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WithCancellation method

WithCancellation method, 719, 751

WithMergeOptions method, 720 work items in thread pools, 693 Worker method, 764

Workstation garbage collection mode, 520 WoW64 technology, 9

wrapping native resources, 530, 532

Write method, 131, 345 exceptions thrown by, 534

Write method (Volatile class), 765, 767, 773, 808

WriteAsync method, 742

WriteLineAsync method, 742

WriteLine method, 130, 131, 138, 164, 345, 385



Xaml namespace, DispatcherTimer class, 723 XML configuration files. See configuration files XML elements, converting, 195

XML web wervices applications, AppDomains and, 575

XmlSerializer class, 612



Yield method, 775



zero-based arrays, 374

zero-length arrays, 382

zero page threads, 684, 686


About the Author

JEFFREY RICHTERis a cofounder of Wintellect (http://www. Wintellect.com/ ), a training and consulting company dedicated to helping companies produce better software faster. Jeffrey has written or cowritten many books about Microsoft .NET Frame- work and Win32 programming, including CLR via C#, Fourth Edition (Microsoft Press, 2012), Windows via C/C++, Fifth Edition

(Microsoft Press, 2007), and Programming Server-Side Applications for Microsoft Windows 2000 (Microsoft Press, 2000). Jeffrey was

a contributing editor for MSDN Magazine, where he has written numerous feature articles and has been the Win32 Q&A colum-

nist, .NET Q&A columnist, and Concurrent Affairs columnist. Jeffrey also speaks at various trade conferences worldwide, including Wintellect’s Devscovery, VSLive!, and Microsoft’s TechEd and Professional Developers Conference.

Jeffrey has consulted for many companies, including AT&T, DreamWorks, General Electric, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, and Intel. His code has shipped in many Microsoft prod- ucts, among them Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Office, and various versions of Windows. Jeffrey consulted with the .NET Framework team for eight years and main- tains an ongoing close relationship with that team as well as the Windows team. In fact, Jeffrey worked with Microsoft to design a new asynchronous programming model that ships with .NET Framework 4.5. This model is similar to what Jeffrey made available with his Power Threading Library since 2005.

On the personal front, Jeffrey holds both airplane and helicopter pilot licenses, though he never gets to fly as often as he’d like. He is also a member of the Interna- tional Brotherhood of Magicians and enjoys showing friends sleight-of-hand card tricks from time to time. Jeffrey’s other hobbies include music (especially jazz and progressive rock from the 1970s), drumming, model railroading, and karate. He also enjoys travel- ing and theater. He lives in Kirkland, Washington, with his wife, Kristin, and his two sons, Aidan and Grant.

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