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Different ways of asking someone to SHOW you something


Example Conversation 1:

A: Which sofa should we buy? I canít decide!
B: This one is larger, but itís more expensive. I prefer the smaller one.

Example Conversation 2:

A: I need a new watch, but I donít know which one to get. Can you give me any suggestions?
B: Rolex watches are better than Sekonda, but theyíre not as affordable. Sekonda watches are better value for money.

Example Conversation 3:

A: I like the red sweater. What do you think?
B: I like the red one too, but I think the blue one is better, and the green one is best. The green colour really suits you.

Example Conversation 4:

A: What do you think of this dress? Does it suit me?
B: It suits you well, but the floral print one is my favourite, and itís more suitable for this season.

Different ways of asking someone to SHOW you something

  • Can you show me the Ö.. please? (Informal)
  • Could you show me the Ö.. please? (Informal / Formal / More Polite)
  • Would you be so kind to show me the Ö.. please? (Formal)
  • Iíd like to see the Ö.. please.
  • Could you direct me to the Ö. aisle please?

When you want to TRY something, you can say:

  • Do you have any testers for these (lipstick) colours?
  • Can I try it / them on, please?
  • Could I try it / them on, please?
  • Is it okay if I try this / these on?
  • Where can I try it / them on?
  • Where are the changing rooms, please?

If youíd like the shop assistant to give you a DIFFERENT SIZE OR COLOUR, you could say:

  • Do you have it / them in size Ö.. please?
  • Do you have this/these in a smaller / bigger / larger size please?
  • Can I try the larger / small one please?
  • Do you have it / them in a different colour please?
  • This is a little too tight / loose, do you have another one?

When you finally decide what you want to BUY, you can say:

  • Wow, this one is great. Iíll take it!
  • This one is perfect, Iíll take it thanks.
  • Iíll have this one, please!
  • Can I buy the Ö. , please?
  • How much is it / are they?
  • Iíd like to buy this one, please.
  • Iíd like to buy it / them, please.


A: Hi there, can I help you with anything?
B: Yes please, Iím looking for a T-shirt.
A: What size are you?
B: Iím a medium.
A: What colour would you like?
B: Maybe a blue or green one.
A: Here you are. How about these?
B: Thank you. Can I try them on anywhere?
A: Certainly, the changing room is over there.
B: Thank you.
A: How do they fit?
B: Theyíre both fantastic. I really like them.
A: Yes, the blue looks nice on you, it really brings out your eye colour.
B: Thank you. Iíll buy both of them!
A: Great! Please go to the tills, and pay over there.
B: Alright, thank you for your help.
C: Whoís next please!
B: Hi there, Iíd like to buy these please.
C: OK, how would you like to pay?
B: Do you take credit cards?
C: Yes, we do.
B: Okay, hereís my credit card.
C: Enter your pin number into the machine please.
B: Okay, done.
C: Thank you. Shall I put your receipt in the bag?
B: Yes please.
C: Here you go. Have a nice day!
B: Thank you, goodbye!


A: Are you next in the queue sir?
B: Yes, Iíd like to buy this watch as a gift for my wife please.
A: Okay, would you like me to gift wrap it for you?
B: Yes please, that would be great!
A: Are you sure this is the right size for your wife?
B Iím not sure, itís just a guess!
A: I can print a gift receipt so she doesnít see the price, but can bring it back to change the size if she needs to. Would you like me to do that?
B: Yes please, that would be amazing!
A: Okay, thatíll be sixty-five dollars and ninety-five cents for the watch please.
B: Can I pay by cheque please?
A: No, Iím afraid we donít accept cheques.
B: Okay no problem, Iíll pay by debit card then.
A: Please insert your card into the machine, and then enter your PIN.
B: Okay, done.
A: Would you like me to put the gift receipt in the box with the watch?
B: Yes please, thatíll be perfect.
A: Here you go sir. Enjoy the rest of your day.
B: Thank you very much!


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