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These questions focus on the proper use of adjectives.


Part A. Choose the answer that best completes the sentence.


1.) The total production of bushels of corn in the United States is ______________ all other cereal crops combined.

A.) more as B.) more than that of

C.) more of D.) more that


2.) One's fingerprints are ________________.

A.) different from those of any other person B.) different from any other person

C.) different any other person D.) differs from another person


3.) It is generally true that the lower the stock market falls, ______________.

A.) higher the price of gold rises B.) the price of gold rises high

C.) the higher the price of gold rises D.) rises high the price of gold.


4.) Many chemicals react _______________ in acid solutions.

A.) more quick B.) more quickly

C.) quicklier D.) as quickly more


5.) ______________ apples are grown in Washington State.

A.) Best B.) The most good

C.) The best C.) The better


6.) The blue whale is _______________ known animal, reaching a length of more than one hundred feet.

A.) the large B.) the larger

C.) the largest D.) most largest


7.) The Disney Amusement Park in Japan is _______________ Florida or California.

A.) the largest than the ones in B.) larger than the ones in

C.) larger the ones in D.) the largest of the ones in


8.) It has been estimated that _________________ one hundred thousand men participated in the gold rush of 1898.

A.) approximate B.) until

C.) as many as D.) more


9.) In the Great Smoky Mountains, one can see ________________ 150 different kinds of trees.

A.) more than B.) as much as

C.) up as D.) as many to


10.) After the purchase of the Louisiana Territory, the United States had _______________ it had previously owned.

A.) twice more land than B.) two times more land than

C.) twice as much land as C.) two times much land than


11.) Modern blimps like the famous Goodyear blimps ________________ the first ones in that they are filled with helium, instead of hydrogen.

A.) differ from B.) different from

C.) is different from D.) different


12.) The works of Picasso were quite _________________ during various periods of his artistic life.

A.) differ B.) different

C.) different from C.) different than


13.) Although the name was not popularized until the Middle Ages, engineering _________________ civilization.

A.) as old as B.) is as old as

C.) that is old as D as old as that


14.) Some retirement communities will not sell property to new residents unless they are about _______________ the rest of the residents.

A.) the same age B.) the same old

C.) the same age as D.) the same old as


15.) Although they are smaller, chipmunks are ________________ most other ground squirrels.

A.) like to B.) like as

C.) like D.) alike


16.) The vegetation in temperate zones all around the world is _______________.

A.) similar B.) like

C.) same D.) as


17.) Although we often use "speed" and "velocity" interchangeably, in a technical sense, "speed" is not always ______________ "velocity."

A.) alike B.) the same as

C.) similar D.) as


ANSWERS: 1-;B 2-A; 3-C; 4-B; 5-C; 6-C; 7-B; 8-C; 9-A; 10-C; 11-A; 12-B; 13-B; 14-C; 15-C; 16-A; 17-B



Part B. Choose which of the four underlined words or phrases in each sentence is grammatically incorrect.


18.) When two products are basicallythe same as, advertising can influence the public's choice.


19.) The medical problems of parents and their children tend to be very similar tobecause of the hereditary nature of many diseases.


20.) The first living creatures to appear on Earth thousands of years ago were alike viruses.


21.) The bodies of cold-blooded animalshavethe same temperature their surroundings, but those of warm-blooded animals do not.


22.) Despiteitssmaller size, the Indian Ocean is as deep the Atlantic Ocean.


23.) Although business practices have been appliedsuccessfully to agriculture, farming is different other industries.


24.) Crocodilesdifferent from alligators in that they have pointed snouts and long lower teeth that stick out when their mouths are closed.


25.) With American prices for sugar at three times as much the world price, manufacturers are beginning to use fructose blended with pure sugar, or sucrose.


26.) Pele scored more as 1280 goals during his career, gaining a reputation as the best soccer player of all time.


27.) It is generally accepted that the common cold is causedbyas much as forty strains of viruses that may be present in the air at all times.


28.) The diesel engine that runs on oil isefficient than most other engines because it converts more of the useful energy stored up in the fuel.


29.) Themore important theorem of all in plane geometry isthe Pythagorean Theorem.


30.) Because a felony is more bad than a misdemeanor, the punishment is more severe, and often includes a jail sentence as well as a fine.


31.) Quality control studies show that employees work the most efficient when they are involved in the total operation rather than in only one part of it.


32.) The higher the solar activity, the intensethe auroras or polar light displays in the skies near the Earth'sgeomagnetic poles.


33.) Perhaps the colonists were looking for a climate like England, when they decided to settle the North American continent instead of the South American continent.


34.) Because there were so few women in the early Western states, the freedom and rights of Western women were more extensivethan Eastern ladies.



18.) "the same as" should be "the same"

19.) "similar to" should be "similar"

20.) "alike" should be "like"

21.) "the same temperature" should be "the same temperature as"

22.) "as deep" should be 'as deep as"

23.) "different" should be "different from"

24.) "different from" should be "differ from" or "are different from"

25.) "as much" should be "as much as"

26.) "more as" should be "be than"

27.) "as much as" should be "as many as"

28.) "efficient" should be "more efficient"

29.) "more" should be "most"

30.) "more bad" should be "worse"

31.) "the most efficient" should be "more efficiently"

32.) "the intense" should be "the more intense"

33.) "like England" should be "a climate like England's"

34.) "than Eastern ladies" should be " than those of Eastern ladies"

III.) Reading Comprehension (11 minutes)


Modern geology has for its aim the deciphering of the whole evolution of the earth, from the time of the earliest records that can be recognized in the rocks, to the present day. So ambitious a program requires much subdivision of effort, and in practice it is convenient to divide the subject into a number of branches. They key words of the three main branches are the materials of the earth's rocky framework (mineralogy and petrology); the geological processes of machinery of the earth, by means of which changes of all kinds are brought about (physical geology); and finally, the succession of these changes, or the history of the earth (historical geology).

Geology is by no means without practical importance in relation to the needs and industries of mankind. Thousands of geologists are actively engaged in locating and exploring the mineral resources of the earth. The whole earth is being searched for oil and coal and for the ores of useful metals. Geologists are also directly concerned with the vital subject of water supply. Many engineering projects, such as tunnels, canals, docks, and reservoirs, call for geological advice in the selection of sites and materials. In these and in many other ways, geology is applied to the service of mankind.

Although geology has its own laboratory methods for studying minerals, rocks, and fossils, it is essentially an open-air science. It attracts its followers to mountains and waterfalls, glaciers and volcanoes, beaches and coral reefs in search of information about the earth and its often puzzling behavior. Wherever rocks are to be seen in cliffs and quarries, their arrangement and sequence can be observed and their story deciphered. With hammer and maps, the geologist in the field leads a healthy and exhilarating life. His powers of observation become sharpened, his love of nature is deepened, and the thrill of discovery is always at hand.


1.) The passage primarily discusses the

A.) importance of geology to mankind. B.) organization of geological studies.

C.) purpose and objectives of geology. D.) outdoor geological discoveries.


2.) The word "deciphering" in line 1 is closest in meaning to

A.) unraveling. B.) clarifying.

C.) annotating. D.) transcribing.


3.) According to the passage, the oldest information about the earth is found in

A.) minerals. B.) water

C.) petroleum. D.) rocks


4.) From the passage, it can be inferred that geology is divided into three main branches because

A.) geologists are very ambitious. B.) it is an extensive field of study.

C.) it's easier to keep records. D.) the earth's surface is very large.


5.) The phrase "by no means" in line 8 is closest in meaning to

A.) hardly at all. B.) certainly not.

C.) more or less. D.) not wholly.


6.) According to the passage, many geologists are employed in

A.) connecting water supplies. B.) the service industry.

C.) an advisory capacity. D.) applied engineering.


7.) The author mentions the following as being important projects where geology is used EXCEPT for

A.) waterways. B.) underpasses.

C.) harbors. D.) aqueducts.


8.) The word "it" in line 14 refers to

A.) mankind B.) geology

C.) laboratory D.) science


9.) The word "sharpened" in line 19 is closest in meaning to

A.) fresher B.) clearer

C.) quicker D.) keener


10.) Where in the passage does the author mention the indoor study of materials?

A.) lines 4-8 B.) line 9-11

C.) lines 14-15 D.) lines 17-20


ANSWERS: 1-C; 2-A; 3-D; 4-B; 5-B; 6-C; 7-D; 8-B; 9-D; 10-C



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