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Dissertation Abstract Template (the plan to follow)

The focus of this research is in the area of . . . Such a study is important in order to.The research approach adopted in this dissertation includes. . . The findings from this research provide evidence that . . . The main conclusions drawn from this study are . . . This dissertation recommends that. . .


Read the sample of a dissertation abstract and discuss the questions below in groups.

[Purpose] The purpose of this dissertation is to explore the adverse effect of Internet crime on the modern business community.[Motivation] Cybercrime crime on the Internet is of growing concern in the business community. Despite UK Government initiatives (such as BS7799) and growing sales in software solutions (e.g. anti-virus software), cyber attacks are on the increase. [Research Focus] This dissertation focuses on ways to assess the effectiveness of current preventative measures to cybercrime and to understand why organizations continue to be vulnerable to cybercrime. [Research Methods] This dissertation met these twin research aims through an extensive study of relevant literature and the implementation of practical research. The latter was carried out through a Case Study with Company XXX using semistructured interviews with key I.T. security personnel. [Findings and Results] This research produced a number of key findings: recent surveys confirm a significant increase in the incidences of cybercrime and their impact on the business community but also the types of cybercrime (viruses, hacking, spam, identity theft, fraud, privacy issues, web vandalism, etc.); organizations lacked the security expertise to deal with cybercrime and so depended too much on readily available technical ways to combat cybercrime (and failing); organizations were not aware of Government recommendations on how to address internet-based security issues; and Governments and law enforcement agencies tended to localize cybercrime, allocating scant resources to contributing to a global solution. [Conclusions] The main conclusions drawn from this research were that current approaches to fighting cybercrime are deficient because they fail to embrace an holistic approach, instead opting for a narrow local software-based focus, and that a lack of communication between major stakeholders at local, national and international level has hindered security development. [Recommendation] This research argues for a multi-pronged model to reduce incidences of cybercrime. One that takes into account Risk-Assessment models, local management of company policies, implementation issues (including proper resourcing and review policies), the need for global support infrastructures, and a means of fostering communication networks.


2. Make use of such electronic resources as StyleWriter 4 or StyleWriter 4.1 to help you minimize the scope of the text


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