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1. Fill in the blanks with some, any, no:

1) Are there new houses in your street? Yes, there are . of them are beautiful. 2) Could you say words about this subject? Not now. I have time. Im sorry. 3) There isnt fish for the cat today. Can you buy fish? 4) child knows it. 5) Do of you speak French? Unfortunately, of us do. 6) She asked me if I knew of those people. But I knew of them. 7) Have you read interesting books lately? 8) Are there sentences you cant translate? 9) Choose book you like. 10) Can you give me information about this film? 11) He asked me questions but I couldnt answer of them. 12) Where can I buy flowers? 13) Are there letters for me today? 14) We have milk in the fridge. Buy milk, please. 15) You can have tea. But I dont want . 16) of his friends could help him. He was alone. 17) Could you help me? I have problems with my research.


2. Fill in the blanks with some, any, no:

1) Is there salt on the table? No, there isnt . 2) She returned home without money. 3) Would you like cheese? 4) I didnt answer your letter because I had time. 5) When would you like to come? day would suit me. 6) I need to buy a lot of things. There isnt time to waste. 7) Have you seen new film recently? 8) Can you give me red pens? 9) of her friends were at the party last night. 10) There are monuments to well known writers and poets in our town. 11) We havent got milk. Can you buy milk? 12) Can you give me information about places of interest in your town? 13) She went out without money. 14) Id like to ask you questions. 15) He didnt buy shoes. 16) Are there mistakes in my dictation? Yes, there are . 17) He put sugar in his coffee. He likes it bitter.


3. Fill in the blanks with some, any, no:

1) We bought flowers. 2) He is lazy. He never does work. 3) You can take bus. They all go to the centre. 4) If there are letters for me, can you send them on to this address? 5) Have you got luggage? No, I havent . 6) This evening I m going to go out with friends of mine. 7) Can I have milk in my coffee, please? 8) I didnt have money, so I had to borrow . 9) We had to walk home because there were taxes. 10) Sue will have difficulty finding a job. 11) I was too tired to do work. 12) Have you seen good plays recently? 13) If there are words you dont understand, use a dictionary. 14) You can cash these travelers cheques at bank. 15) I phoned Kate, but there was answer. 16) Ill try and answer questions you ask me. 17) I dont have free time tonight.


4. Fill in derived forms from the pronouns some, any, no (some-, any-, no- + -body, -one, -thing, -where):

1) Do you know who can help us? 2) I dont want to see today. 3) I can understand . Please explain me the rule again. 4) I looked for the book but couldnt find it. 5) He lives in the centre of the city. 6) told her when to come but she was late. 7) There was on the table but I dont remember what it was. 8) Have you seen this man before? 9) Give me to eat please. Im hungry. I can eat . 10) knows anything about it. 11) He said about his plans. 12) I looked out of the window, but there was . 13) There is in the next room who wants to speak to you. 14) Will open the door? 15) I dont want to drink. Im not thirsty. 16) She hasnt to talk to. 17) came to visit Mary when she was in hospital. 18) It is cold in the room. Please give me warm. 19) of the tourists ever come to our village. 20) There was complete silence in the room. said . 21) in the class did their home task. 22) tells me anything. 23) Do you live near Sam? No, he lives in another part of the town.


5. Fill in derived forms from the pronouns some, any, no (some-, any-, no- + -body, -one, -thing, -where):

1) Can I ask you ? Sure. What do you want to ask? 2) Im going out now. If phones while Im out, can you tell them Ill be back at three oclock? 3) Would you like to eat? You must be hungry. 4) There is at the door. Can you go and see who it is? 5) What are you looking for? Have you lost ? 6) I went shopping, but I didnt buy . 7) Olivia refused to talk to . 8) Are you waiting for ? For . 9) came to visit me when I was in hospital. I was upset. 10) The house is empty. There is living there. 11) Jack didnt tell about his plans. 12) What do you want to eat? Im not hungry. 13) in the class did their homework. 14) Where shall we go on holiday? Lets go warm and sunny. 15) Hardly passed the exam. 16) I cant find my camera. Has seen it? 17) I think you are waiting for ... . 18) The accident looked serious, but fortunately was badly injured. 19) If has any questions, Ill be pleased to answer them. 20) We left the door open. could have come in. 21) has forgotten their umbrella. 22) What is in this box? Its empty.

6. Fill in the blanks with many, much, a lot of:

1) She thinks shell have problems. 2) Did you spend money on it? 3) Why have you brought so clothes? 4) Do you have so work? 5) Do you really need so luggage? 6) Why do you need so paper? 7) She always adds salt to every dish she makes. 8) I dont have knowledge of the subject. 9) You should eat fruit. 10) Was there snow last winter? 11) Do you have friends? 12) There are shops in this street. 13) He eats very sugar. 14) of their conversation was about work. 15) Dont give the dog too meat. 16) We need money to start a new business. 17) There are a few bananas and apples in the vase. 18) Have you got homework? 19) There is time at our disposal. 20) He doesnt want advice.


7. Fill in the blanks with many, much, a lot of:

1) She has made progress in such a short time. 2) Astronomy studies interesting phenomena. 3) He changed jobs in his life. 4) Are there unemployed people in your country? 5) Every day I eat apples and drink mineral water. 6) Has he got trouble with his new work? 7) The boss gave me instructions before he leaves. 8) This train doesnt stop at stations. 9) How work do you have to do today? 10) There are not so people in the street at that time. 11) Are there hotels in your town? 12) I never eat bread. 13) How times have you been in Paris? 14) You mustnt drink wine. 15) Why do you eat so ice-cream? 16) Helen invited friends to her birthday party last Sunday. 17) I havent got pocket money this day. 18) How children have you got? 19) of what you have said is true.

8. Fill in the blanks with few, a few, little, a little:

1) There is news, almost nothing. 2) I have knowledge of the subject and can prove my point of view. 3) Women always think they have clothes. 4) He needs luck to win the competition. 5) He has very books. 6) The child has made progress and speaks English better. 7) Ill be ready in minutes. 8) I have invited people to my birthday. I dont want a crowd of people here. 9) Why are there so flowers in your garden? 10) The child left soup in his plate, he ate almost everything. 11) I have time. I must hurry. 12) The problem isnt quite clear. I have questions. 13) How cups of coffee have you drunk? Very . 14) How ice-cream has she eaten? Very . 15) Do you want sugar in your tea? Yes, . 16) Susan speaks French . 17) When I was in New York I took photos because I hadnt free time. 18) I drink coffee. I dont like it. 19) Some people in our office do work. 20) The exam was very difficult and only students passed it. 21) The girl reads and knows nothing. 22) Im thirsty but there is water in the bottle.


9. Fill in the blanks with many, much, a lot of, few, a few, little, a little:

1) The play was poor. There was applause. 2) There is food. It will be enough for a months expedition. 3) There is salad left. Help yourself! 4) There are policemen in the streets during national holidays. 5) She is very intelligent. Do you know that she speaks foreign languages? 6) We havent had rain this summer. The garden needs watering. 7) Very sand covers most of the territory of Egypt. 8) There were people at the meeting, but most of them left early. 9) The conference was a failure. Unfortunately, they had invited so interesting people. 10) There are tales about Loch Ness monster. 11) I didnt know facts about this accident. 12) He spoke Italian, so it was difficult to communicate with him. 13) He doesnt give attention to pronunciation. Its difficult to understand him. 14) Have you finished this glass of milk? There is milk in the fridge if youd like more. 15) Weve got minutes before the train leaves. Lets say good bye to each other. 16) He is very popular. He has friends.


10. Fill in the blanks with many, much, a lot of, few, a few, little, a little:

1) Weve lived here for years. 2) Harry is very busy with his job. He has time for other things. 3) She doesnt like to live in Liverpool. She has friends there. 4) We have time before the train leaves. Lets go and drink coffee. 5) Do you speak German? . 6) Im lucky. I have problems. 7) The village was very small. There were only houses there. 8) This is a very modern city. There are old buildings there. 9) Im not very busy today. I havent got to do. 10) I dont know Spanish. Only words. 11) Its not a very interesting place to visit, so tourists come here. 12) I cant give you an answer yet. I need time to think. 13) It was a surprise that he won the match. people expected him to win. 14) Do you mind if I ask you questions? 15) Would you like milk in your coffee? Yes, . 16) Listen carefully. Im going to give you advice.

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