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Put each of the following words or phrases in its correct place below and in appropriate form

corporal punishment to be released fine suspended to abolish to deter death penalty harsh to be imposed innocent community service imprisonment to reduce to vary

There are several kinds of punishment available to court. In civil cases the most common punishment is … . For criminal offences fines are also often used when the offense is not a serious one and when the offender has not been in trouble before. Another kind of punishment is available in some countries is … … .

This requires the offender to certain amount of unpaid work, usually for a social institution such as hospital. For more serious crimes the usual punishment is …. .

Some prison sentences are ….: the offender is not sent to prison if keeps out of trouble for a fixed period of time, but if he does offend again both suspended sentence and any new one will …. . The length of sentences … from a few days to a lifetime. However, a life sentence may allow the prisoner … after a suitably long period if a review (parole) board agrees his detention no longer serves a purpose. In some countries, such as the Netherlands, living conditions in prison are fairly good because it is felt that deprivation of liberty is punishment in itself and should so … that it … the possibility of the re;educating and reforming himself. In other countries, conditions are rather bad. Britain and the USA are trying to solve the shortage of space by allowing private companies to open prisons.

In some countries there is also … … (physical). In Saudi Arabia theft and possession of alcohol may be punished by cutting off the offender’s hand or foot. They believe that it deters others from committing such crimes.

The ultimate penalty is death. But many countries have … it or ceased to use the … … because the innocent people can be executed by mistake

Match each punishment with its description:

1 capital punishment a) a period of time in jail

2 corporal punishment b) being made to do special hard work

3 eviction c) death

4 a heavy fine d) punishment imposed only if you

commit a further crime

5 internment e) a large sum of money to pay

6 penal servitude f) whipping or beating

7 a prison sentence g) regular meetings with social worker 8 probation h) removing (a person) from a house

9 solitary confinement i) limiting the freedom of

10 a suspended sentence j) being imprisoned completely along




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