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Choose the correct form.


1. The contents of his letter _____ very important for our firm.

A. has C. is

B. have D. are

2. All his advice _____ always useful for us.

A. has C. are

B. is D. have

3. I have put the money on the table and there it _____ .

A. have C. are

B. is D. has

4. I think billiards _____ a dull game.

A. is C. were

B. are D. has

5. His luggage _____ in the next compartment.

A. have C. are

B. is D. has

6. The check was transferred to ______ Lloyds bank a month ago.

A. Ė C. the

B. an D. a

7. ___ great Sahara stretches from _____ Red Sea to the Atlantic.

A. An, a C. A, the

B. The, the D. Ė, Ė

8. They always train the guide dogs for _____ blind.

A. an C. the

B. an D. Ė

9. At _____ tea John spoke about _____ Bahamas.

A. a, the C.Ė, the

B. the, a D. an, Ė

10. He invited our family to _____ tea a week ago.

A. a C. the

B. an D. Ė

11. Look at her! She must have been _____ a terrible hurry!

A. between C. on

B. without D. in

12. I think you should apologize _____ the Smiths.

A. by C. to

B. at D. from

13. There was a bunch of creamy roses _____ the cake.

A. behind C. in the middle of

B. between D. out of

14. The debate was _____ pollution of the environment.

A. in C. at

B. on D. of

15. I know that Frank can do _____ sugar and milk.

A. through C. within

B. without D. throughout

16. I brought him my book and _____ gave his.

A. his C. she

B. he D. him

17. Kevin lost his pen and I gave him _____.

A. his C. her

B. me D. mine

18. Don took Tomís copy. Now its _____ .

A. him C. himself

B. he D. his

19. They always make all the furniture _____ and nobody helps them.

A. themselves C. them

B. ourselves D. their

20. If you do it ______ youíll get some bonus.

A. your C. yours

B. you D. yourself

21. If there are _____ calls for me, can you ask to leave a message?

A. some C. any

B. none D. no

22. You may take _____ of these newspapers.

A. any C. something

B. nothing D. anything

23. There are two colours on this page: one is white, _____ is black.

A. others C. another

B. other D. the other

24. Are there ____ paintings in the Tate Gallery?

A. much C. few

B. little D. many

25. Lonely people very often talk to _____ even if there is _____ in the room.

A. they, nobody C. them, some

B. their, anybody D. themselves, nobody

26. The new house is _____ as the old one.

A. twice as largest C. twice as large

B. twice as the largest D. twice as larger

27. Jupiter is ______ planet of the solar system.

A. the largest C. large

B. largest D. larger

28. Hugh is _____ his elder brother.

A. the clever as C. so clever as

B. not clever as D. as clever as

29. Mr. Brown told us it was _____ day of his life.

A. worse C. bad

B. the worst D. badly

30. She spoke _____ than her farther-in-law.

A. friendly C. much friendly

B. so friendly D. more friendly

31. All the buses are _____ today. I wonder why.

A. late C. lately

B. the latest D. latest

32. Andy was _____ upset when Ann met him.

A. terribly C. the most terrible

B. more terribly D. terrible

33. All my friends _____ watch CNN.

A. more C. most

B. the most D. mostly

34. This silk looks so ____. Letís buy it for a new dress.

A. softly C. soft

B. softest D. softer

35. He's a fast runner. I can't run as ____ as he.

A. fast C. faster

B. fastly D. fastest

36. He ____ for some time before the servant ____ the door.

A. had been knocking, opened C. knocked, opened

B. has knocked, was opening D. was knocking, was opening

37. My friend gained weight because she _____.

A. had been overeating C. would overeat

B. has been overeaten D. is overeating

38. Lucy ____ her holiday in Spain.

A. is going to spend C. will have spent

B. spend D. are going to spend

39. He was tired and by the time I _____, he ____ asleep.

A. have come, has fallen C. came, fell

B. came, had fallen D. had come, had fallen

40. She was nervous because she _____ never _____ before.

A has flown C had flown

B hasnít flown D hadnít flown

41. Sonia ____ for an hour when her roommate returns.

A. will have been reading C. will be reading

B. is going to read D. will read

42. A new supermarket _____ not far from this park now.

A. is building C. is being built

B. has built D. builds

43. When I ______ to the party, Marta and John _____.

A. had got, were dancing C. got, danced

B. got, were dancing D. has got, had danced

44. When I turned on the radio the Presidentís speech _____.

A. was being broadcast C. was broadcast

B. broadcast D. has been broadcast

45. Three months later the truth _____.

A. was revealed C. was being revealed

B. has revealed D. is revealed

46. My flat _____ by Saturday.

A. was repaired C. will have been repaired

B. had repaired D. would be repaired

47. This problem ______ so quickly. It will take some time.

A. canít be solved C. had been solved

B. was being solved D. solves

48. We canít use the fitness centre yet because it _____.

A. is still building C. is still being built

B. has been built D. is still built

49. The new computer system ______ next month.

A. has been installed C. is being installed

B. will be installed D. was installed

50. Mr. Jones canít stand _____ at.

A. has laughed C. being laughed

B. laughing D. is laughed

51. The cake _____ before Susan arrived.

A. was made C. has been made

B. had already been made D. was being made

52. Mr. Brown ____ to give details of his bank account yesterday.

A. made C. has made

B. was made D. is being made

53. His wife ______ new products. It annoys us.

A. is constantly buying C. had constantly bought

B. was constantly buying D. buys constantly

54. Look! These clouds ____ so dark. I think it ____ rain.

A. are, will C. have been, goes

B. have, is going to D. were, is gone

55. Here is my report. I _____ it at last.

A finish C finished

B had finished D have finished

56. She left for the South and I _____ her since.

A. didnít see C. hadn't seen

B. haven't seen D. donít see

57. The process _____ in details now.

A. has been studied C. was studied

B. is being studied D. has been studying

58. After aunt Rosie _____ a letter she began to cry.

A. had received C. received

B. has received D. was receiving

59. I will let you know as soon as I ____ the information.

A. had C. has

B. have D. will have

60. We _____ to Turkey for our holidays last year.

A. go C. is going

B. have gone D. went

61. When I come ____ some English words I always look them ___ in the dictionary.

A. to, for C. on, through

B. for, into D. across, up

62. I have been looking ____ my book everywhere but I couldnít find it.

A. to C. at

B. for D. out

63. I am so sorry ____ being late. Itís been so nice ____ you to wait ____ me.

A. for, for, for C. of, of, of

B. about, for, Ė D. for, of, for

64. This book is often referred _____.

A. at C. to

B. in D. for

65. This new film is much spoken _____.

A. on C. at

B. about D. for

66. The suspect said that he _____ those men before.

A. never see C. never saw

B. had never seen D. has never seen

67. The librarian asked us _____ so much noise.

A. donít make C. didnít make

B. not making D. not to make

68. He ____ me that the lecture was free.

A. said C. told

B. was saying D. told to

69. She couldnít understand why Jimmy _____ his letter.

A. does not answer C. didnít answer

B. had not answered D. has not answered

70. We knew that by the following year Thomas _____ his Masterís degree.

A. will take C. take

B. will have taken D. would have taken

71. How ______ she say such awful things?

A. may C. must

B. should D. can

72. The chemistís was open, so luckily I ____ buy some aspirin.

A. can C. was able to

B. canít D. couldnít

73. Drink-driving _____ result in a heavy fine or imprisonment.

A. should C. had to

B. may D. is able to

74. Excuse me, _____ you tell me how to get to the University?

A. may C. can

B. must D. might

75. You _____ have left the car unlocked.

A. can C. may

B. must D. mustnít

76. If I had continued the experiment, the snow ____ to water.

A. would turn C. would have turned

B. had turned D. will turn

77. ďWould you rather _____ it off for a few days?Ē Mr. Flynn asked.

A. put C. to put

B. to be putting D. puts

78. You had better _____ and take them if you want my books.

A. come C. to come

B. came D. coming

79. She spoke in a very low voice, but I ____ understand what she said.

A. could C. must

B. can D. might

80. I wish they _____ us something to eat.

A. would bring C. will bring

B. brings D. to bring

81. Nobody seemed _____ that he had been hurt.

A. notice C. had noticed

B. to have noticed D. noticed

82. How can I make you _____ what I feel for you?

A. understand C. understanding

B. have understood D. to understand

83. My secretary wonít allow you _____ again.

A. have interrupted C. interrupts

B. interrupt D. to be interrupted

84. Would you like me _____ to someone?

A. to speak C. speak

B. spoken D. spoke

85. Everything seemed _____ in order.

A. are C. has been

B. is D. to be

86. I was the first _____ what had occurred.

A. have discovered C. discover

B. discovered D. to discover

87. I was impatient to be home, _____ away for over a month.

A. having already been C. are

B. to be D. have been

88. He and I spent a happy weekend ______ London together.

A. to visit C. visit

B. visited D. visiting

89. _____ all this, I left them the following day and went on board the ship.

A. Having been doing C. Doing

B. Having done D. To do

90. If I failed the exam, I would feel _____.

A. disgusting C. disgusted

B. being disgusted D. disgust

91. The thought of going to the Moon is _____.

A. fascinated C. having been fascinated

B. being fascinated D. fascinating

92. Whenever I see a beggar, I feel ______.

A. depressing C. depressed

B. being depressed D. depress

93. Nicholas stopped at the service station to have the tank _____.

A. being filled C. filled

B. filling D. having been filled

94. It is known that _____ water is not safe for drinking.

A. polluted C. polluting

B. being polluted D. having been polluted

95. I donít object ______ there, but I donít want ______ alone.

A. to your living, you living C. you to live, your living

B. your living, you to live D. to your living, you to live

96. I donít care ____ your leaving and you know this quite well.

A. about C. to

B. on D. at

97. He congratulated me _______ University.

A. to enter C. on entering

B. with entering D. while entering

98. You ______ your children _____ their own way in the end.

A. are to let, to go C. have letting, going

B. have to let, go D. are to let, have gone

99. I want the article _____ in November.

A. to publish C. to be published

B. publishing D. has published

100. Someone suggested _____ for a walk.

A. to go C. going

B. of going D. go


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