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V. Choose the correct answer.

1. The boxer in the dark . is sure to win. He's much better than the other one.

a) costume b) pants c) trousers d) trunks

2. Why don't you wear a(n) . when you do the washing-up?

a) apron b) cloth c) duster d) towel

3. Mary was wearing a very . skirt which swirled round her as she danced.

a) big b) full c) loose d) tight

4. My brother is always wearing the same . shirt.

a) lined b) spotted c) striped d) tie

5. The tailor made Joe a new .

a) clothes b) dress c) suit d) wear

6. Ann looked very severe in a black dress with white collar and .

a) bottoms b) cuffs c) ends d) hands

7. The most expensive . coats are made of mink.

a) feather b) fur c) hair d) skin

8. Mr Smith arrived wearing a suit, but he put on his . before going into the workshop.

a) overalls b) overcoat c) overwork d) underclothes

9. He turned up his . to protect his neck from the cold wind.

a) cap b) collar c) scarf d) sleeve

10. After joining the tennis club, Pete started wearing a smart . with a badge on the pocket.

a) blazer b) cardigan c) tunic d) waistcoat

11. It's a smart restaurant and men have to wear a .

a) blouse b) coat c) dress d) jacket

12. She bought a new . for the birthday party.

a) cloth b) dress c) vest d) wear

13. My father always wears a blue silk handkerchief in his . pocket.

a) breast b) chest c) shoulder d) heart

14. Hearing a knock at the front door, the woman threw a(n) . over her pyjamas and went downstairs to open the door.

a) bra b) dressing-gown c) evening dress d) nightdress

15. He was wearing a dark green tie over his cream .

a) blouse b) jacket c) scarf d) shirt


VI. Choose the right answer.

1. Lisa was wearing a pure white dress, with a gold belt round her .

a) bust b) hips c) knees d) waist

2. Look at those holes in my fur! I am afraid the . have been at it.

a) butterflies b) insects c) moths d) worms

3. That dress isn't really tight. It'll . when you wear it.

a) bend b) expand c) squeeze d) stretch

4. The suit was badly made and didn't . him properly.

a) fit b) frame c) meet d) round

5. To say that all Polish Americans wear brightly coloured clothes is a . generalisation.

a) brushing b) complete c) sweeping d) thorough

6. Excuse me, but I think you've got your pullover on .

a) doubled up b) in reverse c) inside out d) upside down

7. The room was in a terrible mess with a . of clothes all over the floor.

a) jumble b) huddle c) litter d) mixture

8. That's a nice dress. It . you perfectly.

a) costumes b) goes c) matches d) suits

9. Everyone else was so smartly dressed that I felt . in my shabby clothes.

a) ashamed b) disgraced c) embarrassed d) happy

10. The girl's dress was the first thing that . him to her.

a) attracted b) fetched c) lured d) tempted

VII. Crossword.

ACROSS: 9. sleeveless garment worn under a jacket, also called VEST (U.S.) (9) 10. light coat of waterproof material (8) 11. band of material worn round the neck and knotted in front (3) 12. part of trousers or briefs (3) 16. protected by a collar or scarf (4) 17. use as clothing (4) 18. wedding or diamond (4) DOWN 1. woolly garment worn for warmth (7) 2. precious metal (6) 3. tight-fitting covering of e.g. nylon or silk for the foot and leg (8) 4. part of a shoe (4) 5. part of a pattern (6) 6. not a blouse (5) 7. short stocking (4) 8. piece of material worn about the shoulders or head (5) 12. expensive coat (3) 13. slightly less than a metre (4) 14. very cold (3) 15. protected by tights (3)

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