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XXII. Here are the top Internet trends for the 21st century. Comment on each; express your confidence or doubt. Use phrases from the list below.

Confidence I believe Ö Iím fairly confident itís Ö I know for a fact that Ö I have no doubt Ö Iím confident that Ö I know Ö Iím certain Ö Doubt Iím not sure, itís kind ofÖ I donít know, I suppose itís Ö I suppose it could be Ö I would say Ö I could be wrong, but I think Ö Iím not certain, but it could be Ö. Iím not sure, but it may be Ö. I could be mistaken but Iím sure itís Ö


∑ The Net will become the first global knowledge network connecting billions of people with an unlimited number of channels.

∑ Anyone can become a Net publisher or broadcaster of information on any subject and potentially reach an audience anywhere on the globe.

∑ Net usage will accelerate, as low-cost, high-speed bandwidth becomes readily available over Fat Pipes of streaming multimedia.

∑ Access to information on any subject will be available anywhere over the Net and delivered by a variety of media appliances.

∑ The Net will change lifestyles by providing many more choices for living and virtually tele-collaborating with anyone, anywhere.

∑ Private cyber communities, virtual private networks that cater to peopleís niche interests, will become popular ďplacesĒ to live and work.

∑ Education, entertainment, health, and lifestyle pursuits will be reshaped by the Net as billions of people communicate and share information.


Do you know the answers to these technical questions about browsers? Answer true or false for each one. Correct the false statements.

1. All browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc) have exactly the same functions.

2. Cookies are data sent by an Internet server to a browser. They identify the user, and track the user's access to the server.

3. You can get your browser to delete the cookies it has stored. (In Internet Explorer go to Tools, then to Internet Options, then to Delete Cookies.)

4. Pages you have viewed are stored in the Temporary Internet Files folder. These cannot be deleted.

5. You can tell your browser how long to store web addresses in the History.

6. You can set your browser to block pop-up windows.

7. All pop-ups are advertisements.

8. You can add extra toolbars to your browser window, for example a toolbar from Google.

XXIV. Imagine that you take part in the international conference devoted to Information Technologies in modern society. Prepare a report on one of the following topics:

1. Robotic revolution;

2. Smart houses;

3. Future developments of IT;

4. Cloud computing;

5. 3D printing.


XXV. Look at the pictures below. Which of them represents a) a line graph; b) a pie chart; c) a bar chart?

1. 2. 3.

XXVI. Describe the charts using the following phrases(See Appendix 2 for more phrases):

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