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Word Combinations and Phrases

To tee up the ball

To give a short preliminary waggle

With the rapidity of lighting

To groan with dismay

To send along the ground

To manifest no surprise

To utter a decidedly profane ejaculation

To attack fiercely

Smb’s number is up

Never to know a day’s illness in one’s life

To be an eminently likeable one

To peer out

To peer over

To be on the point of doing sth.

To draw a deep breath of satisfaction

To be one’s particular bugbear

To catch one’s breath

To recover consciousness

To be clear and resonant



Put 10 questions to the text.

Paraphrase the following sentences using the word combinations and phrases.

1. He set the ball for the first shot and tried to pull himself together. 2. The player hit the ball and it rolled along the ground very quickly. 3. Some fans howled with disappointment, others seemed to show no astonishment. 4. They attacked the ball so violently from the very beginning of the match that everyone present at the stadium seemed to exclaim impiously. 5. He made a short prior wave with the club before the shot. 6. He was world’s champion in ski jump twice and seemed a picture of health; but after the accident doctors his complications are so severe that doctors say he’d better give up sport, otherwise his days would be numbered. 7. She looked out of the window to see his face; it was quite pleasant. 8. The players were about to send the ball into the basket and everyone stopped breathing to see the upshot of the match. 9. The coach gave a delightful breath when the score became equal. 10. He wasn’t very good at tennis; each of her sets appeared her particular flop. 11. Though the smash was immensely violent and everyone was prepared for the worst he revived in several minutes, and even spoke in a voice that carried well[4].


Make up a story using the word combinations and phrases.

Find in Text equivalents for the following words and phrases.

a) Prior; wave; fast, quick; rise, increase; sand trap; rush, gust; lonely, the only one; to express, to show, to demonstrate; only, solely; to say; obviously; exclamation; friendly, pleasant; considerably, especially; to murmur; gloomily; to sway; waving; expressive; to make progress; justly; golf stick; triumph; to hit the ball (in golf); to appear; to look carefully; clearly; genista; wound; bogey, problem; hole, crack; to border; to creep, to make one’s way through; to throw; well-built; sinister; heap; known, close; aware, awake; being aware/awake; being pale; muscular; blast, blow, hit; well-heard, distinct; odd; to tremble, to shake.

b) To set the ball; to give a preparatory wave; very quickly; to howl with disappointment; to let the ball roll along the field; to show no astonishment; to give a rude exclamation; to attack violently; smb’s days are numbered; to be a picture of absolute health; to be absolutely pleasant; to look intently; to be about to do sth; to give a breath of delight; to be a problem for smb; to calm down, to hold one’s breath; to regain consciousness; to be distinct and clear.



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