) to have the time to reply.

3The heroine (prefer) to be with Paul because James (argue; always).

4Maria (forget; always) what time the soap (start).

5You (moan; always) about the state of the flat but you (help; never) me.

6Turtles (lay; always) their eggs on the same beach; however, they (come; never) in winter.

7 Whether I (go) swimming or not (depend on; always) the weather.

8 I (shop; never) here again Ė they (be; always) so rude.

9We (smell; always) cooking when we (pass) your house.

10He (borrow; always) money but he (pay; always) me back.


Complete this letter with the correct form of the present simple or the present continuous. Use each verb in the list once. The first (0) is given as an example.

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