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51 Many persons people peoples nowadays believe that everyone should learn to use computers. 51___

52 The majority of children in the UK have has are having access to a micro-computer. 52___

53 There are more computers per head in England than

anywhere else somewhere else anywhere other in the world. 53__

54 Learning a computer language is not the same as like than learning a real language. 54__

55 Most people start off with ĎBasicí, who what which is the easiest to learn. 55__

56 Children seem to find computers to easy, but many adults arenít used to work the work working 56_

with microtechnology.

57 There arenít no any some easy ways of learning to program a computer. 57__

58 The only way to become really proficient is to practise a lot

on your own by your own on your self. 58__

59 You can pick up the basics quite quickly if you want to would are willing to make en effort. 59__

60 Most adults feel it would be easier if only they would have started would start had started 60__

computer studies earlier.

61 Some people would just rather prefer better not have anything to do with computers at all. 61__

62 A lot have resigned themselves to never even know known knowing how a computer works. 62__

63 Microtechnology is moving so fast that hardly anybody nobody no one can keep up with it all. 63__

64 Itís no use in trying to try trying to learn about computers just by reading books. 64__

65 Everyone has difficulty in learning difficulties to learn it difficult to learn 65__

if they canít get Ďhands-oní experience.


Below is a letter written to the Ďadviceí column of a daily newspaper. Tick the correct answers.

Dear Marge,

I am writing I will write I should write to you because I 66____

am not knowing donít know know not what to do. Iím twenty-six and a teacher at 67____

a primary school in Norwich where Iím working Iíve worked I work for the last five years. 68___

When I was have been had been there for a couple of years, one of the older members of staff 69___

would leave left had been leaving and a new teacher 70___

would be became was appointed to work in the same department as me. 71___

We worked have worked should work together with the same classes during her first year 72___

and had the opportunity for building possibilities to build chance to build up a good professional 73__

relationship. Then, about eighteen months after she has arrived to have arrived arriving 74___

in Norwich, she decided to buy her own herself her a house. 75



She was tired of to live live living in rented accommodation and wanted a place 76____

by her own of her own of herself. At about the same time, I 77____

was given have been given gave notice by the landlord of the flat 78____

what I was living that I had lived I was living in 79_____

and she asked me if I liked had liked would like to live 80_____

with her. She said told explained me that by the time she 81______

would pay would have paid had paid the mortgage 82_______

and the bills it there they wouldnít be 83______

a lot many few left to live on. She suggested 84______

us to we should we may share the house and share the costs. 85_____

It seemed like a good idea, so after weíd agreed we could agree we agreed with all the details 86______

what that who needed to be sorted out, we moved into the new house together. 87_______

At the end of this month we have lived we have been living weíll have been living 88______

together for a year and a half. Itís the first time I live Iím living Iíve lived with anybody before, but 89__ I should guess I might have guessed Iíd have guessed what would happen. Iíve fallen in love 90______

with her and now sheís been offered another job 200 miles away and is going to move. I donít know what to

Do. Please give me some advice.

Yours in shy desperation,



Look at the following examples of question tags in English. The correct form of the tag is ticked.

A Heís getting the 9.15 train, isnít he hasnít he wasnít he?

B She works in a library, isnít she doesnít she doesnít he?

C Tom didnít tell you, hasnít he didnít he did he?

D Someoneís forgotten to switch off the gas, didnít one didnít they havenít they?

Now tick the correct question tag in the following 10 items:

91 Steveís off to China, has he hasnít he isnít he? 91_____

92 Itíll be a year before we see him again, wonít it wonít we shanít it? 92______

93 I believe heís given up smoking, isnít he donít I hasnít he? 93_____

94 Iím next on the list to go out there, am not I are I arenít I? 94_____

95 No doubt youíd rather he didnít stay abroad too long, shouldnít you wouldnít you hadnítyou? 95____

96 Heís rarely been away for this long before, is he hasnít he has he? 96____

97 So you think heíll be back before November, shall he will he do you? 97____

98 Nobodyís disagreed with the latest proposals, did he has he have they? 98_____

99 Weíd better not delay reading this any longer, should we did we had we? 99____

100 Nowís hardly the time to tell me you didnít need a test at all, did you is it isnít it? 100__


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