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XVI. Choose the most suitable word or phrase to complete each sentence.

1. My hands were so cold that I couldn't . my coat buttons.

a) open b) remove c) put out d) undo

2. Those trousers are far too big. Why don't you have them .?

a) taken in b) let out c) taken up d) let in

3. I don't think that purple shirt . with your yellow skirt.

a) suits b) fits c) goes d) wears

4. This jacket is the kind of thing I want. Can I .?

a) wear it b) dress it c) take it off d) try it on

5. You look really silly! Your pullover is on . .

a) upside down b) inside out c) round and round d) side by side

6. I don't want a pattern. I prefer just a/an . colour.

a) plain b) simple c) clear d) only

7. You look hot in that coat. Why don't you .?

a) put it on b) take if off c) put it away d) take it out

8. I went shopping today and bought a new winter . .

a) costume b) outfit c) suit d) clothing


XVII. Choose the most suitable word or phrase to complete each sentence.

1. If I wear a long-sleeved shirt, I usually . the sleeves.

a) put up b) take up c) roll up d) get up

2. That skirt is very short. Why don't you have it .?

a) left out b) set in c) let down d) taken round

3. The thief wore gloves so that his fingerprints didn't . .

a) give him in b) give him away c) give him out d) give him up

4. I can't walk in these high-heeled boots. I keep . .

a) falling off b) falling back c) falling out d) falling over

5. Why is my swimming costume too small? What are you . .

a) seeing to b) getting at c) making up d) putting out

6. I'm . money every week to buy a new sports jacket.

a) making for b) getting over c) putting aside d) turning in

7. Some of the young people in my town . very strange haircut.

a) go out with b) go in for c) go through with d) go back on

8. Before we choose a dress for you, let's . all the shops.

a) look into b) look through c) look up d) look around


XVIII. Decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits each space.

Choosing clothes

Are you one of the thousands of people who eagerly follow every new (1) . that appears? Or are you one of those who go to the shops and just buys whatever they can find in their (2) . that (3) . them? Or perhaps you order from a mail-order catalogue, and then have to send everything back because nothing (4) .? Whatever (5) . of shopper you are, one thing is certain. Everyone finds (6) . important. According to a recent survey, people spend more time either buying clothes, or thinking about buying them, or looking at them in shop (7) ., than they do on most other products, (8) . from food. And the reason is obvious. Clothes are an important part of our (9) . At work, you may need to impress a customer, or persuade the boss that you know what you are doing, and clothes certainly help (10) . dressed people, so they say, get on in the world. And as far as attracting the opposite sex is concerned, clothes also play a vital role. If a friend who has been (11) . the same old jacket or the same old dress suddenly appears in the (12) . fashion, you can be sure that romance is in the air. And apart from work and romance, there are the influences of sport, music and leisure on the way we (13) . . So excuse me while I (14) . on my tracksuit and training (15) . . Im just dashing off for some fast window-shopping.

1) A appearance B fashion C uniform D dress
2) A place B price C size D self
3) A suits B makes C takes D likes
4) A sizes B styles C fits D measures
5) A means B typical C idea D kind
6) A out B clothes C dresses D vests
7) A centres B sale C times D windows
8) A apart B or C according D taken
9) A nowadays B appearance C looking D events
10) A well B good C best D fancy
11) A dressing B putting on C carrying D wearing
12) A last B minute C latest D complete
13) A clothes B have C dress D go
14) A put B dress C wear D have
15) A fit B shoes C tonight D again


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