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In this lesson you will:

Become familiar with the Latin names of salts used in prescriptions

This lesson is divided into the following sections:

I. Latin names of salts

II. Latin names of anions

III. Two-component names of potassium and sodium salts

IV. Exercises.




The salts names in Latin consist of two nouns:

the name of cationcomes first in Genitive,

the name of anionoccupies the second place and is in Nominative


Aluminĭi nitras - aluminium nitrate

Adrenalīni hydrochlorīdum - adrenalin hydrochloride

Natrĭi nitris - sodium nitrite

It is important to keep in mind that cation names in Latin are always written with the first capital letter and anion names are always written with the first small letter (e.g: Solutĭo Natrĭi tetraborātis glycerinōsa).




All Latin suffixes and endings of anion names in Nominative and Genitive are listed in the table:


Latin - Nominative Latin - Genitive English
-as Aluminĭi nitras -ātis Aluminii nitrātis aluminium nitrate
-is Aluminĭi nitris -ītis Aluminii nitrītis aluminium nitrite
-īdum Natrĭi chlorīdum -īdi Natrii chlorīdi sodium chloride


Explanatory notes to the table:

Anion names with the suffixes -as, -is are Latin nouns of the 3rd declension. The letter -s-in Latin names accords with the letter -t- in English names:


citras - citrate

phosphas - phosphate

nitris - nitrite

Genitive forms of anion names with suffixes -as-, -is- are formed by analogy with the nouns of the 3rd declension:


citras, ātis m - tuberosĭtas, ātis f

Anion names with the suffixe -id-are Latin nouns of the 2nd declension:


chlorīdum, i n - chloride

bromīdum, i n - bromide


III. Two-component names of potassium and sodium salts


Two-component names of potassium and sodium are written with a hyphen and the both parts have the same grammatical case:

E.g:sulphacyl sodium


Genitive: Sulfacyli-natrĭi



Learn names of drugs:
1. Adrenalīnum, i n adrenalin
2. Aethylmorphīnum, i n aethylmorphine
3. Apomorphīnum, i n apomorphine
4. Barbitālum-natrĭum, i n barbital-sodium
5. Benzylpenicillīnum-natrĭum, i n benzylpenicillin-sodium
6. Codeīnum, i n codeine
7. Coffeīnum-natrĭi benzŏas, Coffeīni-natrĭi benzoātis coffeine-sodium benzoate
8. Dicaīnum, i n dicain
9. Ephedrīnum, i n ephedrin
10. Methylēnum (i, n) coerulěum (us, a, um) blue methylen
11. Methylĭi salicylas, ātis m methyl salicylate
12. Morphīnum, i n morphine
13. Norsulfazōlum, i n norsulfazol
14. Oleandomycīnum, i n oleandomycin
15. Olĕum Helianthi (us, i m) sunflower-seeds oil
16. Olĕum Persicōrum (um, i n) peach oil
17. Oxytetracyclīnum, i n oxytetracycline
18. Phenylĭi salicylas, ātis m phenyl salicylate
19. Riboflavīnum, i n riboflavin
20. Salicylas, ātis m salicylate
21. Sulfacylum-natrĭum, i n sulfacyl-sodium
22. Testosterōnum, i n testosteron
23. Thiamīnum, i n thiamin
Learn names of medicinal plants:
24. Adōnis (ĭdis m, f) vernālis (is, e) spring adonis
Other words:
25. isotonĭcus, a, um isotonic




Exercise 1. Translate from English into Latin:

Complex liniment of salicylate, isotonic solution of sodium chloride, tablets of calcium gluconate, coated tablets of tetracyclin hydrochloride, diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide, basic acetate of lead, powder of oxytetracyclin, matricary flowers for internal use, sodium hydrocitrate for injections, basic bismuth nitrate with belladonna extract, phenoxymethylpenicillin for injections, oily solution of synoestrol in ampoules, tincture of plantain leaves, milfoil herb, solution of mercury cyanide, tincture of matricary flowers, solution of sulfacyl-sodium in ampoules, solution of thiamin bromide, aloe syrup with iron, chloroform for narcosis; powder of foxglove leaves, granules of furazolidon, powder and tablets of phthivazid, oily solution of anaesthesin.


Exercise 2. Translate the following prescriptions from English into Latin:

1) Take: Blue methylen 0,5
  Solution of glucose 25% - 50 ml
  Give of such doses number 3 in ampoules
  Write on a label:
2) Take: Tincture of spring adonis herb 180 ml
  Amidopyrin 2,0
  Sodium bromide 4,0
  Codeine phosphate 0,2
  Mix. Give.
  Write on a label:
3) Take: Tincture of althea root 180 ml
  Sodium hydrocarbonate
  Sodium benzoate of each 5,0
  Simple syrup 20,0
  Mix. Give.
  Write on a label:
4) Take: Tablets of tetracycline hydrochloride 0,1 number 30
  Write on a label:
5) Take: Suspension of hydrocortisone acetate 2,5% - 2 ml
  Give of such doses number 5
  Write on a label:
6) Take Dimedrol 0,01
  Ephedrin hydrochloride 0,1
  Peach oil 10 ml
  Mint oil I drop
  Write on a label:
7) Take: Tablets of phthalazol 0,05 number 20
  Write on a label:
8) Take: Coated tablets of oleandomycin phosphate 0,125 number 25
  Write on a label:
9) Take: Iodine 0,03
  Iodide potassium 1,3
  Glycerin 30,0
  Peppermint oil III drops
  Mix. Give.
  Write on a label:
10) Take: Ascorbic acid
  Nicotinic acid of each 0,05
  Thiamine bromide of each 0,01
  Sacchar 0,3
  Mix to make a powder
  Give of such doses number 30
  Write on a label:
11) Take: Analgin
  Phenacetin of each 0,2
  Coffeine sodium benzoate 0,02
  Codeine phosphate 0,015
  Give of such doses number 10 in a tablet form
  Write on a label:
12) Take: Methol 0,1
  Phenyl salicylate 0,3
  Vaseline oil up to 10 ml
  Mix. Give.
  Write on a label:
13) Take: Extract of belladonna 0,01
  Basic bismuth nitrate
  Phenyl salicylate of each 0,25
  Mix to make a powder
  Give of such doses number 10:
  Write on a label:
14) Take: Chloroform
  Sunflower-seed oil
  Methyl salicylate of each 15 ml
  Mix to make a liniment
  Write on a label:
15) Take: Magnesium carbonate 4,0
  Potassium carbonate 5,0
  Sodium hydrocarbonate 1,0
  Glycerin in sufficient amount
  Mix to make a paste
  Write on a label:
16) Take: Streptocid
  Norsulfazol of each 3,0
  Benzylpenicillin sodium 50 000 ED
  Ephedrin hydrochloride
  Acetylsalicylic acid of each 0,15
  Mix to make a powder
  Write on a label:
17) Take: Solution of dicain 0,5% - 5 ml
  Solution of adrenalin hydrochloride 0,1% - III drops
  Write on a label:
18) Take: Oily solution of testosteron propionate 1% - 1 ml
  Give of such doses number 6 in ampoules
  Write on a label.
19) Take: Menthol
  Ethylmorphin hydrochloride of each 0,01
  Sacchar 0,03
  Mix to make a powder
  Give of such doses number 10
  Write on a label:
20) Take: Tincture of valerian root 200 ml
  Sodium bromide 5,0
  Sodium barbital 2,0
  Ethylmorphin hydrochloride 0,15
  Mix. Give.
  Write on a label:


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