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VII. Complete the sentences with the appropriate prepositions.

e.g. Before designing aircraft components, engineers must take into account the physical principles

1. The field of Computer Engineering is very diverse; it consists _____ a variety of topics, including circuits and signals, digital logic, electronics, embedded systems, operating systems, programming, and networking.

2. Computer Engineering deals _____ the hardware and software aspects of personal computers.

3. We are so integrated with the use of technology, in fact, that we take it _____ granted.

4. We even depend _____ technology to survive; we depend _____ defibrillators and other technology for surgeries and other medical procedures.

5. They explain simply why some materials are particularly suitable_____ specific purposes, for example, glass for windows, copper for electrical cables.

6. I agreeentirely _____ Jamieís decision to enter the KPI.

7. We have the knowledge that can contribute _____ finding solutions to the crisis of climate change.

VIII. Decide whether the following statements are true or false. Correct the false statements.

1. The computers were used for testing the aerodynamic properties of modern aircraft.

2. Flight simulators help to improve the safety of flight.

3. The Boeing 777 was designed with the help of traditional technologies.

4. The aircraft designers are argueing about the role of pilot and computer in aircraft control.

5. Modern computers have replaced the pilots.

6. Mechanical flight instruments simplify a pilotís job.

7. For many companies it is cheaper to replace the old equipment in the aircraft than to buy new modern aircraft.

IX. Rearrange the letters to form the term according to the definition.

1. dredur a device mounted at the tail of an aircraft, used for effecting horizontal changes in course
2. hapropca flying towards a point
3. uranwy strip land covered with asphalt at an airport where aircraft can take off and land
4. telavore movable control surfaces, usually is located on the horizontal stabilizer of an aircraft that is used to produce motion up or down
5. alit rear part of the airplane which is used to guide the plane and maintain the balance
6. nwig part on the side of a plane whose primary purpose is to keep the aircraft in the air
7. penefrmaroc the essential flying characteristics of aircraft under standard atmospheric conditions
8. tenoreu the portion of a flight between the point of departure and the destination


X. Flight Management System is a little computer onboard almost every aircraft that will guide the aircraft to it designated destination. Read the text about Flight Management System and fill in the gaps with the words given in the box.

cockpit; computer; controlling; unit; plan; destination; data; airliners; consumption


Flight Management System is a fundamental part of any modern aircraft and it is principally responsible for __ (1) __ controlling aircraft navigation. It consists of two units, a computer unit and a control display __ (2) __. It obtains __ (3) __ from various navigational systems both ground based and on board aircraft. The complete flight __ (4) __ is loaded into the computer before the flight. The __ (5) __ calculates air position, fuel __ (6) __ , aircraft position, and expected time of arrival and aids crews in managing the flight from origin to __ (7) __. Flight management systems are located in the aircraft __ (8) __ and are normally controlled through a small screen and multi-function keypad. Modern __ (9) ___ airliners are all equipped with flight management systems, and the majority of every commercial flight today is flown under computer control.

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