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Adjectives and adverbs 2 page

4 you decide/you've decided

5 they finish the new road or they've finished the new road or they've built the new road


2 If 3 When 4 if

5 If 6 when 7 if 8 if



3 can

4 been able to

5 be able to

6 can

7 be able to

26.2 Example answers:

2 I used to be able to run fast.

3 I'd like to be able to play a musical instrument.

4 I've never been able to get up early.


2 could run

3 can wait

4 couldn't eat

5 can't hear

6 couldn't sleep


2 were able to find it.

3 I was able to finish it.

4 was able to get away.


4 couldn't/wasn't able to

5 was able to

6 could/was able to

7 was able to

8 could/was able to

9 were able to

10 couldn't/wasn't able to



2 We could have fish.

3 You could give her a book.

4 You could phone her now.

5 We could go (and see him) on Friday.

6 We could hang it in the kitchen.


2 could 3 can/could

4 could 5 could

6 can 7 can/could 8 could


2 could have gone

3 could apply

4 could have gone

5 could come


2 Ken couldn't have gone out (for a meal) on Friday evening (because he had to work).

3 Ken could have played tennis on Monday afternoon.

4 He couldn't have lent Jack L50 (because he was short of money). or He couldn't have lent him L50.

5 He could have come to Jane's party. or He could have gone to.

6 He couldn't have repaired her washing machine (because he doesn't know anything about machines).



2 must 3 can't

4 must 5 can't

6 must 7 must 8 can't


3 be

4 have been

5 be

6 go or have been

7 be going

8 have taken/have stolen

9 have been

10 be following


3 It must have been very expensive.

4 They must have gone away.

5 I must have left it in the restaurant last night.

6 The exam can't have been very difficult.

7 She must have been listening to our conversation./She must have listened to.

8 She can't have understood what I said.

9 I must have forgotten to turn it off.

10 The driver can't have seen the red light.

11 The neighbours must have been having a party.



2 She may/might be busy.

3 She may/might be working.

4 She may/might want to be alone.

5 She may/might have been ill yesterday.

6 She may/might have gone home early.

7 She may/might have had to go home early.

8 She may/might have been working yesterday.

9 She may/might not want to see me.

10 She may/might not be working today.

11 She may/might not have been .feeling well yesterday.


2 be

3 have been

4 be waiting

5 have or have read


2 a. She may/might be watching TV in her room.

b. She may/might have gone out.

3 a. It may/might be in the car.

b. You may/might have left it in the restaurant last night.

4 a. He may/might have been in the bath.

b. He may/might not have heard the bell.


3 might not have been invited.

4 couldn't have been invited.

5 couldn't have been an accident.

6 might not have been an accident.



2 I may/might buy a Mercedes.

3 I may/might go to London.

4 I may/might hang it in the dining room.

5 He may/might come on Saturday.

6 She may/might go to university.


2 might wake

3 might bite

4 might need

5 might slip

6 might break


2 might be able to meet/see

3 might have to work

4 might have to go


2 I may/might not go out this evening.

3 Tom may/might not like the present I bought for him.

4 Sue may/might not be able to meet us this evening.


2 may/might as well go

3 may/might as well have another drink

4 We may/might as well watch it. or ... watch the film.



3 have to

4 must or have to

5 had to

6 must or have to

7 have to

8 have to

9 has to

10 have to

11 had to

12 has had to


2 do you have to get up/have you got to get up

3 does (she) have to go?/has (she) got to go?

4 did he have to pay?

5 did you have to wait?

6 do you have to phone her now?/have you got to phone her now?

7 does he have to leave?/has he got to leave?


2 don't have to pay

3 didn't have to wait

4 doesn't have to work

5 don't have to go

6 doesn't have to shave

7 don't have to do

8 didn't have to go


3 don't have to

4 mustn't

5 don't have to

6 mustn't

7 doesn't have to

8 mustn't

9 mustn't

10 don't have to



2 needn't come

3 needn't walk

4 needn't ask

5 needn't tell

6 needn't explain


3 needn't

4 must

5 mustn't

6 needn't

7 needn't

8 must ... mustn't

9 needn't ... must


2 She needn't have bought any eggs.

3 You needn't have shouted (at me).

4 He needn't have sold his car.

5 We needn't have taken the camera.

6 I needn't have rushed/I needn't have hurried.


2 You needn't have walked home. You could have taken a taxi.

3 You needn't have stayed at a hotel. You could have stayed with us.

4 She needn't have phoned me in the middle of the night, She could have phoned me in the morning.

5 You needn't have left without saying anything. You could have said goodbye to me.



2 You should look for another job.

3 He shouldn't go to bed so late.

4 You should take a photograph.

5 She shouldn't use her car so much.

6 He should put some pictures on the walls.


2 I think smoking should be banned in restaurants.

3 I don't think you should go out this evening.

4 I think the government should resign.


3 should come

4 should do

5 should have done

6 should win

7 should have won

8 should be

9 should have arrived


3 We should have reserved a table.

4 The shop should be open./The shop should have opened by now. or It should

5 She shouldn't be driving so fast. or She shouldn't be doing 50 miles an hour.

6 You should have come to see me.

7 The driver in front shouldn't have stopped without warning.

8 I should have been looking where I was going. or I should have looked where I was going.



2 I should stay/I stay/I stayed a little longer.

3 they should visit/they visit/they visited the museum after lunch.

4 we should pay/we pay/we paid the rent by Friday.

5 I should go/I go/I went away for a few days.


1 b. right c. right d. wrong

2 a. right b. wrong c. right


2 should say

3 should worry

4 should leave

5 should ask

6 should listen


2 If Ann should arrive before I get home

3 If there should be some/any letters for me while I'm away

4 If you should need (any) help

5 Should there be some/any letters for me while I'm away

6 Should you need (any) help, let me know.


2 I should keep

3 I should phone

4 I should buy



1 b. had or 'd

c. close or shut

d. hadn't

2 a. did

b. was done

c. thought


2 You'd better put a plaster on it.

3 We'd better reserve a table./We'd better phone to reserve ...

4 You'd better not go to work.

5 I'd better pay the phone bill. or ... pay my phone bill.

6 I'd better not go out.

7 We'd better take a taxi. or ... get a taxi

35. 3

3 had better/'d better or should

4 should

5 should

6 had better/'d better

7 should

8 should


2 had a holiday.

3 was here.

4 It's time the train left.

5 It's time I had a party.

6 It's time some changes were made./It's time there were some changes.



2 Can/Could I leave a message? or Can/Could you give her a message?

3 Can/Could you tell me how to get to the station? or .. the way to the station? or ... where the station is?

4 Can/Could I try on these trousers? or Can/Could I try these (trousers) on?

5 Can I give you a lift?


2 Do you think I could use your phone?

3 Do you think you could check this letter (for me)?

4 Do you think I could leave work early?

5 Do you think you could turn the music down? or ... turn it down?

6 Do you think I could come and see the flat?


1 Would you like something to eat? or Can I offer you something to eat?

2 Can/Could/Would you show me? or Do you think you could show me? or ... do it for me?

3 Can/Could/May I have a look at your newspaper? or Do you think I could ...?

4 Would you like to sit down? or Can I offer you a seat?

5 Can/Could/Would you slow down? or Do you think you could ...?

6 Can/Could/May I/we have the bill, please? or Do you think I/we could have ...? or Can/Could you bring me/us the bill, please?

7 Would you like to borrow it? or ... to read it?



3 would take/'d take

4 refused

5 wouldn't get

6 closed down (or was/were closed down)

7 pressed

8 would be/'d be

9 didn't come

10 borrowed

11 walked

12 would understand


2 What would you do if your car was stolen or ... were stolen

3 What would you do if you lost your passport)

4 What would you do if there was a fire in the building? or ... if there were a fire in the building?


2 If he took the examination, he'd fail. or ... he would fail.

3 If we stayed at a hotel, it would cost too much money.

4 If she applied for the job, she wouldn't get it.

5 If we told them the truth, they wouldn't believe us.

6 If we invited Bill to the party, we'd have to invite his friends too.

37.4 Example answers:

2 somebody broke into my house.

3 I'd have a much nicer day than usual.

4 you were invited?

5 you'd look much nicer.

6 I didn't come out with you this evening?



3 would help/'d help

4 lived

5 would live/'d live

6 would taste

7 was/were

8 wouldn't wait ... would go/'d go

9 didn't go

10 weren't ... wouldn't be


2 If he spoke more clearly, people would understand him.

3 If the book wasn't/weren't so expensive, I'd buy it/I would buy it. or If the book was/were cheaper, ...

4 If we could afford it, we'd/we would go out more often.

5 If it wasn't/weren't raining, we could have lunch in the garden.

6 If I didn't have to work tomorrow evening, I could/I would/I'd meet you. or ... I'd be able to meet you.


2 I had a key.

3 I wish Ann was/were here.

4 I wish it wasn't/weren't (so) cold.

5 I wish I didn't live in a big city.

6 I wish I could go to the party.

7 I wish I didn't have to work tomorrow.

8 I wish I knew something about cars.

9 I wish I was/were lying on a beautiful sunny beach.

38.4 Example answers:

1 I wish I was at home.

2 I wish I had a big garden.

3 I wish I could tell jokes.

4 I wish I was taller.



2 he'd missed/he had missed ... he would have been/he'd have been

3 I would have forgotten/I'd have forgotten ... you hadn't reminded

4 I'd had/I had had ... I'd have sent/I would have sent

5 we'd have enjoyed/we would have enjoyed ... the weather had been

6 It would have been ... I'd walked / I had walked

7 I was/I were

8 I'd been tired/I had been tired


2 If the driver in front hadn't stopped so suddenly, the accident wouldn't have happened.

3 If I'd/I had known that George had to get up early, I'd/I would have woken him up.

4 If Jim hadn't lent me the money, I wouldn't have been able to buy the car. or ... I couldn't have bought the car.

5 If Margaret hadn't been wearing a seat belt, she'd/she would have been injured.

6 If you'd/you had had (some) breakfast, you wouldn't be hungry now.

7 If I'd/I had had some money on me, I'd/I would have got a taxi.


2 I wish I'd/I had applied for it. or ... for the job.

3 I wish I'd/I had learned to play a musical instrument.

4 I wish I hadn't painted it red./... painted the gate red.

5 I wish I'd/I had brought my camera.

6 I wish they'd/they had told me they were coming. or I wish I'd/I had known they were coming.



2 would enjoy 'd enjoy

3 would have enjoyed/'d have enjoyed

4 would have phoned/'d have phoned

5 would be/'d be

6 would have stopped 'd have stopped


2 He promised he would write to me.

3 They promised they would wait for us.

4 You promised you wouldn't tell Jill what I said.


2 I wish John would come. I wish he would come.

3 I wish the baby would stop crying

4 I wish somebody would give me a job.

5 I wish you would buy some new clothes. or ... get some new clothes.

6 I wish you wouldn't drive so fast.

7 I wish you wouldn't (always) leave the door open.

8 I wish people wouldn't drop litter in the street.


2 right

3 wrong--I wish I had more money

4 wrong--I wish it wasn't/weren't so cold today.

5 right

6 right

7 wrong--I wish everything wasn't/weren't so expensive.


2 would shake

3 would always forget

4 would share



2 is made

3 was damaged

4 is included

5 were invited

6 are shown

7 are held

8 was written ... was translated

9 were overtaken


2 How is glass made?

3 When was Australia discovered?

4 What is silver used for?

5 When was television invented?


2 covers

3 is covered

4 are locked

5 was posted ... arrived

6 sank ... was rescued

7 died ... were brought

8 grew

9 was stolen

10 disappeared

11 did Sue resign

12 was Bill sacked

13 is owned

14 called ... was injured ... wasn't needed

15 were these photographs taken ... Did you take


2 All flights were cancelled because of fog.

3 This road isn't used very often.

4 I was accused of stealing money.

5 How are languages learnt?

6 We were advised not to go out alone.



2 can't be broken.

3 can be eaten.

4 it can't be used.

5 it can't be seen.

6 it can be carried.


3 he made

4 be woken up

5 be spent

6 have been repaired

7 be carried

8 have been caused


2 The concert has been postponed.

3 The computer is being used at the moment.

4 I didn't realise that our conversation was being recorded.

5 ... we found that the game had been cancelled.

6 A new ring road is being built round the city.

7 A new hospital has been built near the airport.


3 It has been stolen!/It's been stolen?

4 Somebody has taken it. or ... taken my umbrella.

5 He has been promoted./He's been promoted. or He was promoted.

6 It is being redecorated./It's being redecorated.

7 It is working again./It's working again . It has been repaired. It's been repaired.

8 Two people were arrested last night.

9 It had been blown down in the storm. or It was blown down.

10 Nobody has seen him since then.

11 Have you ever been mugged?




Beethoven was born in 1770.

Agatha Christie was born in 1891.

Galileo was born in 1564.

Mahatma Gandhi was born in 1869.

Martin Luther King was born in 1929.

Elvis Presley was born in 1935.

Leonardo da Vinci was born in 1452.

William Shakespeire was born in 1564.

7 I was born in ...


2 I was asked some difficult questions at the interview.

3 Janet was given a present by her colleagues when she retired.

4 I wasn't told that George was ill.

5 How much will you be paid?

6 I think Tom should have been offered the job.

7 Have you been shown what to do?


2 being invited

3 being given

4 being attacked

5 being asked

6 being paid


2 got stung

3 get broken

4 get used

5 got stolen

6 got stopped

7 get paid

8 get damaged/get broken

9 get asked



2 The weather is expected to be good tomorrow.

3 The thieves are believed to have get in through the kitchen window.

4 Many people are reported to be homeless after the floods.

5 The prisoner is thought to have escaped by climbing over a wall.

6 The man is alleged to have driven through the town at 90 miles an hour.


7 The building is reported to have been badly damaged by fire.

8 a. The company is said to be losing a lot of money.

b. The company is believed to have lost a lot of money last year.

c. The company is expected to lose money this year.


2 He is supposed to be very rich.

3 He is supposed to write poetry.

4 He is supposed to have 12 children.

5 He is supposed to have robbed a bank a long time ago.


3 are/'re supposed to be

4 are/'re supposed to start

5 aren't/'re not supposed to block

6 was supposed to phone

7 weren't supposed to arrive or ... supposed to come



1 b 2 a 3 a 4 b


2 To have it cleaned.

3 To have it repaired.

4 To have my hair cut.


2 I had it cut.

3 They had it painted.

4 She had them made.


2 have another key made

3 had your hair cut

4 Have you had your hair cut

5 Do you have a newspaper delivered

6 are having a swimming pool built

7 haven't had the film developed

8 have it cleaned

9 have your ears pierced


2 She had her bag stolen on a train.

3 He had his hat blown off in the wind.

4 She had her passport taken away from her by the police.



2 He said that his father wasn't very well.

3 He said that Sharon and Paul were getting married next month.

4 He said that Margaret had had a baby. She said that he didn't know what Fred was doing.

6 He said that he had/he'd seen Helen at a party in June and she had seemed fine. or He said that he saw Helen. and she seemed.

7 He said that he hadn't seen Diane recently.

8 He said that he wasn't enjoying his job very much.

9 He said that I could come and stay at his flat if I was ever in London.

10 He said that his car had been stolen a few weeks ago. or ... that his car was stolen.

11 He said he wanted to go on holiday but he couldn't afford it.

12 He said he would/he'd tell Ann he had/he'd seen me. or ... he saw me.

46.2 Example answers:

2 I thought you said she wasn't coming./... she was going somewhere else.

3 I thought you said she didn't like him.

4 I thought you said you didn't know many people.

5 I thought you said you wouldn't be here next week./... you would be away.

6 I thought you said you were staying at home./... you weren't going out.

7 I thought you said you couldn't speak (any) French.

8 I thought you said you went to the cinema last week./... you had been to the cinema last week.



2 But you said you didn't like fish.

3 But you said you couldn't drive.

4 But you said Jane had a very well-paid job.

5 But you said you didn't have any brothers or sisters.

6 But you said you had never been to the United States.

7 But you said you were working tomorrow evening.

8 But you said Jane was a friend of yours.


2 Tell 3 Say 4 said

5 told 6 said

7 tell ... said

8 tell ... say

9 told 10 said


2 her to slow down.

3 her not to worry.

4 asked Tom to give me a hand.

5 asked me to open my bag.

6 asked him to repeat what he (had) said.

7 told her not to wait for me if I was late.

8 asked her to marry him.

9 I told him to mind his own business.



2 Where do you live now?

3 Are you married?

4 How long have you been married?

5 Have you got (any) children? or Do you have (any) children?

6 How old are they?

7 What does your husband do)

8 Does he enjoy his job?

9 Did he arrest anyone yesterday?

10 How often do you go on holiday?

11 Where are you going next year) or Where are you going to go ..?


3 Who gave you the key? or Who gave it to you?

4 What happened?

5 What did she tell you? or What did Diane tell you?

6 Who does it belong to? or Who does this book ...?

7 Who lives in that house? or Who lives there?

8 What did you fall over?

9 What fell on the floor?

10 What does it mean? or What does this word mean?

11 Who did you borrow it from? or ... borrow the money from?

12 What are you worried about?


2 How is cheese made?

3 When was the computer invented?

4 Why isn't Sue working today?

5 What time are your friends coming?

6 Why was the concert cancelled?

7 Where was your mother born?

8 Why didn't you come to the party?

9 How did the accident happen?

10 Why doesn't this machine work?


2 Don't you like him?

3 Isn't it good?

4 Haven't you got any? Don't you have any?



2 Could you tell me where the post office is?

3 I wonder what the time is.

4 I want to know what this word means.

5 Do you know what time they left?

6 I don't know if/whether Sue is going out tonight.

7 Have you any idea where Carol lives?

8 I can't remember where I parked the car.

9 Can you tell me if(whether there is a bank near here?

10 Tell me what you want.

11 I don't know why Kay didn't come to the party.

12 Do you know if/whether you have to pay to park here?

13 I've no idea who that woman is.

14 Do you know if/whether Ann received my letter?

15 Can you tell me how far it is to the airport?


1 she has gone

2 when she will be back/when she'll be back

3 if/whether she went out alone


2 He asked me where I had been. or ... where I'd been.

3 He asked me how long I had been back. or ... how long I'd been back.

4 He asked me what I was doing now.

5 He asked me where I was living.

6 He asked me why I had come back/... why I'd come back/... why I came back.

7 He asked me if/whether I was glad to be back.

8 He asked me if/whether I had any plans to go away again.

9 He asked me if/whether I could lend him some money.



2 doesn't 3 was 4 will

5 am ... isn't

6 should 7 won't

8 do 9 could

10 would ... could ... can't


3 Do you? I don't.

4 Didn't you? I did.

5 Haven't you? I have.

6 Did you? I didn't.

50.3 Example answers:

3 So did I or Did you? I didn't.

4 Neither will I or Won't you? Why not?

5 So do I or Do you? I live in a village.

6 So would I or Would you? I wouldn't.

7 Neither can I or Can't you? I can.


2 I hope so.

3 I expect so.

4 I don't think so.

5 I'm afraid not.

6 I'm afraid so.

7 I suppose so.

8 I hope not.

9 I think so.



3 haven't you

4 I were you

5 does she

6 isn't he

7 hasn't she

8 can't you

9 will he

10 aren't there

11 shall we

12 is it

13 aren't I

14 would you

15 will you

16 should I

17 will you

18 had he


2 It's (very) expensive, isn't it?

3 The film was great, wasn't it?

4 She has/She has got/She's got a lovely voice, hasn't she? or She has a lovely voice, doesn't she?

5 It doesn't look very good, does it?

6 You've had your hair cut, haven't you?

7 This bridge isn't very safe, is it?


2 Jack, you couldn't get me some stamps, could you?

3 Kate, you don't know where Ann is, do you? or ... you haven't seen Ann, have you?

4 Helen, you haven't got a bicycle pump, have you? or ... you don't have a bicycle pump, do you?

5 Robin, you haven't seen my keys have you?



2 making 3 listening

4 applying 5 washing

6 being 7 working

8 using 9 seeing

10 writing 11 being

12 trying


2 playing tennis

3 driving too fast

4 going for a swim

5 breaking into the shop

6 waiting a few minutes


2 travelling during the rush hour

3 going away (until) tomorrow

4 not having a licence

5 turning the radio down

6 not interrupting me all the time

52.4 Example answers:

2 going out

3 sitting on the floor

4 having a picnic

5 laughing

6 breaking down



2 She agreed to help him.

3 He offered to carry her bag.

4 They arranged to meet at 8 o'clock.

5 She refused to tell him her name.


2 to get

3 to buy/to have/to drive

4 (how) to use/(how) to operate

5 to be

6 say or to say


2 to go 3 going

4 waiting 5 to go

6 barking 7 to call

8 having 9 missing

10 to find


2 Tom appears to be worried about something.

3 You seem to know a lot of people.

4 My English seems to be getting better.

5 That car appears to have broken down.

6 David tends to forget things.

7 They claim to have solved the problem.


2 how to use

3 what to do

4 how to ride

5 what to say

6 whether to go



2 do you want me to lend you some

3 would you like me to shut it

4 would you like me to show you

5 do you want me to repeat it

6 do you want me to wait


2 to stay (with them) for a few days.

3 She wouldn't let him use her phone.

4 She warned him to be careful.

5 He asked her to give him a hand.


2 I didn't expect it to rain.

3 Let him do what he wants.

4 Glasses make him look older.

5 I want you to know the truth.

6 Remind me to phone my sister.

7 Sarah persuaded me to apply for the job.

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