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II Use the pictures and talk about Christmas in Australia

I Match the numbers and the pictures.

In Australia, Christmas comes in the middle of the summer holidays! Children have their summer holidays from early to mid December to early February.

1) Australians hang wreaths on their front doors and sometimes go out Christmas carol singing on Christmas eve. People also decorate their houses and gardens with Christmas Trees and Christmas lights. Australians also decorate their houses with bunches of 'Christmas Bush', a native Australian tree with small green leaves

2) In each State capital city there is a large Carols by Candlelight service. Famous Australian singers like help to sing the carols. These carol services are broadcast on TV.

3) In many towns and cities there are festivals and parades. In some places, there is a fireworks display too. When Santa gets to Australia, he gives the reindeer a rest and uses kangaroos or 'six white boomers' (a popular Australian Christmas song!). He also changes his clothes for less 'hot' ones!

4) On Christmas day children receive presents they are in their stockings or under the Christmas tree.

5) On Boxing Day most people go and visit their friends and often have barbecues at the beach. A famous Yacht race from Sydney to Hobart in Tasmania is also held on Boxing Day.

6) The Flying Doctor Service has to work all though-out Christmas. On Christmas Day the people who live in the outback send Christmas greetings to each other over the radio network.

7) Most families are at home together for Christmas and they eat the main meal at lunch time. Most people now have a cold Christmas dinner, or a barbecue. On Christmas Eve, fish-markets are often full of people because they want to buy seafood. Australians often have Christmas Crackers at Christmas meal times.

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II Use the pictures and talk about Christmas in Australia


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