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XV. Put the verbs in the appropriate tense of Passive Voice.

1.Metrologists _____ ( involve) in the development of new measurement techniques, instrumentation and procedures.

2. New physical quantities _____ (need) in future.

3. The next major advance in engineering metrology _____ (make) by Carl Eduard Johansson, who invented the techniques for making accurate gauge blocks by hand lapping using a domestic sewing machine.

4. While all these advances _____(make) in engineering metrology and industrial production, there had been no changes in the standards of length and mass established at the time of the French Revolution.

5. In recent years considerable efforts _____ (make) to quantify the benefits from metrology.

6. The way in which the measurement infrastructure ______ (organize) and how it is financed are matters for individual governments to decide.

7. Before such satellite navigation systems _____ (can, accept) for civil aviation use, however, it is necessary that there are back-up systems in place.

8. Calls ______ (constantly, make) to increase the rate of data flow in networks and other telecommunications systems.

9. The accuracy and the precision _____ (must, match).



“Talk low, talk slow and don’t say too much”

John Wayne, Hollywood film star

XVI. Work in pairs. Complete the following list of elements that make a good presentation using the words in the box. Do you agree with the points in the list?

humour, talk, preparation, contact, language, attitude, appearance, voice, visuals, knowledge


1. a well-structured ______ 6. an enthusiastic ______

2. thorough subject ______ 7. good eye ______

3. a smart and professional _____ 8. careful _____

4. a good sense of _____ 9. a strong _____

5. a creative use _____ 10. expressive body _____

XVII. Think of successful talks you have been to in the past. What made them so successful? What do you need to be a good presenter? Use the phrases below in the discussion.

· What you need most of all is…

· Another important thing is…

· I think…is pretty important too.

· …can make a real difference

· It helps if…, but it’s not essential.

· You don’t need…

XVIII. Nowadays, designing an aircraft is an extremely hi-tech process, and computer simulation is at the very heart of the process. Work in two groups: A and B. Students in Group A make a list of advantages of computer simulation. Students in Group B make a list of disadvantages of computer. Prepare a short persuasive presentation about the pros and cons of computer simulation Think about the points given below:

Civil and military airplanes; sophisticated; precision; modeling the structure; upgrading; software package; to carry out calculations; performance; reliability, environmentally-friendly aircraft; lack of power.

XIX. Imagine that you have designed new computing equipment which can be used in aeronautics. Present it to the audience. Your presentation should contain the following points:

1. State the topic or aim of the presentation

This presentation will cover mainly…

I am going to show that…

2. Preview the organisation of your talk The main points are, first… second… and third…

The subject can be examined under the following headings…

3. Present your main points one by one in logical order

The first point I would like to address is…

Let me first raise…

Secondly, I’d like to turn to…

Finally, we need to look at…

4. Sum up the body of the talk To summarise…

What I have been saying is that…

5. Signal the end of your talk Thank you for your time and attention today.

6. Signal the question/discussion session Now I'll try to answer any questions you may have.

Do you have any questions?


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