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VI. Complete the sentences in a suitable way. (More than one answer may be possible.)


1. She’s got blonde______ . 2. He’s got very pale______ . 3. They’ve both got curly ______ .

4. I’m medium ______ . 5. Her brother has got very broad ______ . 6. He’s got a ruddy _____ . 7. She’s very good- _______ . 8. All of them have got dark ______ . 9. She had an oriental ______ . 10. His wife is a lovely woman in her ______ . 11. She is olive- _______ .


VII. Match the sentences on the right with those on the left.


1. She is not so slender a) Her cheeks are ruddy and fair

as she used to be. in colour.


2. His hair is not so thick as b) She looked pale and thin.

it was in his youth.


3. My mother doesn’t look c) She put it in a bun.

her age.


4. She is not so beautiful as d) His hair is thinning.

she was as a young girl.


5. There is little hair left on e) She has put on weight.

his head.


6. She looks the very picture f) She looks much younger.

of health.


7. I could hardly recognise g) He is getting bald.

Jane when I ran into her

in the street.


8 She didn’t wear her hair h) She looks quite plain now.

loose any more.











long/ thick/curving eyelashes

thin/thick/bushy/arched eyebrows




warm adj kind and friendly in a way that makes other people feel comfortable, e.g. warm eyes/ a warm voice/ a warm smile. Ant. cold

hazeladj greenish-brown in colour

close-setadj near to each other, e.g. close-set eyes/ close-set teeth

deep-seteyesseem to be a long way back into your face

bulging adj sticking out in a round shape, e.g. His eyes were bulging wide with fear.

almond eyes are brown in colour and shaped like almonds (= flat pale nuts with brown skin that taste sweet)

oriental eyes are the kind of eyes that people from the eastern part of the world have, especially people from China or Japan

cross-eyed adj ( used of a person) having eyes that look towards each other

eyelash n [ C usually plural] one of the hairs along the upper and lower edges of your eyes, e.g. She was wearing false eyelashes.

curving adj bending like part of a circle, e.g. She had beautiful long curving eyelashes. Ant.straight

eyebrow n [C] the line of hairs above your eye, e.g. She raised her eyebrows in surprise.

bushy adj bushy hair or fur grows thickly, e.g. bushy eyebrows/ a bushy beard/ a bushy tail

arched adj forming a curved shape, e.g. an arched window/ arched eyebrows











sparseadj apart from each other, e.g.his sparse yellow teeth; Ant.close-set

even adj similar in size and arranged in a level line with equal spaces between, e.g. She smiled, showing her small even teeth. Ant. uneven

false adjmade to look like something real, e.g. false teeth/false hair/false eyelashes










feature n [C usually plural] a part of somebody’s face, such as their eyes, nose etc , e.g. Her eyes were her best feature.

largefeatures are big in size; Ant. smallfeatures

regular adj evenly shaped, with parts or sides of equal size, e.g. He is very handsome, with strong regular features. Ant.irregular

delicate adj attractive and graceful, e.g. She had fine delicate features. Ant. rough

stern adj serious and strict, and showing strong disapproval of somebody’s behaviour, e.g. stern features/ a stern look/a stern voice/ a stern expression

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