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The modern model of Tourist Destintion





Classification of leisure destinations based on their principal attractions

Type of destination Main reasons for visiting Well-known examples Typical attractions found at the destination
Urban Culture, art, architecture shopping, Capital cities, Museums, historic buildings, shops
Beach/Sea Relaxation, enjoyment, socializing, sports, night-life   Rimini, Ibiza, Miami Beaches, organized activities, amusement parks, discos, bars, pubs
Alpine Outdoor sports, landscape and environment, nature, traditional events and customs, folklore Cortina, Chamonix, Aspen Nature trails, views, ski trails and slopes, ski-lifts
Rural   Get back to nature, local traditions in agriculture and production Tuscany, Provence Local food producers and agritours, visits to farms and vineyards
Wellness   Health treatments, relaxation, diet and exercise programmes, stress relief Fiuggi, Baden Places equipped for health and therapeutic treatments, areas for complete relaxation, medium- and high-level accommodations facilities, fitness  
Religious Renewal or deepening of faith, symbolic value of the location, spiritual retreat and introspection, solitude Lourdes, Fatima   Place of pilgrimage, religious practices and celebrations  
Third World Adventure, discovery of other cultures, understanding of tribal life (rites, traditions, lifestyle) anthropological investigation Yemen, Madagascar Cities, historic places, rites, customs, celebrations, guided tours, contact with non- western local cultures
Exotic and Exclusive Beautiful scenery, isolated locations, far from tourist trek, status symbol and image Maldives, Seychelles Villages in traditional style but with all modern conveniences, privacy, untouched natural environment

Development conditions and factors of destination

Within this context, the following seem to be the basic factors to be thought over for the definition:


Theories of tourism destination development

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