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Ask your friend who is a medical student to tell you how to help victims of road accidents.


do you know how to give the first aid at the scene of the car accident?

- yes, I do. I have learned a lot about basic first aid.

- you have expert knowledge. But can people of the general public save the life of a victim of a car accident?

- yes, they can , because 90 % of first aid is common sense.

- But can I help the victims?

If you see that the victims are not breathing, give artificial respiration

what should I do if they are bleeding?

try to stop bleeding by pressing a cloth over the wound.

What should I do if the victims have burns?

First of all you need to decide how bad it is?

what does it mean?

- There two kind of burn: minor and bad or third-degree.

- and what should I do if it is a minor burn?

the best thing to do is put the burnt area under the cold tap.

can I put cream, grease, butter on?

No because they make the burn hotter.

Ok. What should I do if It is bad burn?

Dont touch it. Cover the burn very lightly with smth clean like a sheet and then call an ambulance.

Ok. Can I give drinks t victims?

No especially alcoholic drinks.


Because if the patient needs an operation we cant give an anaesthetic.

What should I do if the patient complains of thirst?

You should wash his mouth with water and not swallow.

Thank you. Now I know how to help the victims.

Remember. Dont freeze and dont panic when faced with a crisis.


9. You are going on holiday and tell your friend your holiday itinerary and what you would like to do. Your friend doesnt think that its a good idea because he (she) sees only problems (conditionals).


My dear I want to share very happy news with you.

Yes Im listening to you.

In two weeks Im go to Egypt with my family.

Do you go by air?

Yes of course. Its very comfortable and fast.

But what would you do if the plane crashed?

Im sure it wont happen because all planes of this company are very safe reliable.

what are you going to do in Egypt?

We want to visit desert.

But it is so dangerous. What would you do if you were thirsty but you didnt have water?

Well Id ask my friends. Dont worried I wont be alone.

There a lot of snakes in the desert. What would you do if the snake bit you?

Our guide knows how to give the first aid in this case.

However I think that its dangerous. Dont forget that the climate is hot and dry.

I remember it. Dont worried .

ok I hope youll have splendid holiday.


10. You have just visited your friends new house. Tell your partner about your impressions and answer his (her) possible questions.


Hello. Im glad to see you.

Im too. I heard that Peters house. Is it true?

Yes you are right.

Where is it situated?

It is located outside the city near to the river.

Oh it is very good especially for him health. Is there a garden?

Yes of course. You know how he loves the trees and flowers. I think his dream come true.

How many floors are there in it?

There are 2 floors and converted loft where there is one room.

It is very interesting. How many rooms are there in it?

There are 5 rooms on the ground floor and 4 bedrooms on first floor.

I see this house is very big and comfortable. Is there a sport ground?

Certainly. There swimming pool and tennis court? You know he likes sport and he keeps trim by swimming.

Did you like this house?

Yes. I hope you will visit Peter and see his house.

I hope it. Thank you for the information. Goodbye.



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