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Techi:Yes, you really need a data projector to display a slide show from your laptop.



Dialogue 1

Network with Colleagues

Mark:Excuse me, arenít you Jeniffer Weaver?

Jeniffer:Yes, I am.

Mark:Iím Mark Bailey, from the Atlanta office. I know, weíve met butÖ

Jeniffer:Oh, Mark! Yes, I remember. Werenít you at the management conference in Miami last spring?

Mark:Of course, thatís it. Itís nice to see you again, Jeniffer.

Jeniffer:You too, Mark.

Mark:As I recall, you are based overseas.

Jeniffer:In London. Iím the European sales director.

Mark:Thatís right. How is it going over there?

Jeniffer:Splendidly! Our third quarter sales were phenomenal.

Mark:Good for you. And how do you like working in Europe?

Jeniffer:Well, I did like it very much, but now Iím getting tired of all the travelling. After I return to London this time, Iím going to stay put for a while.

Mark:Iím on the road a lot, too. The southeast region is growing by leaps and bounds.

Jeniffer:Oh, that reminds me. I met someone today who was asking about our productsÖan independent distributor. Here is his card. He might be a good lead for you.

Mark:Thanks, when I finish my presentation, IĎll look around for him.

Jeniffer:So, you are presenting today?

Mark:Yes, I am. In the Blue Room at 1.30

Jeniffer:Iíll see if I can workthat into my schedule. I have to interview a candidate for a job opening before I do anything else today.

Mark:Oh, what job is it?

Jeniffer:My assistant. My last one quit suddenly, without notice.

Mark:Thatís unfortunate. Didnít she know you are supposed to give two weeksí notice before you leave a job?

Jeniffer:It was a he. He got a job for more money and decided he had to leave immediately.

Mark:Well, I hope you find the perfect person for the job. Jeniffer, Iíd better see if the room is set up for the presentation. I hope you can make it.

Jeniffer:Iíll try to come over just as soon as I finish the interview.

Mark:Good, and when you get back to the US again, let me know. Iíd like you to have dinner with my wife and me.

Jeniffer:Iíd like that. And let me know if that lead I gave you works out.

Mark:Will do. Iíll e-mail you when I land that big contract with him.

Jeniffer:Please, good-bye, Mark.

Mark:Good-bye, Jeniffer!


Dialogue 2

Set Up a Presentation

Techi:Hello, Mr. Bailey.

Mark:Oh, good afternoon, MrÖ

Techi:Gordon, Jim Gordon. Iím in the charge of the audio visual department here. You called for something.

Mark:Yes, I did. I forgot to order one important piece of equipment.

Techi:If you tell me exactly what you need, Iíll have it here right away.

Mark:A data projector for my slides. I do have transparencies for an overhead with me as a backup in case you donít haveÖ

Techi:Yes, you really need a data projector to display a slide show from your laptop.

Mark:You got it.


Mark:If I donít have it, my presentation is going to look like something out of the Stone Age. The graphics just donít show up well on transparencies.

Techi:Iíll have it here in ten minutes. If we have an extra available. Iím almost positive we have one for you, though.

Mark:Jim, if you get a data projector here in 10 minutes, itíll make my day.

Techi:Sounds good to me, Mr Bailey!

Mark:Great! Thanks for your help!

Techi:No problem. And if you need anything else, just let me know.

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