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I.Find equivalents:

1. nation-wide referendum 2. industrial potential 3. united management 4. monetary-credit system 5. inherited dependence 6. machine-building 7. gross domestic product 8. closed productive cycle 9. traditional economic links 10. economic development 11. power carriers 12. way out of the crisis 13. programme of economic reforms 14. to restore stimuli а. енергоносiї б. економiчний розвиток в. програма економічних реформ г. внутрiшнiй валовий продукт д. всенародний референдум е. промисловий потенцiал є. вихiд iз кризи ж. успадкована залежнiсть з. спiльне управлiння и. замкнутий виробничий цикл і. грошово-кредитна система ї. традицiйнi економiчнi зв’язки й. відновити стимули к. машинобудування

II. Give the corresponding nouns to the following verbs:

to declare, to confirm, to populate, to develop, to produce, to cooperate, to stabilize, to reorganize, to realize, to depend, to inflate, to manage, to govern, to form, to apply, to restore.

III.Use the correct word in the sentences. Change the form of the word if necessary:

- depend 1. The Declaration of Ukrainian _______ was proclaimed on August 24, 1991 by the Ukrainian Parliament. 2. A new _____ state appeared on the world political map. 3. His happiness _________ not on other people but on himself. 4. Financially he was completely _________ on his brother. 5. He wanted to go to work to be __________ of his parents. 6. What time will you arrive? — I don’t know. It ________ on the traffic.

- develop 1. Ukraine is one of the most _________ republics of the former Soviet Union. 2. Present-day independent Ukraine has a considerable potential to quickly ________ its economy. 3. Our country has very favourable conditions for the _________ of agricultural production.

IV.Fill in the blanks with prepositions or adverbs if necessary:

1. As to its territory Ukraine is the second largest country ... Europe. 2. Ukraine is one ... the most developed republics ... the former Soviet Union ... highly developed industry and agriculture. 3. One ... the main reasons ... inflation are prices ... power carriers imported ... Russia. 4. The prices have increased ... hundreds times ... the last years. 5. The government ... Ukraine sees the way out ... the crisis ... realisation ... the programme ... economic reforms.

V.Answer the following questions:

1. When did the Verkhovna Rada declare the formation of the Independent Ukrainian State? 2. What can you say about Ukraine’s industrial potential? 3. What has predetermined the inherited dependence of Ukraine on economic ties with former republics of the Soviet Union? 4. What has brought the economy of the country to a crisis? 5. What is one of the main reason of inflation? 6. Does the government of Ukraine see the way out of the crisis?

VI.Translate into English:

1. 24 серпня 1991 року Верховна Рада України проголосила створення самостiйної держави України. 2. Щодо територiї Україна є другою за величиною країною в Європi. 3. Щодо промислового потен­цiалу вона є однiєю з найбiльш розвинутих республiк колишнього Радянського Сoюзу з потужними металургiєю, машинобудуванням, хiмiчною промисловiстю та сiльським господарством. 4. Єдинодер­жавна економiчна система зі спiльним управлiнням та зв’язками зумо­вила успадковану залежнiсть України вiд інших республiк колишнього Радянського Союзу. 5. Розрив системи традицiйних економiчних зв’яз­кiв з цими республiками призвів економiку країни до кризи. 6. Однiєю з головних причин iнфляцiї є високi цiни на енергоносiї, що імпор­туються з Росiї. 7. Уряд України бачить вихiд iз кризи в реалiзацiї програми економiчних реформ.

VII. Give the characteristic of Ukraine’s economy today using the following words and word-combinations:

to declare the formation of the Independent Ukrainian State; aggregate national economic system; nation-wide referendum; co-operated links; applied technologies; to predetermine; inherited dependence; united management; gross domestic product; closed productive cycle; emergence of political and economic borders; national monetary-credit and financial systems; traditional economic links; economic development; rates of decrease of production are slown down; power carriers; the way out of the crisis; to reorganize the economy; to carry out privatization; to restore stimuli to a highly effective work.

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