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A. Here are seven paragraphs in the article. They are not in the right order. Write down the correct question for each paragraph and put them in correct order.

Many also believe that it deters others from com; mitting such crimes.

The ultimate penalty is death (capital punishment). It is carried out by hanging (Kenya, for example); electrocution, gassing or lethal injection (U.S.); beheading or stoning (Saudi Arabia); or shooting (China).Most countries still have a death penalty, 35 (including almost every European nation) have abolished it; 18 retain it only for exceptional crimes such as wartime offences; and 27 no longer carry out executions even when a death sentence has been passed.

A further argument is that, should a mistake be made, it is too late to rectify it once the execution has taken place. In 1987, two academics published a study showing that 23 innocent people had been executed in the USA.

____________ Opponents argue that execution is cruel and civilized. Capital punishment involved not only the pain of dying but also the mental anguish of waiting, sometimes for years, to know if and when the sentence will be carried out.

As the debate about capital punishment continues, the phenomenon of death row increases. In 1991, no one was executed in Japan, but three people were sentenced to death, brining the total number on death to row to fifty. Sakae Menda lived under sentence of death for 33 years before obtaining a retrial and being found not guilty.

____________ Research has shown that capital punishment is used inconsistently. For example, in South America, black murderers are far more likely to be sentenced to death than whites.

Supporters of capital punishment believe that death is a just punishment for certain serious crimes.

B. Answer the following questions:

Answer the questions:

1. What arguments do opponents of legal punishment present?

2. What arguments do proponents of legal punishment present?

3. What kind of punishment is mentioned in the texts?

4. What arguments do opponents of death penalty present?

5. What methods is capital punishment carried out?

6. What is death row?


Task 4.Choose the correct item.

1. Threat of a prison sentence will … committing crimes.

a) deter from b) stop with c) prevent in

2. A person can’t be fined if he committed a crime like … .

a) shoplifting b) drunk driving c) murder

3. The least severe punishment is … .

a) fine b) restitution c) imprisonment

4. The case was dismissed for lack of … .

a) evidence b) witnesses c) juror

5. In the case of … crimes such as murder, armed robbery we need to impose

a harsh sentence.

a) petty b) inchoate c) violent

6. … offenders don’t serve a prison sentence because they are under age.

a) major b) minor c) hardened

7. The police are concentrating on arresting drug … rather than casual users.

a) traffickers b) agents c) merchants

8. I’m afraid that Smith is a hardened criminal. If we don’t punish him this

time he will only … more crimes.

a) make b) commit c) claim

9. Parliament has now … a law making skateboarding illegal on Sundays.

a) voted b) passed c) legislated

10. People on probation must report to the … regularly.

a) probation officer b) judge c) attorney

11. He was the only one to be … a sentence of imprisonment.

a) given b) imposed c) encouraged

12. Offenders may be … to a heavy fine.

a) put b) suitable c) liable

13. The criminal was given a … sentence.

a) suspended b) community c) presumed

14. The accused was … in custody for a week.

a) ordered b) cared c) remanded

15. The release of prisoners … life sentence is at the discretion of the Home Secretary.

a) giving b) serving c) putting

16. The public must be … from a dangerous offender.

a) protected b) claimed c) sheltered

17. The law presumes the accused not to be guilty until his guilt has been … .

a) suspended b) proved c) repealed

18. After some time he was released on … in the interests of the investigation.

a) bail b) record c) summons

19. The accused was satisfied to have been visited by a … to ensure a properly prepared defence in court.

a) judge b) lawyer c) Master of the Rolls

20. The … against the accused was based almost completely on circumstantial evidence.

a) sentence b) charge c) will

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