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Now the test will begin. Tick the correct answers.





Total Listening _______ / 100 Total Grammar Part 2 _______/ 50

Total Grammar Part 1_______/ 50 Grand total _______/ 200


Look at these examples. The correct answer is ticked.

A In warm climates people likelikes are liking sitting outside in the sun.

B If it is very hot, they sit at in under the shade.



Now the test will begin. Tick the correct answers.


1 Water be freezing is freezing freezes at a temperature of 0o C. 1____

2 In some countries there is is it is dark all the time in winter. 2_____

3 In hot countries people wear light clothes for keeping to keep for to keep cool. 3_____

4 In Madeira they have the good good a good weather almost all year. 4_____

5 Most Mediterranean countries are more warm the more warm warmer in Octoberthan in April. 5____

6 Parts of Australia don,t have the some any rain for long periods. 6____

7 In the Arctic and Antarctic it is there is it has a lot of snow. 7____

8 Climate is very important in most of most the most people,s lives. 8___

9 Even now there is little few less we can do to control the weather. 9___

10 In the future we’ll need we are needing we can need to get a lot of power from 10__

the sun and the wind.


11 Pele is still perhaps most the most the more famous footballer in the world. 11__

12 He had been is was born in 1940. 12__

13 His mother not want wasn’t wanting didn’t want him to be a footballer. 13__

14 But he used ought has used to watch his father play. 14__

15 His father made him to made him would make him to practise every day. 15__

16 He learned to use or his left foot or and his left foot and both his left foot and his right. 16____

17 He got the name Pele when he had only ten years was only ten was only ten years. 17___

18 By 1956 he has joined joined had joined Santos and had scored in his first game. 18__

19 In 1957 he has been picked was picked was picking for the Brazilian national team. 19___

20 The World Cup Finals were in 1958 and Pele was looking forward to play to playing to be playing. 20

21 But he hurt this the his knee in a game in Brazil. 21__

22 He thought he isn’t going to couldn’t wasn’t going to be able to play in the finals in Sweden. 22_

23 If he hadn’t been weren’t wouldn’t be so important to the team, he would have been left behind. 23__

24 But he was a such such a a so brilliant player, they took him anyway. 24__

25 And even though even so in spite of he was injured he helped Brazil to win the final. 25_



The history of the World Cup is quite a a quite quite short one. 26_____

Football has been is being was played for 27_____

above over more that a hundred years, but the first World Cup 28____

competition did not be was not was not being held until 29____

1930. Uruguay could win were winning had won the Olympic football 30____

final in 1924 and 1928 and wanted be being to be World Champions for the third time. 31___

Four teams entered from Europe, but with a little few little success. 32___

It was the first time which that when professional teams 33___

are playing would play had played for a world title. 34___

It wasn’t until four years later more further that a 35___

European team succeeded to win in winning at winning 36___

for the a its first time. The 1934 World Cup was 37___

again won by a the one home team, 38___

what this which has been the case several times since 39___

then. The 1934 final was among between against two 40__

European teams, Czechoslovakia and Italy, which that who won, 41__

Went on to win winning to have won the 1938 final. Winning 42__

successive finals is something that is not was not has not been achieved 43__

again until Brazil did these them it in 1958 and 1962. If Brazil 44__

would have won would win had won in 1966 then the 45__

authorities would have needed to have let make the original World Cup replaced. 46_____

But England stopped the Brazilians to get getting get a third successive win. An England player, 47_____

Geoff Hurst, scored three goals in the final and won it almost by his own on himself by himself 48____

1966 proved being as being to be the last year that England 49____

would will did even qualify for the finals till 1982, though they got in as winners in 1970. 50____



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